Halloween In Thailand 2024: Best Offers, Latest Deals, And Vouchers

Halloween In Thailand 2024: Best Offers, Latest Deals, And Vouchers

Hello shoppers, it’s time for the most Spook-tacular festival of the year. Halloween. One of the most celebrated festivals across the world will be celebrated on the 31st of October in Thailand. If you have still not planned your Halloween costume then we are here to make it easy for you. We have a list of the most amazing Halloween costumes that will make you stand out at your next Halloween party. Get ready to be spooked at the Spook-tacular festival of the year.

Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Thailand as it is in Western countries. While some bars, restaurants, and expat communities may host Halloween-themed parties or events, it is not a widely recognized holiday in Thai culture. If you are in Thailand during Halloween in 2024 and want to participate in the festivities, you may be able to find some Halloween-themed events in larger cities or expat-friendly areas.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has some cool places to host spooky events on this day of ghost welcoming, cosplay, and feast. You can find many hotels, bars, and restaurants having some type of event on the eve of Halloween. At times 2 days to a week.

The Halloween festival is about everything Halloween-specific – Halloween decorations, Halloween games, and Halloween costumes

And Thailand has it all! You can shop from Lazada, Klook, or Shopat24 for the cheapest price possible.

You might not see as much popularity as in the west for Halloween, but you see the love, festivity, and enthusiasm for Halloween everywhere it is being celebrated. 

Where To Celebrate And Party For Halloween In Thailand?

 Here are some of the 2024 Halloween events where you will find some of the most fun things to do this Halloween:

  • Candy Club * BOBO: Candy Club * BOBO is all set to welcome the Halloween enjoyers on this 6th edition of Halloween festivity in the club. The party night will be on 27th October. Don’t forget to go for a kick-ass party and make memorable times. Book tickets online using Klook coupon codes
  • Escape Bangkok: The Kolour Halloween event is going to be organized on 6 Saturday, 29th October. The Escape Bangkok will welcome all its guests from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM on 29th Oct. Even if you're not much into Halloween and stuff, the event is advisable as a weekend spent well will help you unwind. So, have fun with your friends and family at this amazing Halloween party.
  • Siri House: Siri House is organising a kids-themed Halloween weekend for straight 2 days on Saturday, 29th Oct-Sunday, 30th October. Since you know now that the house is inviting your family and celebrating both Halloween and your kid, there is no other better reason to rush to the party. The smile of children is among the prettiest things to savor on this earth and what else could satisfy you more especially when it's centered around the kids' happiness and fun? Best recommended if you want to watch your children smiling and having fun while at the same time relieving your distant childhood. And yes, don't forget to enjoy the feast. Did we tell you yet that the name of the event is Halloween Brunch Weekend?
  • The Hive Prakanong: Paint and Wine Spooky Halloween edition by The Hive Prakanong is here! The place has all you want to make your Halloween memorable. And you know what they possibly could have by their name. Right? What more do you want now? Book your day for this fantastic event. You can book tickets prior to your trip at affordable prices with Trip.com voucher codes.
  • Mexicano Restaurante Auténtico: Delicious foods, Plentiful drinks, Live Music, what can you ask more for on any festive night? The Mexicano Restaurante Autentico welcomes the foodies and drinkies (Is that even a word?) or whatever to its festivity. Halloween is all about enjoying and The Mexicano Restaurante Autentico surely seems to get it. If you are a lover of the trio of food, drinks, and music, this is the best place to spend your night. The event is going to happen on the last day of October, i.e., the 31st of the month.
  • The Westin Grande Sukhmvit: The beloved DJ Nana is coming to The Westin Grande Sukhmvit to make your evening and Halloween 2024 memory get a permanent place in your heart and mind. Spend the spookylicious Halloween with drinks, food, and a Live Show by DJ Nana. Find the perfect costume for the visit online by shopping from the Shopee Thailand website. Excited much? Sure, you are. Have fun! 
  • IPC International Kindergarden: A great place to spend time with your family, especially if you have kids who might get scared seeing the ugly-looking but proud 'ghosts' on Halloween nights, you can choose IPC International Kindergarten as your Halloween venue. Your kids have a lot of things to enjoy, Peekaboo BKK to the Kids' playground there. When you have kids, all you want is a broad smile on their faces and glitters in their eyes. Here you get both, with added fun and enjoyment.
  • Amari Watergate Bangkok: Amari Watergate Bangkok is going to organize a rooftop function where the feared gods and goddesses will 'ascend'. Beware! As much as it sounds scary, so much it is going to be fun. The rooftop parties have always been liked by people and this Halloween you will not want to miss it. Call your buddies and party mates and book the calendar for this eventful night on the 29th of October. Make sure to get the best constume for the special event using the Lazada promo code.
  • IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre: IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre can be your go-to place if you want something unique. What is unique? Well, you have to go to find that out.
  • The Zuk Bar: The event ‘Swirl & Sip Vol.39 – HELLO HALLO – WINE’ by The Zuk Bar is going to meet you on 31st Oct. The Zuk Bar is set to offer you a spooky yet fun night. Let your inhibitions out and show the world the inner you that is masked by your daily routine and responsibilities all through the year, exactly like how Halloween enthusiasts mask themselves during the fest.
  • Witch’s Midnight: Enjoy Halloween Party at Witch’s Midnight with full enthusiasm and fun. The name of the venue might seem as weird as people's costumes on Halloween but it is what it is. The weird are humans, the weird are their ways of fun, and the weird are their likes. Take pictures throughout the night by getting amazing smartphones and electronics from Central Online Thailand.

Halloween Dining Deals & Parties

You can also check out some of these easy cozy places if you just want to eat, have fun, enjoy Halloween dining deals and parties, and relax:

  • Central World: Walk around this huge mall in Bangkok. The Central World is huge in area and you can spend the whole evening just walking and eating and having fun. If you’re a foodie, Central World has some of the greatest food counters for you. Just one event is enough to make you revisit the place.
  • Central Ladprao: The 7-floor building Central Ladprao may not be as large as Central World but it has a lot to excite you. The Central Ladprao has a down to earth market-style festival that gives you a new vibe than the other days. You can also find food truck sections, a popular style of food selling in Thailand. 
  • Central Bangna: Central Bangna is making your Halloween special by having Halloween-themed food items, a unique feature among all the events and venues you can explore this Halloween. Not just this sense, you also have photo booths and backdrops to take pictures and selfies. Yes, you can upload beautiful selfies of yourself on Social Media and get your buddies jealous of your Halloween celebrations. Wait. This is not it! Central Bangna is known for its cosplay competition on Halloween Day. You will love to take part in this competition and taste the dopamine of winning if your dress is found to be unique and creative on Halloween Night.
  • Dream World: Want to experience the most Halloween thing on Halloween night? Scary encounters? The Haunted House? Then come to the Dream World where you will experience the fun at Haunted House. Dream World is very popular as you don’t find many Haunted House in Bangkok but this one, located in Pathum Thani, got famous due to its proximity to Bangkok. The venue is focussed on its theme that even their staff is dressed in ghost costumes. Amazing. Isn't it? And what other day you will find to enjoy than Halloween?
  • Khao San Road: The Khao San Road is popular in Bangkok for the Songkran festival. But they are also giving you treats on Halloween by having food and everything. Khao San Road is famous for its competition on Halloween costumes. A must-visit!

Touring the whole of Bangkok for upcoming Halloween Festivity events, let's have a look at some of the favourite places in Bangkok where you will want to check in for Halloween dresses. These shops will provide you with costumes based on your liking as the different shops sell on different themes, some on pop, some on superstar, and some on supernatural stuff.

  • Enjoy Suite: What costume do you want to wear this Halloween? Money Heist professor? Any traditional Thai attire? Or Mario? You can choose your favourite one from a variety of dresses available in the Enjoy Suite. The shop has a costume collection from a variety of popular figures people look to dress as. Being a costume lover, you won't wanna miss out on it.
  • Fancy Spandex: If you wanna live in sexy vibes this Halloween, choose your costume from the collection of Fancy Spandex. The store offers you dresses from different characters from pop culture references to superheroes, particularly known for their bold, rough and tough nature.
  • Fancy Store: Easily among the coolest costume stores. Have varieties like anything, from a barbie princess to wonder woman to food items, Fancy Store has a great collection of whatever you ask for.
  • Krung Thong Plaza: If you want to buy something other than ghosts, monsters, or ghouls, this place is for you. Krung Thong Plaza is more inclined toward pop cultures like OTT Bo Peep retro dresses, and different kinds of dresses from the era of 80s and 90s. Krung Thong Plaza is an apt place if you have to buy a plus-size costume.
  • Dreambox Costume: Be it pirates, princesses, spider-man, or bloody brides, Dreambox Costume has every favourite Halloween dress of yours. Dreambox Costume also has a lot of retro and cultural dresses which you can put on Halloween to look different from others.
  • Home Cosplay: Home Cosplay has fancy dresses from different TV serials like Game of Thrones, and Guardians of the Galaxy to Japanese anime like Sailor Moon, One Piece, Street Fighter, and Dragonball. Home Cosplay store also has beautiful princess costumes and costumes from famous Chinese movies.
  • Cinderella Fancy: Cinderella Fancy can get you to choose your favourite among the hundreds of fancy dresses from pop culture characters to anime heroes to brides, princesses, to Greek and Chinese warriors. The variety is so large, it will surely make you buy all of the available costumes.
  • Bangkok Fancy: If you want to explore East Asian cultural dresses from countries like China, Japan, Vietnam, and Malaysia, Bangkok Fancy is the best place for you. You can also find costumes of popular horror movie characters and cartoon characters like Pokemon. The collection of Bangkok Fancy doesn't end here. You can also find here superheroes dresses and throwback retro dresses from the era as old as the 40s and 50s.
  • Alex Costume: You will love to visit Alex Costumes if you are going to wear Marvel and DC superheroes or characters from Disney cinematic universe. Alex Costumes also has a collection of the most popular TV serials, movie characters, and anime characters' costumes.

Halloween might not be a native festival here in Thailand, but that doesn't stop enthusiasts from celebrating it with full flow and enjoyment. At a time when globalisation lets you use products and even services from all over the world, it is surprising that a fun festival is taking place in a far land away from its origin.

Does Thailand Celebrate Halloween?

Yes, Thailand does celebrate Halloween. You can find many hotels, restaurants, and party places celebrating it with high enthusiasm.

How can I spend Halloween in Thailand?

You can check out different events happening at venues all over Bangkok and other places in Thailand. Whatever you do – be it cosplay, Halloween decorations, or just eating out, you have everything on Halloween in Thailand.

Do people trick or treat in Thailand?

People in Thailand are the nicest of people you can find. You will find cooperative people here who treat you with respect and are always ready to help you out.

Where is Halloween 2024 celebrated in Thailand?

Halloween was celebrated all over Thailand in 2024. The venues are generally regular ones which organize every year out of demand from their customers.

What city celebrates Halloween the best?

While Halloween is being celebrated in many cities of Thailand, the vibe is altogether at a different level in Bangkok. From cosplay to eating and drinking, to live music, you will get all the treats you can get in the western world on this day.

What should you do on Halloween?

Halloween is known for typical Halloween decorations, cosplay, eating and drinking, and having fun in the evenings. You can choose events as per your liking and they serve a variety of fun events for the night.

Have fun enjoying the spookiest and super fun Halloween of your lifetime at Thailand!


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