The Ultimate Guide To Chinese New Year 2024 In Thailand: Exclusive Promo Codes & Deals

The Ultimate Guide To Chinese New Year 2024 In Thailand: Exclusive Promo Codes & Deals

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a significant celebration in Thailand, especially in areas with a large Chinese population like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. The festival is usually celebrated with colorful parades, dragon and lion dances, fireworks, and traditional Chinese performances. Thai people of Chinese descent often visit temples to pray for good luck and prosperity in the coming year. The streets are decorated with red lanterns, and families gather for feasts featuring traditional Chinese dishes. It is a festive time that brings communities together to celebrate and honor their cultural heritage.

What is the Chinese new year?

Chinese new year also known as the lunar year is a festival that gets celebrated in china on the occasion of the beginning of the new lunar cycle.

The beginning of this festival goes back in time it is believed a legend named Nian attacked a village and the people got rid of the monster by making loud noises and bright red lights.

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What is the significance of the Chinese New Year?

  1. The festival is basically the ceremonial day for praying to gods for a successful harvesting season
  2. Chinese new year is the most important time of the year for Chinese families and they visit their families during this time of the year. The family reunion is the best part of the Chinese new year as family members fly across countries to meet each other and spend the new year together.
  3. The red color can be seen as the most prominent color across the whole celebration of the Chinese new year.
  4. The Chinese way of wishing a happy new year is by saying

Xin NianKuai Le

  1. Dumplings are the most famous food during the Chinese new year.

How do Thai celebrate the Lunar New Year?

The Chinese new year in Thailand is a lovely time of the year. Streets decorated with beautiful and colorful lights and people enjoying the new year together. This major festival brings lots of excitement with it. Streets filled with exciting games and offers. From shopping malls to street vendors everyone celebrates this colorful festival in their own way. Some shops have exciting discounts while some offer interesting games, one thing that is common is that Thailand is electrified on Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year celebrations are seen all across Thailand, with a Chinese population of more than 7 million, the country is filled with festival excitement. Hundreds of people travel across the nation and thousands of people fly down from other Asian countries to meet and celebrate the Chinese new year with their families. The shrines and temples get crowded with visitors, as they pray for a good year ahead. It’s the tradition of the Chinese to give red envelopes with money to each other.

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At noon the real magic happens, streets get filled with food stalls and hundreds of people enjoying and adoring the decorations of red lanterns and food. And then comes the all-famous Chinese dragon with dancers and spinning on polls more than 40ft tall.

The Lunar new year 2024 is closely related to the red color, people decorate their houses with red paper lanterns and Chinese calligraphy banners. They offer tangerines, oranges, and many other fruits, it is believed by the legends that a mythical beast will attack the houses of people in the new year therefore the Chinese people try to give offerings for the beast and they believe bursting fire crackers can scare the beast.

On the main new year’s day, it is the Chinese tradition to avoid tofu as they consider it as unlucky for that day. According to their tradition, they avoid doing any chores on new year’s day, they also avoid using sharp objects and spend all of their time at home as they consider it will bring good fortune for the new year ahead. They enjoy traditional food weiluand eat it together as to give tribute to their ancestors.

When does the Chinese New Year start?

The Chinese new year will start on 1st February. The new year festival is an important time of the year for the Chinese community and it will last for several days.

Why do the Chinese have a different date for New Years?

Chinese celebrate the new year according to the lunar calendar and the first day of the new moon shows the beginning of the new year. Therefore Chinese have different dates for New Year.

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What is the cultural significance of Chinese New Year?

The Chinese new year has its beginning with the worship of ancestors. It has been considered as the festival of offerings and now it’s the festival of spending time with family and having reunions.

Most Popular Places For CNY In Thailand

Yaowaraj, Bangkok - 

The Chinese lunar year 2024 is celebrated across Thailand but in this festival season, yaowaraj’s vibe is different as it’s the Chinatown of Bangkok. Yaowaraj is no doubt the most vibrant place during the Chinese new year. The roads are blocked with thousands of people wishing the new year to each other.

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Warorot Market, Chiang Mai - 

Warorot Market is your place to celebrate the new year if you prefer a sober and classic environment. Walk around the place and enjoy the market which is filled with celebrative delicacies. Get your grocery items fresh at BigC at amazing prices.

Charoen Krung Street, Bangkok - 

Charoen street is a place for those who want to feel the traditional side of the celebration. Temples and shrines opposite the princess mother park are a must-visit for the traditional vibe of the Chinese new year 2024.

Phuket - 

Another lively place to celebrate the Chinese lunar year 2024 is none other than Phuket. Even though the Chinese new year is only celebrated by Chinese people still tourists are hugely attracted to this lantern festival and in Phuket Chinese new year is celebrated by tourists in the liveliest way.

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How many people celebrate Chinese New Year globally?

China is the most populated country in the world and it's not possible that their most famous celebration of the year Chinese new year will only get celebrated in a few countries. The festival of Chinese new year is celebrated globally;

If you are planning a trip to some other country for celebrating holidays and the Chinese new year then there are many countries that will welcome you with an open heart.


All these countries have their own traditions to celebrate the new year. These countries are a part of Asian culture and they have their own traditions, when it comes to Chinese new year they will present to you the most exciting and memorable Chinese new year celebration by mixing and blending their beautiful culture and traditions with the culture and traditions of Chinese people for the celebration of their most famous festival.

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Can anyone celebrate Chinese New Year?

Chinese new year is mainly about celebrating the time of the year with families. Having a reunion and gifting to each other, the Chinese new year is a celebration that anyone can make.

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What are some Chinese New Year traditions?

Decorating the house with red-colored decorations - 

During the Chinese new year, red can be seen as the most important color, they consider red as a color that reduces negativity. Chinese people clean their houses and decorate them with red paper lanterns and new year pictures. Cleaning the house symbolizes removing all the bad luck from home and giving a fresh start to the year.

Bursting fireworks - 

From heavily crowded cities to the calm corners of villages, the bursting of firecrackers is the most enjoyed activity of the Chinese new year. It is considered that the heavy sounds of fireworks can scare the evil beasts and the Chinese community can have a peaceful new year ahead.

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Lion Dances and Dragon Dances - 

If we are talking about Chinese traditions, then there is no way we can skip the most zowie and famous lion dance and dragon dance.

Lion and dragon dance is widely popular in Chinese culture and during the time of the Chinese new year, these dances are the most popular for the amazing performances of Chinese dancers.

Gifting Red Envelopes - 

Chinese people are very famous for their gifting traditions and this can also be seen on their famous occasion Chinese new year. They gift red envelopes which contain money or other gift items and exchange it with each other.

Chinese people are superstitious about the amount of money they will gift; they prefer to give even amounts to each other such as 4 or 6. It is also considered that if someone will receive a red envelop he/she will have a prosperous year ahead.

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How similar are Chinese New Year and Vietnamese New Year?

During the time of the Chinese new year, Vietnamese people also celebrate the holiday season but they are not particularly celebrating the Chinese new year.

At the time of the Chinese new year, Chinese people not only celebrate the new year but also celebrate the spring season and welcome the new harvest in the new year. And that’s why people got confused between the two cultures.

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Why is Chinese New Year celebrated in other countries?

A large number of Chinese people live in other countries outside China and this is the main reason why the Chinese new year is an important festival even outside China.

Here are a few places in the US that celebrate the Chinese new year -

Chicago, Illinois - 

Chicago is famous for its lantern festival and Chinese new year concert. These two occasions may not be the most traditional way to celebrate the Chinese new year but the vibe and cultural values are the same.

New York, New York State - 

The streets of Chinatown in US New York get closed for the occasion of the Chinese new year. Colorful and lively parades and fancy Chinese food stalls,

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Honolulu, Hawaii - 

Traditions and Hawaii, these two sound like synonyms. Hawaii can be the best destination after Asian countries to celebrate Chinese new year.

Honolulu’s beautiful Chinatown organizes amazing events during the time of the Chinese new year. From dazzling fireworks to traditional and graceful night-lit parties, Hawaii has it all for you.

How long do the Chinese take off for New Year?

The Chinese new year is a 15 days’ festival but the official holidays are for 7 days. People can celebrate for more than a week and according to Chinese tradition, they have particular events for each day of the festival. During the holiday season shop online at JD Central.

Chinese New Year 2024, The Year Of Dragon

The Chinese new year 2024 is the year of the Dragon, it will be celebrated on 1st February 2024. According to Chinese tradition, the tiger is considered fearless and brave. The tiger symbolizes power in Chinese culture.

Chinese new year is known by other names, such as lunar new year, as Chinese follow the lunar cycle. It is known as the spring festival too.


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