A Detailed Guide To COVID-19 Situation In Thailand: Top Places To Visit In 2021

A Detailed Guide To COVID-19 Situation In Thailand: Top Places To Visit In 2021

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an ongoing pandemic that has spread worldwide. The coronavirus disease was first identified back in December 2019 in China and it caused severe acute respiratory syndrome. The World Health Organization declared the outbreak as a pandemic as 126 million cases were reported worldwide on 28th March 2020 and more than 2.77 million deaths were reported making it the deadliest and the most widespread pandemic of all time. The origin of the virus was although never confirmed certain reports stated that the virus mutated from the famous meat market of Wuhan from an infected bat or a pangolin, the virus altered itself and caused the disease in humans, but still the exact source of the virus is yet to be found.

The COVID-19 virus is highly contagious and can easily be transferred, it can be spread from an infected person as they speak, cough, sneeze or breathe, the virus spread through droplets of body fluids such as spit and cough and can enter a healthy person's body through their mouth, nose or eyes. The symptoms of the virus are highly variable depending from person to person and it can have effects ranging from almost none to life-threatening illness. An infected person can have effects of the illness from a minimum of two weeks to even more than a month and even an asymptotic infected person can spread the virus for almost a period of two weeks.

As a result of increasing cases, many countries declared nationwide lockdowns to prevent the spread of the disease. The preventive measures for the disease included social distancing, usage of masks, washing or sanitizing your hands regularly, sanitizing surfaces before making any contact, and self-isolation of almost two weeks of any person who has even the most minor symptoms or has traveled from any other city or another country.

Is Thailand Open To Tourism Now?

Although a year has passed and now there are multiple effective vaccines available, also the pandemic has slowed down and isn't as aggressive as before, travel restrictions are being lifted over by some countries and people who have been stuck in their houses for almost a year are keen to know if they can travel to holiday destinations such as Thailand and what are the important things which they need to keep in mind to prevent themselves from getting infected while traveling and what are the restrictions in the place. Make your every trip more affordable with รหัสส่วนลด Klook. Also, you can make bookings for luxurious hotel rooms affordably with รหัสส่วนลด Hotels.com

Certain Individuals Who Are Allowed To Travel In Thailand


Thailand generates a great amount of its revenue from tourism as a result the pandemic caused a heavy blow to its economy, but now it has allowed traveling and certain tourists with special conditions are allowed to visit the country which is:

1. The domestic borders are now open and Thai nationals are free to visit any part of the country

2. Persons coming to the country with diplomatic reasons or representatives of foreign governments

3. Carriers of any kind of necessary goods

4. Non-Thai nationals who are related in any way to a Thai national

5. Non-Thai nationals who are permitted by the government or have a work permit

6. Non-Thai nationals who are students of any educational institution anywhere in Thailand

7. Non-Thai nationals who need medical treatment in the country along with a maximum of 2 attendants


Conditions Which Are Necessary Before You Can Travel In Thailand

All the travelers who are visiting the country are also required to provide certain documentation and conditions which are needed to be fulfilled:

  • Certificate of permission from the Thai embassy in the country of origin
  • Certificate of entry
  • Health insurance covering COVID-19
  • Post quarantine accommodation details
  • Fit to travel certificate
  • Quarantine for 14 days on arrival in the country at your own expense

Quarantine Facilities In Thailand

As Thailand is a very innovative country which is really smart when it comes to tourism policies and thus, it has allowed facilities like Yacht quarantine and Golf quarantine which can be a leisure stay for all the tourists

Yacht Quarantine

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has permitted that the tourists may stay for quarantine in the luxury Yachts in Phuket. The tourists are first needed to go through RT-PCR test after testing negative they are allowed to stay in their Yacht which they have booked. The temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels will be constantly monitored with the help of health tracking watches on the yachts.

Golf Quarantine

Like Yachts, the 14-day quarantine is also allowed at certain golfing course resorts. All the health-related services, social distancing, monitoring of health will be taken care of at these resorts and a total of 5 resorts in Thailand are providing these facilities.

Top Places To Travel In Thailand Post COVID-19

Although the country is not completely open to tourism, locals and certain non-Thai people with special permission are allowed to travel. Some of the places in Thailand where you can travel to relax post-COVID-19 situation are:

1. Koh Tao

This destination provides the best underwater sports facilities and has remained a hotspot for adventure lovers. The island has a quaint atmosphere which makes the visit to this place a very amazing experience. Adrenaline junkies all over the globe have Koh Tao in their list of best diving spots available around the world. Apart from this place also offers rock climbing and hikes around the different parts of the island. It is one of the best islands to be visited in Thailand; it is a world-renowned diving school that provides official training to near about 7000 new divers every year.

2. Koh Samui

It is one of the most culturally rich islands present in Thailand. It is a place famous among the photographers and writers that come here to attend different festivals hosted here. Buffalo Fighting Festival, the Ten Stars Samui Art Party, and several street fairs are the main attraction of this place and some of the famous festivals and activities that take place here. At these festivals, local vendors from around sell their local delicacies, clothing, and souvenirs. The yearly Samui Regatta host the world-famous triathlon event that is attended by 500 competitors from around 22 countries. It is considered to be one of the most backpackers and budget-friendly destinations in Thailand, known for its cheap hut stays and vibrant hostels, people can indulge in a full moon party during their vacation.

3. Phuket

A Thai province, Phuket’s main city is also known as Phuket. This island is huge and is filled with many islands located on the western coast of the country. This island is filled with scenic beaches that feature various luxury resorts, private beach bungalows, and traditional accommodations for visitors. People who want to spend their time with leisure may even visit golf courses, historical museums, and monuments along with stylish nightclubs and shopping centres along the beaches.

4. Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is a small archipelago in the Krabi Province in Southern Thailand. It has two parts, Ko Phi Phi Don which is the largest island with permanent inhabitants, and Ko Phi PhiLeh is the smaller one which is famous for its filming location. Ko Phi Phi is a perfect adventure spot for the young crowd and people who like to party and indulge in adventure sports like snorkeling, diving, and cliff jumping. They organize one of the most extravagant parties in Thailand during New Years'; thousands of tourists come to attend this grand party.


5. Krabi

It is considered the best place for a honeymoon destination, it offers an experience of luxury stay during their honeymoon. It is a popular destination as it offers lots of amenities, couples may choose to go shopping, party, island hopping, scuba diving, or just sit and relax on the golden sandy beaches here. Couples love to spend their time at private secluded islands, with no one around to disturb them.

6. Hua Hin

This place is filled with luxurious beach resorts and is considered to be one of the greatest hot spots for young couples as private honeymoon destinations. They have properties from private beach villas to traditional bamboo cottages; the surreal scenery of this place brings people closer to the natural ecosystem of Thailand. Feeling the need to spend a day in utmost privacy along with your loved ones, Pa La-U waterfalls is a perfect destination spot and this place is also famous for the wine they serve.

7. Pai

This place is situated in North Thailand and is a picturesque town that is located in a small valley.  It is a romantic spot for couples, as this place is filled with the beauty of nature in abundance; it has lush green fields, and even holds natural therapeutic water springs, amazing waterfalls, traditional temples, and many more things. This place is best to be visited on foot or by bike as this offers the time and space to enjoy the beauty of nature. For couples who want to spend their honeymoon looking for a place which has a natural beauty all around with beautiful mountains, in nice weather then this is just the place.

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People Also Ask

Is it dangerous to travel to Thailand?

Currently, there are certain travel restrictions in Thailand and it is pretty risky to travel anywhere until the pandemic truly subsides. But you can travel with all the necessary precautions and if you have special permissions to travel.

How safe is Phuket?

Phuket is although a pretty safe place and is a very popular holiday spot, but it is not recommended to visit crowded places to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

How much money do you need for a week in Phuket?

You need almost a minimum amount of 22,000 Baht to stay in Phuket for a week, and it might cost a minimum of 44,000 Baht for two people to stay in Phuket.


By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal TH