8.8 Mega Deals: Sale, Savings, and Bargains on Your Favorite Brands

8.8 Mega Deals: Sale, Savings, and Bargains on Your Favorite Brands

Do you know what is the best thing to satisfy our soul and relax our mind? Yoga? Meditation? Dance? NO! Shopping! Shopping is everyone’s guilty pleasure! This August you can shop all you want without feeling guilty! The 8.8 sale 2021 is here! Expect the grandest of discounts and the best of deals on your favourite brands and products!

Why is the sale named 8.8? 

Well, the nomenclature behind the sale is quite simple, 8.8 refers to the eighth date of the eighth month i.e., 8th August! The date marks the beginning of the 8.8 sale and thousands of customers shop during the sale and save huge sums of money each year!

Do not forget to do these things before the 8.8 sale!

The secret behind a successful sale haul is being prepared. Just like in any other case, preparation is the key to success for sales as well. Here are a few tips, tricks, and things that you should consider doing during the sale.

  • Make a list of the items you require the most. Make a list of your requirements.
  • Make a list of the brands you want to target.
  • To gain unique access to sale-related information and updates, sign up for the newsletters of your favourite brands and retailers. Some businesses may also reward you with promo coupons in exchange for your loyalty.
  • Create a wishlist of your favourite items and keep an eye on their pricing.
  • Window shop, try on various things, and keep an eye out for anything you like and want to buy during the discount season.
  • If you go window-shopping make sure that you confirm the exact size or the specifications of the product you want so that you don’t have to waste time during the sale.

Ok, I prepared for the sale and the sale is live, NOW WHAT?

When the sale is on there are various things you can do to make the most out of your budget! Some tips and tricks you should consider following are:

  • Relax...Breath and don’t panic. The best decisions are made when you have a clear head.
  • During the sale, look for expensive products whose prices have been drastically reduced. Do you recall those expensive shoes you drooled over but never bought because they were out of your price range? Now is the best time to purchase them!
  • Don't go shopping for things you don't need! When it comes to big sales, consumers are often enticed by big discounts and end up buying things they don't need! There's no reason to purchase a pair of trousers at a great bargain that you think you won't be able to pull off.
  • Try and use your credit card often as you could earn cashback and rewards.
  • There would be some products that you have made your mind up about buying. Place an order for those products as and when the sale starts. Your favourite products going out of stock is the last thing you would want!
  • If you enjoy purchasing items from designer brands, today is the perfect time to do so because designer and luxury businesses rarely provide discounts.
  • To get even more savings and discounts on your purchases, look for coupon codes and promo codes. That is something that Vouchers Portal Thailand can assist you with!

Ok, I know what to do during the sale, but WHERE DO I SHOP FROM?

Central Online: 

We talk about places where you can get the best products for a single category, this time let’s talk about a place that gets you the best products from the best brands in all categories. In simpler words, this place is the one-stop destination for all your needs! At Central Online, you can find various products across categories like beauty, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids clothing, home products, home appliances, kitchen, technology, sports, and travel! Their products are genuine and of good quality. They offer express delivery and also take-in products for exchange and return. Central Online is simply the best place if you want to have a look at the best deals.

During the 8.8 mega sale the deals get even better! With so many products on such ส่วนลด Central Online high discounts around you, you would find it very difficult to resist the temptation to shop for anything and everything!

Power Buy: 

The 8.8 infinity sale is live at Power buy and with facilities like express delivery in 3 hours, pick at a store in an hour, free installation, free returns, and free delivery we shouldn’t really be telling you more about where to buy electronics from this sale season!. Power Buy is your one-stop destination for electronics products like entertainment devices, air conditioners, home appliances, gadgets, smart devices, cameras, home and leisure items, and accessories. They have products from the best of international and local brands which are genuine and of great quality.

Do keep in mind that the ส่วนลด Power Buy that you would find during the sale season is very rare. Hence, you should try and make the most out of it! If you have any electronics that need an upgrade the 8.8 sale is the best time to do that!

Big C: 

This sale season you would find humongous discounts on Big C products and thousands of people would shop their hearts out at Big C. Shop from them and get ส่วนลด Big C on your orders!. Big C has a number of locations around the country, including both online storefronts and traditional retail locations. They pay attention to their customers' demands by offering a diverse selection of high-quality items at reasonable rates. They have always been able to provide their clients' fundamental requirements, whether it was dry food, fresh food, clothes and apparel, electrical equipment, or home accessories. Not only that, but they are aware of nearly all of their consumers' concerns and have established numerous supermarket chains to cater to clients in the suburban regions of the country. They've also created an internet platform to make Big C's services available to all consumers.

Ais Online Store: 

What’s better than upgrading to the latest technology devices at minimal prices? This year during the 8.8 sale make sure you make the most out of the discounts on offer with the help of the ส่วนลด Ais Online Store! Shopping for the latest gadgets during sales is one of the most intelligent and rational choices you can make as it improves your lifestyle and also costs less.

You can find all kinds of electronic gadgets and lifestyle goods at the Ais Online store. There are products from the best of brands and they offer various facilities like order tracking, safe online payment, cash on delivery, and easy returns. Mobile phones, tablets, accessories, SIM cards, Anunjai Collection Peace of Mind Products, and IoT devices are all available at the AIS online store.

Tops Online: 

With quick delivery, assured freshness in items, and outstanding deals, Tops is one of the best supermarkets stores in Thailand. Many people use their portal to buy stuff for their everyday use. Over the past years, they have served all their customers very well and have gained a reputation for being one of the most trusted supermarkets in Thailand. You can find various products across categories like healthy health products, fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, Fresh food and bakery, Dry goods and seasonings, Snacks and desserts, Drinks and powders, health and beauty, mother and child, Household items and monks, and pester pet care.

If you ask loyal customers of tops, they would tell you that there is nothing better than getting a ส่วนลด Tops. This season you would be getting loads of discounts and offers on Tops and you surely don’t want to miss out on this rare opportunity!

Office Mate: 

Getting office and school supplies may be challenging and confusing at times. Not with OfficeMate! Office Mate is the only place you need to go to meet all your stationery and office supplies demands!. At OfficeMate you can find various products across categories like office supplies, electronics & it, cleaning, furniture, food service, healthcare, tools, smart lifestyle, printing & gifts, software & service, and school & entertainment.

We usually purchase all these products in bulk and for a long time, this sale season makes sure that you save lots of money for the entire year by purchasing all your daily requirements from Office Mate. We are sure you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself after seeing huge ส่วนลด OfficeMate!


Who said that the 8.8 mega sale is just for products? Well if you also think that you are mistaken! During this year’s sale, you can also gift yourself or your loved ones a discounted vacation!. Klook is a well-known Asian travel company that offers a wide range of foreign travel services. On their website, you can search for and purchase the best vacation packages, travel solutions, rentals, hotel bookings, adventure sports, leisure activities, and other services.

During this year’s sale, you would find huge ส่วนลด Klook on their services. If you had been long planning a trip this is your perfect chance to fulfill your promise to yourself!


Shopee is a Singapore-based e-commerce company that has taken the online shopping experience to a newer level! Their goal has always been to improve the consumer experience by making online purchasing more enjoyable, secure, and straightforward. They provide a wide variety of items in categories such as clothes, electronics, fitness & sports accessories, jewelry, home, and lifestyle! During the 8.8 sale in Thailand, you would find huge discounts on all products across these categories!

We all know that there is nothing better than ส่วนลด Shopee!  This sale season we are going to get loads of discounts and we hope you make the best out of them!


With great logistics, impeccable technology, and seamless payment services Lazada is one of the most visited e-commerce portals in Thailand. Thousands of customers shop each day from Lazada. They have a huge collection of products across various categories like electronic devices, electronic accessories, TV & home appliances, health & beauty, babies & toys, groceries & pets, home & living, women's fashion, men's fashion, fashion accessories, sports & lifestyle, and automotive & motorcycles.

In simpler terms, you can shop all you want and can think of at Lazada! With huge ส่วนลด Lazada this sale season we bet you would love to buy all you had been keeping an eye on!


By: Vouchers Portal TH