12.12 Sale: All You Need To Know About Double Day Sale 2024

12.12 Sale: All You Need To Know About Double Day Sale 2024

Want to go on a shopping spree and save some money also in your pocket? The 12.12 sale is the perfect time to shop your hearts out. All your favorite top brands will be available at great discounts. Whether you want to stock up your wardrobes with the stylish wear for the New Year and Christmas season or redecorate your homes with aesthetic home décor, everything will be available at multiple offers, and discounts. All you have to do is visit the Vouchers Portal Thailand website and avail the exciting coupon codes, discount vouchers, and promo offers.

12.12 sale occurs just after the 11.11 Mega Sale and before the Christmas week and is on the 12th of December as the name suggests. The shopping festival has finally arrived and with the arrival of this festival, you will get great deals in this 12.12 Big Sale 2024


What is the 12.12 Sale?

12.12 Sale is the sale that takes place on the 12th of December every year. You will get the best of deals only on 12.12 Deals 2024 and that will help you to avoid stressing around about the price while shopping. This sale is held by most merchants both online and in-stores in Thailand and many other countries around the world.

The day is all around the corner and if you are still not ready and have not prepared your shopping list, then do it quickly before you drown in the sea of regret as the biggest battle of data traffic is going to be on the 12th of December. So, what are you waiting for? THE BIG 12.12 SALE is shouting your name which not only brings you great deals and offers, but also the quality products like never before.

People are already done with their shopping list, so before feeling left out, prepare yours with full zest!

Where Can I Shop This 12.12 Double Day Sale?

Big C 12.12 Mega Festival:

With Big C, you can get consumer goods and household food through the online channels, which facilitates the selection of products that have a full selection so the customers can receive various benefits like the accumulating points or use points for the big card membership discounts.

To avail of the discount, shop on the Big C 12.12 Year End Sale, which will help you to get them in a much more pocket-friendly way. Not only this, if you are facing any problem or have any questions then you can contact their customer service center, online call center, email, and the staff will reach out to your help you within 24 hours. Purchase the kitchen essentials, groceries, and many other items that you may need on a daily basis as well as once a month.

As the 12.12 Grand Christmas Sale 2024 is all around the corner, you get a chance to give this year a happy ending by purchasing everything you need for giving a kick-start to the next year.

With the guaranteed quality of the delivered products and 100% genuine products (neither damaged nor broken) and in case you are not satisfied with the product then you can conveniently return or exchange them with a new product within 7 days.

Power Buy 12.12 Mega Festival:

Being in the loop with the rapidly changing world is possible with the help of all the gadgets and technical items. It is very important to get updated with the technology by joining hands with the latest trends. Now, Power Buy is here with all the electrical appliances, IT products, mobile phones, gadgets, and electronic products.

By offering high-quality, innovative, and technologically advanced products, Power Buy has been updating constantly with the worldwide trends and offering you deals while the Power Buy 12.12 Mega Festival is live.

With the focus on quality, 800+ renowned brands, cover the tons of the items that are a total necessity of the current demands of the digitally-led life of the consumers.

Central Online 12.12 Year-End Sale:

Central online is a place where there is a top selection of products which includes fragrances, cosmetics, watches, cosmetics, kitchenware, home appliances, fashion items, mother and baby products, and a lot more.

With a wide range of brands which includes Adidas, Alumnus, Morgan, Fitbit, G-Shock, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Playboy, Sketchers, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Dior, Benefit, and many more.

They give you the easiest shopping that guarantees you quality, along with special installments but secure online payments, you can shop and save more while Central Online 12.12 Mega Festival, and shop with more confidence and have the best shopping experience.

With a mission to bring you the shopping experience directly into the palm of your hand so that you browse through all the available products anytime, anywhere you go.

So, tie your seat belt to go on a shopping ride with Central Online as the 12.12 Sales & Promotions are all around the corner.

Ais Online Store 12.12 Mega Sale:

Ais Online store is the largest GSM mobile phone operator in Thailand. With millions of customers owned by Intouch holdings, their store has a very diversified range of Digital Lifestyle goods or trendy gadgets to offer.

You can experience the high-speed internet including the best technology with the best quality of the network, they have also taken a step forward by bringing full digital services of the mobile, fixed broadband and digital services.

Not only this, but they also guarantee the quality in all dimensions of service to respond to the ever-changing trends in a world full of technology, communication, and current consumer behavior. To enjoy the services in a much convenient way, shop while AIS Online Store 12.12 Mega Festival.

So be confident that they will be there anytime, anywhere with the best customer service and a variety of communication channels. If you are still feeling doubtful, then go and check out their official website now for more details.

Trip.com 12.12 Sale:

If you are a travel freak then you are going to love it as Trip.com has got your back in providing the perfect trip that you plan, no matter whether you are going on a personal or a business trip.

You can easily customize by getting the best hotels and flight deals. It got you all covered with their 24 hours customer service and easy-to-use site or app, quality travel services in more than a dozen languages, booking has never been this fun and simpler

In case your flight or train ticket gets rejected, due to some fault of Trip.com, then they will refund the ticket amount to compensate for the damages and your precious time, of course!

Other than this, the company will take care of the best-guaranteed service and transportation. With so many beautifully breath-taking places all over the globe, you can pick any destination and get discounts and offers by booking the Trip.com 12.12 Mega Festival.

An online website like this allows travelers across the world to have a dead-drop experience at such cheap and top-rated accommodation as hotel rooms, apartments, resorts, etc., flights, transportation services (train tickets & car rentals), and the most adventurous activities.

Not only this, but you can also even get the real-time status of your flight. Special discounts like Trip.com flight discounts are also available for app users.

Now, you can enjoy so many exquisite places and live the best moments without lowering your bank balance during the 12.12 Shopping Festival. You can easily stay within your budget and live every moment to the full extent.

Tops Online 12.12 Mega Festival:

With everything online today, the internet is the driving force and sometimes it can be sometimes overwhelming to get your kinds of stuff done if you are shopping grocery for your consumption.

Keeping this worry in the mind and taking it away from your head, Tops Online brings you the grocery chain where you can get all your favorite things and will eventually lighten up your shoulder and lift your mood!

Being the number 1 grocery chain, you can either pick up or get the home delivery and to increase this convenience and to get the grocery in a budget-friendly way then do check out Tops Online 12.12 Mega Festival.

Hurry up! Shop more and save your time, money, and energy more only on Tops Online.

Klook 12.12 Year End Sale:

Who does not like traveling? And if you are one of those, who find the whole procedure of traveling way too exhausting and expensive, then Klook's 12.12 sale is the one for you.

With the 12.12 Online Sale 2024, you can book your paradise in a much cheaper way. This means every single mortal body needs to travel and give themselves a little vacation, and keeping that in mind, Klook brings the best of deals on all your travel needs.

Lazada 12.12 Mega Festival:

What's the best place to shop for both adults and kids and get the latest trendy apparel? That would be Lazada! Here, at Lazada, you will get the Lazada 12.12 Mega Sale on all your Thai fashion.

Their flagship continues to redefine the best retail experience through their shopper-tainment with the smashing sales record and you will get this at a price like never before.

Enjoy the biggest sale and free shipping and exciting vouchers in your very first order. To avail of these, check out the 12.12 Sales & DealsAlertsand have a happy shopping, with you and your fashionista version.

Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale:

Shopping has never been easier than it is now because Shopee is here to provide the customers with easy, fast, and secure online payments through very strong payment and fulfillment support too.

With the belief in simplicity, and integrity, they ensure that everyone gets the product at the best of its price and for that, they even have Shopee 12.12 Mega Festival, which allows the consumer to get a product at a cheaper rate which ensures that everybody lives a life with honesty, down to earth and true to self.

As the transformative power of technology is the backbone of the current world, they believe in that and are on a mission to provide a way through which buyers and sellers of one community can connect.

Now, pull up your socks and get ready for a shopping adrenaline rush during the 12.12 Birthday Sale 2024 so you can close this year by purchasing all the things you need for the next year.

Do we hear something? It is your heart shouting for shopping with Shopee. Do not sit back and relax while everyone is out there with the shopping bag and ready wish list.

Nike 12.12 Sale:

The time is here!! Thailand, are you ready to rock the world with your collection of gorgeous footwear?

Get ready to grab your hands on the amazing deals and offers on Nike, you can also get your favorite product at a much more affordable price on the Nike 12.12 Mega Festival.

They have always emphasized the importance of sports and fitness, too, in one’s life with the main aim to motivate people for sports and their fitness endeavors by providing them with their amazing products.

They offer so many wide ranges of products with a wide price range for everyone and is surely the one-stop destination to fulfill all the athletic requirements without a pinch of doubt.

Being the largest sportswear company in the world and has been manufacturing products for all ages, genders, and sports, now you can even get the standard sports products at a price which is much cheaper than usual, during the Double Day Sale.

"Just do it" is the slogan of Nike which is very straightforward with a simple meaning by giving you all the reasons to just do it. Not only this, but they also have so many premium quality sports essentials, their tagline is still relevant even after 23 years and there is no reason to not be it.

So, what are you waiting for? “JUST DO IT”

ShopAt24 12.12 Mega Sale:

Whether you need a mobile phone and tablet product, Computer, Electrical appliances, Beauty and Health, Mother and Child, Home and Garden, or any consumer products, you can get a guaranteed unmatchable shopping experience with ShopAt24.

With the great quality of licensed products from some of the famous manufacturers and distributors, you can always rest assured about the genuineness and quality of new products.

If you are willing to get the products at a much cheaper rate without compromising the quality then you can check out the Shopat24 12.12 Mega Online Sale.

Adidas 12.12 Mega Sale:

When it comes to spots and sportswear, there is nowhere but Adidas which is surely your one-stop destination that is famous for sportswear and activewear clothes, shoes, accessories, and a lot more to pump up your sports endeavor.

Adidas not just sportswear or workout, but they partner with the best industry to co-create to push the young athletic talent. They have always highlighted the importance of sports and fitness in one’s life and no wonder why they are the flag bearer of sportswear and sports items.

They are being driven by rebellious action and are the rebellious optimists for a world of sports and culture. They have great deals and offers which you can get while the Adidas 12.12 Mega Festival.

They know the power of sport and that is why they also see the endless possibilities to apply this superpower and push every person forward with a sporty zest and action.

Including all of this, they also offer their fans, sports apparel, and style which will match their athletic needs while keeping sustainability in the mind. Not only this but they also support creators to improve their games and create a change to have a positive impact on the world.


By Vouchers Portal TH