What Are 100 Single Trips In Thailand?

What Are 100 Single Trips In Thailand?

You all will agree with the fact that we come alone in this world and go alone from this world, life teaches us to enjoy every moment of life and present many circumstances in life which can be either good or bad. Life is an ongoing process that demands every individual to cherish each and every moment of life. Sometimes life becomes too monotonous and becomes important to take a break from their daily life chores. Traveling is the ultimate solution for a break from daily life as traveling not only boosts your mental well-being but also gives you an opportunity to explore the world around you and come in contact with the beautiful diversity present in different parts of the globe. Many of us may have faced the challenge of not finding the right partner when in a real mood to travel; in that case, traveling alone is the choice and comes along with the fear of risks and challenges involved during solo travel. But many of us fail to see the brighter side of traveling alone has its own advantages, it helps people to become more creative. After spending time traveling alone, sparks the creative side of individuals as it gives the opportunity to soak up the knowledge around the world and they will have a deeper well to draw from when seeking inspiration.

Traveling lets people face many different situations which ultimately helps individuals to become great problem solvers in their life, as life is the real journey that everyone has to master in the end. Traveling alone lets us to step up and tackle problems head-on, using experience and creativity gathered while traveling solo. It makes people more employable, as the demand of the present generation is not based on the curriculum of an individual which he/she studied or the list of their workplace assignments, but the search is for the individuals to who have focused on learning, polishing their skills and learning new skills, candidates who have these abilities with the ability to adapt and conquer new challenges are among the ones which corporate demands for and traveling solo really helps you in attaining the right skills and experiences.

Thailand is one of the beautiful destinations for solo traveling; it has a collage of animated sceneries with plenty of diversity that is unavailable at any part of the world. It contains world-class places that can be visited; it has magnificent Buddhist temples as well as charming Hindu temples and mosques. People at parts are still among the hill tribes who dwell in lush green landscapes. Thailand is filled with gorgeous beaches and sun-kissed islands, which have traditional Argo and fishing communities along its coastline. It is even considered to be Southeast Asia's most popular travel destination.

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Best Places For Single Trips In Thailand

1 - Ko Phi Phi - One Of The Top Amazing Places To Visit In Thailand

Ko Phi Phi is a small archipelago in the Krabi Province in Southern Thailand. It has two parts, Ko Phi Phi Don which is the largest island with permanent inhabitants and Ko Phi PhiLeh is the samller one which is famous for its filming location. Ko Phi Phi is a perfect adventure spot for the young crowd and people who like to party and indulge in adventure sports like snorkeling, diving, and cliff jumping. They organize one of the most extravagant parties in Thailand during New Years'; thousands of tourists come to attend this grand party.

 2 - Koh Tao

This destination provides the best underwater sports facilities and has remained a hotspot for adventure lovers. The island has a quaint atmosphere which makes the visit to this place a very amazing experience. In fact, adrenaline junkies all over the globe have Koh Tao in their list of best diving spots available around the world. Apart from this place also offers rock climbing and hikes around the different parts of the island. It is one of the best islands to be visited in Thailand; it is a world-renowned diving school that provides official training to near about 7000 new divers every year.

3 - Ko Chang

This place is located near the border with Thailand and Cambodia, Ko Chang is among the most beautiful and ecologically diverse places to be visited in Thailand. It is filled with mountainous islands and cascading waterfalls, colorful coral reefs, encompassing hillocks, lush green rainforests, and long white beaches.

4 - Phuket- Most Recommended Place to Visit In Thailand

A Thai province, Phuket’s main city is also known as Phuket. This island is huge and is filled with many islands located in the western coast of the country. This island is filled with scenic beaches that feature various luxury resorts, private beach bungalows, and traditional accommodations for visitors. People who want to spend their time with leisure may even visit golf courses, historical museums, and monuments along with stylish nightclubs and shopping centers along the beaches.

5 - Koh Phangan

It is a pristine island present in the Gulf of Thailand, with a beautiful island resort located halfway between Koh Samui and Ko Tao. This place is famous among people who belong to backpacking communities from various parts of the world. A large part of this island is covered with rainforest and hillocks that prove to be amazing hiking destinations for people who love adventures.

6 - Koh Samui

It is one of the most culturally rich islands present in Thailand. It is a place famous among the photographers and writers that come here to attend different festivals hosted here. Buffalo Fighting Festival, the Ten Stars Samui Art Party, and several street fairs are the main attraction of this place and some of the famous festivals and activities that take place here. At these festivals, local vendors from around sell their local delicacies, clothing, and souvenirs. The yearly Samui Regatta host the world-famous triathlon event that is attended by 500 competitors from around 22 countries. It is considered to be one of the most backpacker and budget-friendly destinations in Thailand, known for its cheap hut stays and vibrant hostels, people can indulge in a full moon party during their vacation.

7 - Koh Lanta

This place is located at a distance of an hour from Karabi, is a tiny archipelago with magnificent beaches hosted by some of the best quaint resorts in Thailand. This place is filled with amazingly beautiful nature reserves filled with cascading waterfalls and lakes. The vibrant flora and fauna will make you forget the fact that they are very few human beings seen during the trip. It is famous for its family-friendly vibe and will come around people traveling with their children.

8 - Ko Lipe

It is a part of the 51 islands that make up the Tarutao National Marine Park; it is a popular spot between couples and newly married because of its seclusion. It attracts many newlyweds, as this place offers privacy along with being safe and providing a friendly environment. People can enjoy diving, snorkeling, and a short boat ride to the nearby islands.

9 - Similan Islands

It is a series of nine islands with the quaintest surroundings, islands in series from National Park overlooking the gorgeous Andaman Sea. Warm beaches and turquoise waters make the island a perfect place for diving and snorkeling among the magnificent coral reefs.

10 - Ko Si Chang

It is a perfect destination spot for people who have less time to travel; this island is accessible via a short boat ride from Bangkok which makes it a perfect beach destination among the locals. It is one of the beautiful places to visit in Thailand and around Bangkok.

11 - Sukhumvit

This place is located from a short distance from Siam. This place is hot-spot people for tourists with the most prominent nightlife areas. This place hosts tourists from all over the world and people can rent service apartments and bungalows to spend their vacation.

12 - RCA

Royal City Avenue (RCA) is among the prime party avenues of Bangkok city and holds the largest nightlife area filled with high-class chic pubs and lounges. It is the most bustling street side of the capital and offers very couple-friendly vibes. The specialty of this place is the local Thai whiskey that will tantalize anyone’s senses.

13 - Soi Bangla Road

This place a distinguishing pattern followed, in which, during the day one cannot even guess that this place transforms into a party hot spot as the sun goes down. As evening falls, vehicle entries are closed, a patch of the street in the center of Phuket transforms into a 400-meter party spot filled with neon lights, thumping music, and cheap beer.

14 - Phuket FantaSea

This place is an ultimate cultural park that hosts an extravagant carnival starting every night, filled with hundreds of marching elephants, and a multitude of other animals performing in the storytelling session.

Among the many entertainment venues, the Similan Adventure Centre is exclusively designed for the kids. With sea-themed arcade games, this place ensures that the kids have a fun time staying there.

15 - Live Music Patong Beach

Patong is located in southern Thailand and is known to be the center of nightlife; it is among the most happening places to visit in Thailand. They have night parties and live-mix DJ music that attracts revelers from all around the world to experience the most of their life.

16 - Gay Phuket PatongBeach

This place hosts Phuket's annual Gay Festival held in Patong, which proves to be like a kaleidoscope of colors. This festival is filled with floats and parades.

17 - DJ Station, Bangkok

It is known to be Asia's finest nightclub and one of the coolest dance clubs in the world, it is known for its vibrant atmosphere by being one of the largest gay clubs in the world.

18 - Cha WengBeach 

This place is among the best places to visit in Thailand for food enthusiasts that enjoy partying and enjoying the delicious food at the same time. The night markets present here never shut down and offers late nigh activities that include dance clubs with upbeat hip hop and R & B tunes.

19 - Khao San Road, Bangkok

It is a charming street-side party place in Bangkok, with neon signs covering the Whole Street from 7 PM evening and loud music emerging from different corners of the street, revelers can be spotted walking, dancing, and enjoying the drinks and food everywhere.

20 - Soi Rambuttri 

Located within close proximity of Khao San Road, this place presents the sight of Bangkok in a very rustic form. Classy restaurants, guest houses, bars, and street food stalls, it is a family-friendly destination open the whole night and offers late-night eating options. There is a horseshoe-shaped road, a special place for honeymooners to indulge themselves in a romantic candlelight dinner.

21 - Krabi

It is considered the best place for a honeymoon destination, it offers an experience of luxury stay during their honeymoon. It is a popular destination as it offers lots of amenities, couples may choose to go shopping, party, island hopping, scuba diving, or just sit and relax on the golden sandy beaches here. Couples love to spend their time at private secluded islands, with no one around to disturb them.

22 - Hua Hin

This place is filled with luxurious beach resorts and is considered to be one of the greatest hot spots for young couples as private honeymoon destinations. They have properties from private beach villas to traditional bamboo cottages; the surreal scenery of this place brings people closer to the natural ecosystem of Thailand. Feeling the need to spend a day in utmost privacy along with your loved ones, Pa La-U waterfalls is a perfect destination spot and this place is also famous for the wine they serve.

23 - Chiang Mai

This city is much rich and vast in its traditional part as compared to Bangkok and Phuket. This place invites people who like adventures as this place will surely give you a dash of adrenaline, the night bazaar here brings you closer to Thai culture. If you have an interest in history and ancient architecture then this place has a lot to offer, it has moreover than 300 highly revered Buddhist Temples.

24 - Monkey Beach

This beach is located in a corner of Thailand, away from the mainstream crowd is a perfect place for couples who want to enjoy a special and offbeat destination may find this place to be ideal. The beach is exactly located hidden in a cove of LohDalum Bay in the greater islands of Phi Phi Don and offers a lot of adventurous activities like Kayaking and snorkeling. People can also visit nearby hidden coves which

25 - Kanchanaburi

This place is filled with natural splendor and is dominated by the beautiful Rover Kwai, it holds beautiful landscapes and nature's wonders like waterfalls, caves, lakes, and mountainous views. The must-visit waterfalls here are Erawan Waterfalls in the ErawanNatoinal Park, the Sai Yok Noi Falls, the Sai Yok Yai Falls and the Huay Mae Khamin falls. Besides these, there are many more activities to do if, one can visit the city's many art galleries, temples and museums.

26 - Pai

This place is situated in North Thailand and is a picturesque town that is located in a small valley.  It is a romantic spot for couples, as this place is filled with the beauty of nature in abundance; it has lush green fields, and even holds natural therapeutic water springs, amazing waterfalls, traditional temples, and many more things. This place is best to be visited on foot or by bike as this offers the time and space to enjoy the beauty of nature. For couples who want to spend their honeymoon looking for a place which has a natural beauty all around with beautiful mountains, in nice weather then this is just the place.

27. Sukhothai Old City

This place was once the cradle of Thai kingdom, and today stands as a heritage city with stories about the rise of the Thai kingdom scattered and hidden all over the place. The vast beauty encompassed within this place is huge and beautiful and so it is regarded as the most amazing tourist place in Thailand. People, who like to explore lesser-known places, will fall in love with this place as this place is adorned with beautiful temples, captivating landscapes and mesmerizing Yom River.

28 - Koh Ngai

This place is declared to be the most romantic places present in Thailand, this place offers a unique topography that is different from most of the places around and is a popular place among new couples. This place has two beaches with turquoise waters, and even has many private boutique resorts that offer traditional Thai Spa and Massage; it is a perfect spot for a rejuvenating experience. The coral reefs of this place make it an ideal spot as a snorkeling location.

29 - KohMun Nork

This is a private island beach resort that holds some of the cleanest sandy beaches and untouched rainforests, this beach can definitely give people an opportunity for a desert-like vacation experience. This place offers privacy at its fullest with 20 of its private villas that minimize the chance of anyone disturbing your privacy, and the vacation experience is even enhanced by providing scrumptious cuisine while keeping the finest details in mind.

30 - Koh Nang Yun

This place seems to have just come out of a painting, it has three secluded, picturesque pieces of land that prove to be an ideal location among young couples who want to enjoy moments in private with each other. If you like adventurous activity then you can enjoy zip-lining which is the world's first inter-island zip lining and add some more memorable memories to your list.

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31 - Central World, Bangkok

This is the biggest shopping center in the world; it has eight floors that will any person impulsive enough to shop. This place is sub-divided into 'Wings' so as to just ease the customers for convenient shopping, cafes, and restaurants. The Zen and Istean have hug open areas with many brands at its disposal. For foodies, the Gourmet Market present on the 7th floor offers a variety of delicious food, fruits, vegetables, drinks, bakery, and imported food from all over the world.

32 - Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

It is a flea market and is one of the largest in the world; this market is spread over an area of 35 acres and is a weekend market too. This place is chaotic with its 8000 stalls and holds stalls with rare antiques, junk jewelry, apparel, ceramics, and souvenirs. This place has many stalls that offer amazing local cuisine, for food lovers this place is a paradise as they will get a lot of options to eat like Fried chicken, noodle soup, crispy pancakes, oysters, and fish cake. Thai coconut ice cream is a local delight for people who have sweet teeth.

33 - Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market, Bangkok

Known popularly as Rot Fai Market, is a paradise for shopping of vintage stuff. This market comes to life at night and items that are vintage and classic can be easily found in this market. Lots of collector items is available here from chandeliers, classic cars, motorbikes, cameras along with rarest of the books and music cassettes. The market is divided into three parts ‘Market Zone’, ‘Warehouse Zone’ and ‘Rod’s Antiques’, and each section has a unique aspect and selection of products.

34 - Pratunam Market, Bangkok

This place is a paradise for people who want to purchase clothing of designer wears; this place holds a collection of designer wears and the latest fashion. The area is filled with amazing and unique apparel shops, and you may even find second-hand boots or leather jacket replicas. The Platinum Fashion Mall is among the most visited and popular, as it offers a variety of branded as well as street styling clothing and holds more than 4,000 stores available at dirt-cheap prices.

35 - Central Festival, Pattaya

This is the tallest building of Pattaya Beachfront and is filled with near about 300 shops with brands like Calvin Klein, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Nautica, and Zara. This place also offers amazing food like ramen, pasta, oriental, pizza, and even Indian delicacies by their food outlets. PowerBuy, Canon, and Samsung outlets cover the area of five floors with their electronic pieces of equipment and gadgets available to customers and surely is a paradise for the geeks

36 - Pattaya Floating Market

This is a floating market and probably a culture seeker's paradise, with a museum, puppet shows, and a shopping center. This market is often visited by photographers, shoppers, and visitors who are just curious to know how the local life in Thailand works. Local handicrafts, clothing, and handmade jewelry are some of the most popular items that can be found in this market. There is an array of eateries that are floating and offers heavenly Thai cuisine.

37 - One Tambon One Product, Pattaya

It is a place where you will find a lot many items that will make up souvenirs that can be opted to be taken at homes as the items found here are all made by local craftsmen and at fair prices. This shape is popularly known as OTOP shops and is in fact a part of a government initiative to promote and support the local artisans, out of the number of items found here, some are scented soaps, candles, slippers, clothing, ornaments, carpets, and even furniture.

38. Deep Water Soloing in Tonsai/Railay

These beaches have emerged as a popular destination for offbeat adventure activity known as deep water soloing and are considered to be among the best places that offer this form of unconventional sports. The local guides or experts will train you and teach you the basics for this activity; a tiny long-tail boat is provided to the people in order to visit the 200-foot karst rocks found nearby, these rocks traverse upwards out of the sea, into the sky.

39 - White Water Rafting on the Mae Taeng River

This place offers an adrenaline-gushing experience to visitors in the form of rafting of Mae Taeng, it is truly an enthralling experience. Rapids in this river are so enthralling that you will be drenched in water and have to balance yourself in the rapids, White Water Rafting challenges every aspect of the life of an individual and by the end of this, you will be left with the sense of everlasting adventure.

40 - Deep Sea Diving at HinDaeng

HinDaeng and HinMouang, located in the South of Phuket, offer the best diving spots in Thailand. These two places are also among the best places diving spots in the whole world. Diving from here is a lifetime experience and one even gets the opportunity to swim through soft coral rocks while passing through a glowing illuminated school of fish. To get a glimpse of rare marine animals like Manta Rays and White Sharks is also a common sighting at this place.

41 - Caving in Pang Mapha District of the Mae Hong Son Province

This place has a collection of ancient caves and the never-ending maze of endless caverns, in these caves, one can enjoy everything ever read in fantasy novels. These caves are filled with amazing underground wildlife and topography, there are tours organized and accompanied by local guides who are experts in the history and geology of this place.  There are many things to be explored here like the geologic labyrinths, vertical caves, and collapsed caves.

42 - Diving and Snorkelling at HinBida

This place is famous among people who like deep-sea diving and snorkeling, the water present here can be as deep as 13 meters and visibility is of three meters. One can see the beauty of the ocean in the form of gorgeous coral, snapper, cuttlefish, zebra sharks, boxfish, pufferfish, and even whale sharks.

43 - Deep Sea Diving at Sail Rock

This is an island in Koh Lanta that is filled with cheap hotels and beautiful beaches and is a destination of choice among diving enthusiasts from all over the world. This place offers some of the cheapest diving options available, unlike other diving destinations. This is a place for experienced divers as well as newbies who want to witness amazing underwater sightings. This site holds a very unique population of marine life.

44 - Mountain Biking at M.T Hill

This place is a paradise for people who like to explore the wilderness on mountain bikes, there are a number of tours here, and that offers guided or non-guided adventure programs and may last for few hours or a full day, based on the choice of the rider. Apart from day tours, many companies also conduct night biking tours of the wilderness.

45 - Kiteboarding at Pranburi

People who like to take their adrenaline rush a little slow can enjoy a fun adventure activity here, kiteboarding. This place has very pleasant weather, and the waves here are friendly and this place acts as an ideal place to sit and relax.

46 - Wat Arun in Bangkok Temple of Dawn

This place is also known as Wat Chaeng and is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. This temple is stunningly picturesque, with a beautiful riverside location that creates soothing sceneries of sunset and sunrise that are absolutely breathtaking.

47 - Windmill Hill at Promthep Cape

This place offers breathtaking views over the Andaman Sea; this place is a favorite spot for photographers to capture the encompassing views available from the top of this hill. This place offers stunningly beautiful views of sunset and sunrise; this place is famous among people who come here with picnic spreads as this place offers beautiful sceneries and lush greenery to its visitors.

48 - KohRok

This island is among the many beautiful islands surrounding the Koh Lanta archipelago, visitors come here on speedboats to get the beautiful view of sand and sand here. This place has calm waters which make it perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

49 - Railay East and West

This place is most cherished among visitors who want to enjoy the natural beauty, it is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere along with white sandy beaches. It is among those places which compel people to wake up early and stay up on the beach till late at night. The East beach is famous for the amazing views of the sunset while the West beach is for those people who like to enjoy the sunset and beautiful stars at the night.,

50 - The Mae Tang and Chiang Dao

This place is filled with wilderness and scenic landscapes and acts as a base camp for people who come here to explore the mountainous routes of Chiang Mai. For culture lovers, this place is a paradise as it is home to a thriving population of hill tribe villages. It takes an expert to climb The Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand and is a challenging trek.

51. Hill Tribe Treks

This place is famous among people who like to document the life of hill tribe villages of Thailand, there are a number of guides and professional hiking companies which offer special hiking activities in these villages. People from many tribes like Karen, Akha, Lahu, and Padaung tribes can be met here while trekking.

52 - Waterfall treks in Umphang

This place is famous for trekking along with lovely landscapes and natural wonders spread across the trail. The Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary trek here is the most famous and loved by tourists, this trek encompasses many waterfalls and the famous 200m-high Tee Lor Su Waterfall (Nam TokThilawsu). This place is gushing with waterfalls all over the year and the sheer greenery is enough to leave anybody in awe.

53 - Mae Sariang

This place is a paradise with natural beauty present at every corner; this beautiful location is by the quaint riverside and surrounded by forested hills and valleys filled with paddy. This place is famous among photographers who come here in search of dramatic skies and birds chirping all around. It is located near to Burmese border and the treks organized by local companies take us through many hidden wonders along the border side of Myanmar.

54 - Phu Lang Ka

This place is located in a valley, just around the corner of a mountain to be very exact. People come here to enjoy breathtaking views of the valley that this place offers, this place is also known as Thailand's valley of flowers and has many trek trails in its sack where tourists can go for hiking trails as well as multi-day trekking locations. In the way, you will encounter many waterfalls, hidden temples, and limestone karsts, and this is the reason why this place is loved among photographers as they get a chance to capture the serenity this place offers and the variety of colorful birds, amazing valley and variety of flowers.

55 - KhaoSok National Park

This place is filled with limestone cliffs towers that are spread all over the man-made CheowLarn Lake of KhaoSok National Park. This sanctuary is spread over a vast region and is a favorite spot for wildlife lovers and photographers, and this place offers trekking through the jungle by which people can come across the unique animal population with reptiles, Tapir, Malayan sun bears, clouded leopards, pangolin, vampire bats and gibbons and, insects at its disposal. This place also holds a variety of plants and flowers, extremely rare fauna species found here is BhuaPhut, which is parasitic in nature and takes almost nine months to grow its only flower that reaches up to 80 cm in diameter.

56 - KoTarutao

This place is among one of the islands that belong to the Tarutao National Marine Park archipelago in southern Thailand and is well popular among adventurists, wildlife enthusiasts, and even causal tourists. This place offers cheap stays and a relaxing vibe of this place makes this place a perfect place to spend some time. Limestone cliffs are common things to be found here in the rugged mountains and jungle. Sighting of exotic animals along the trek trail is common and the beach is highly famous for the sighting of large turtles.

57 - KhaoYai National Park

This is the oldest rainforest of Thailand is situated over 4 hours drive from Bangkok and offers well guided and crafted wildlife tour. This place offers unique avifauna and fauna at its best and a chance to get a glimpse of wild elephants, tigers, bears, porcupines, gibbons, snakes, and parrots. Ghost like bat caves is famous among people who want to enjoy a good sunset view, millions of bat fly into the dusk as the sun goes down. The other trail will lead to the spot where a scene from the famous movie 'The Beach' was filmed here by Leonardo Dicaprio.

58 - Phang Nga Bay National Park

This place is famous among people who want to encounter underwater coral and consists of many tiny tropical islands. The limestone formation found here is home to many Bengal monitors, flying lizards, water snakes, and different types of vipers, this place is also home to more over than 200 species of birds. This place is famous among couples too and this place is less visited by tourists.

59 - KuiBuri and Khao Sam Buri National Parks

This place is a dream destination for every wildlife photographer and is located in the Tenasserim Hills in the Prachuap Khiri Khan province. This place is famous for elephant and gaur sighting and is an ideal place for wildlife researchers, enthusiasts, and photographers that come from different parts of the world. These people often stay here for days studying the behavioral patterns of the animals here.

60 - Doi Inthanon National Park

This place is located over the highest mountain of Thailand that rises 2,535 meters above sea level and is regarded as the most diverse forest in the world.

61 - Ao Nang

This place is a beautiful beach town that is a hotspot among backpackers because of the availability of cheap stays and food at reasonable prices.

62 - KohKradan

This place is located on the south of the popular destination Koh Lanta and is famous for the many limestone pillars rising from the sea that offers gorgeous views during the sunset.

63 - Koh Kood

This is the fourth biggest island of Thailand but is not frequented by tourists or locals and offers ambiance along with mangroves.

64 - Mae Nam

This is a beach destination especially famous among couples who want to spend their time without loud music and bustling traffic located in the KohSamui province.

65 - Dongtan Beach

This place is located in Pattaya and is among the most popular gay-friendly beach destination in the country.

66 - Karon Beach

This place is located in Phuket as is a famous destination among luxury-seeking tourists, as this place is filled with luxurious resorts and pubs.

67. Ayutthaya

This place has UNESCO World Heritage Monuments, which display the ruins of one of the largest ancient cities in the world.

68 - Similan Islands

This place is a group of nine islands and is an excellent example of geological brilliance, as they are formed out of hot magma.

69 - Phanom Rung Historical Park

This place is located in the Isaan region of Thailand, amidst the rim of a volcano that is of course dormant. The temples of Phanom Rung and the magnificent Khmer temples are famous here for the amazing designs and carvings on the wall and ceiling.

70 - DamnoenSaduak Floating Market, Ratchaburi Province

This place offers the tourist to witness the local lifestyle of Thailand and has a rather hustling and bustling atmosphere. This market runs from 7 am to 9 am and one can find delicious food, handmade ornaments, and traditional clothes.

71 - Red Lotus Sea, UdonThani

This place is located in North-East Thailand and offers the tranquility of tropical flowers garden and the beautiful view of the lake. This place is locally known as Talay Bua Daeng.

72 - Loei

This place is located in the region of North-East Thailand and is known for its annual ghost festival, and is filled with the tribal populace. They have many stilt houses and the early morning fresh market is famous here.

73 - KhonKaen

This place offers a plethora of light and pagodas, and PhraMahathatKaenNakhon Temple is the specialty of this place because of its gold-covered exteriors.

74 - Chiang Khan

This place is located in the Loei Province of Thailand and offers a very chilled-out and relaxed vibe to visitors.

75 - Ang Thong National Marine Park

It is located in the Gulf of Thailand, between KohSamui and the mainland, and takes close to gorgeous islands of the country. This place offers a variety of marine life to be encountered and has a water habitat of about 90 square miles.

76 - Wat Sothorn, Chachoengsao

This is in the beautiful province of Chachoengsao that houses some of the oldest temples of Thailand, Wat Sothorn is a temple located very next to the river in which the main idol of Buddha was discovered.

77 - Koh Samet

This place is located in Eastern Thailand and is only at a distance of 2000 km from Bangkok. It has 16 beaches that are more secluded as compared to other beaches and offers amazing resorts with privacy and peace for its visitors.

78 - Wat Pho Sila

This place locally known as Pho SilaTempla is located in Ban Pueai Hua Dong, TambonPueai. This temple is often visited by people who have an interest in history and culture, this place has antique, big white sandstone Sema leaves from the Dvaravati period.

79 - Bat Temple

This place is also known as Wat Chantharam, and the temple is filled with trees where bats rest in the afternoon. The best time to visit this place is in the evening when they fly off, and has a serene and nice atmosphere.

80 - Wat SamanRattanaram

This is a beautiful temple located in the province of Chachoengsao that has one of the largest statues of Hindu God Ganesha in its resting position. The wall exteriors of this statue have beautiful paintings of Lord Ganesha sitting in different postures.

81 - Doi Pui

It is a Thai village and beautifully exhibits traditional hill tribe homes, the homestays here fills a person with an authentic taste of the local life. Tourists can dress up in ethnic Thai costumes to get their photos clicked.

82 - Phu Chi Fah

This place by name means 'mountain pointing to the sky' and is almost 4 hours away from Chiang Rai and is a perfect place to witness sunset or sunrise from the mountain top and also offers views of Mekong River and the border of Laos.

83 - Chanthaboon Old Town

This place is a traditional old town of Thailand and has homes that are influenced by the French style of architecture.  It offers people to witness the untouched lifestyle of people of Thailand that live in an area filled with dazzling temples and churches.

84 - Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

This is a fascinating Historical Park filled with ancient temples and ruins and is also listed in the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The most notable and famous temples of this region are Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Phra That, and Wat Singh.

85 - Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum, Kanchanaburi

This museum withholds gruesome records of the atrocities done on several prisoners of Allied Forces by the Japanese Army to make build a railway line till Burma. The railway line is known as Death Railway and one can still have a ride on the train that passes through sugarcane fields and rice terraces.

86 - Phu Wiang National Park and the Dinosaur Museum

This place holds the prehistoric record of dinosaurs that could have inhabited this place decades ago, this place has many excavation sites where the remains of these mighty beings can be found.

87 - Klong Thom Hot Springs

These hot springs are located in Karabi province, surrounded by tranquil jungles. These springs are created over the remains of ancient volcanoes.

88 - Tup Island

This place is also known as Koh Tap and is not frequented by many tourists, and this place can be visited via long-tail boats from Ao Nang. In low tide season, a sandbar nearby emerges that provides connectivity to this island.

89 - Lamphun

It is a small province in Thailand that is well known for the historical remains and temples that are spread all around the city. If one wants to explore rural and authentic Thailand then this place should be visited and this place also offers quaint vibes.

90 - Riverfront temples in Mukdahan

This place is located alongside the Mukdahan's riverfront, there are four small but really amazing temples facing the Mekong River. These temples contain Buddha images, chedis, and shrines and consist of Wat Si Mongkhon Tai that was constructed in the year 1700.

91 - Nong Kho, Pattaya

This place offers Sky Diving for adventure enthusiasts who can enjoy the activity and is considered to be the safest place to sky dive in the world. In order to attain a free-fall experience of 20 minutes, you will be taken to the height of 21,500 feet.

92 - Pattani 

This region was influenced by the Malay Kings who introduced Islam in this region unlike the rest of Thailand. This place is filled with beautiful mosques and shrines and is considered a must-visit place for people who are history lovers.

93 - Yarang ancient town

This ancient port town is popular for its glorious history and had a long trading history with neighboring countries of India, Malay, and Burma. Ban Wat, Ban Chalae, and Ban PrawaeBan are the three sites across which the ancient ruin of this city is distributed.

94 - James Bond Island

This island is named after the famous movie series James Bond after this place served as a shoot location for one of the movies, ' The man with the Golden gun'. This is largely known for its ironically tall vertical rock formation standing upright in the middle of the bay of Koh Khao Ping Kan.

95 - Siam Park City

This place is an hour's drive away from Bangkok, located in the wilds of Kannayao, and serves as a marvelous amusement park. It has more than 40 rides that are designed for all age groups whether it be children or adults and has something or another for everybody in its store. This place has some awesome rides for people like adrenaline rush through their veins like five loop Vortex and Boomerang roller coaster.

96 - KhaoWang 

This place is an ancient place that now serves as a home for Buddhist Monks who stay and pray here. It was built by King Rama V for the purpose of welcoming Portuguese envoys and later was converted into a monastery in 1952. this place is known for its beautiful decor and architecture.

97 - KhaoNgoo Limestone Caves

This place has a Buddha statue covered in gold that is created recently as welcomes people who come here to enjoy the beauty of KhaoNgoo caves. this place has a huge population of monkeys that offer a lot of antics as entertainment for the people around. A stunning view of the city can be enjoyed after climbing over a flight of 446 steps to get to the top.

98 - Ban Kon Ao

This place is located in the province of Ray long that offers people to come in close with the authentic Thai lifestyle. This place especially attracts a lot of photographers, writers, and culture seekers as this place is a real paradise for people who want to enjoy life in quaint and serene surroundings.

99 - PhalanchaiPark

This place is located in Roi Et township and is considered to be an important part of Thai Heritage. This place has an island in the middle of the lake, covering over an area of 200,000 square meters.

100 - Nakhon Ratchasima

this place is rich in natural beauty and is less visited by people and is basically known for its practices of Argo tourism and the followers of Khmer culture.


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