10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Shopping Trip

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Shopping Trip

A major part of our income goes into fulfilling grocery needs. It frequently shakes the household budget but we have to buy them anyhow. Moreover, we cannot think of curtailing our expenses by compromising the quality of the product considering the health factor.

Hence, finding the solution to this problem is important so that you manage to cut down your expenses without sacrificing your health.

10 Easy Ways To Save Money On Shopping

Here are 10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Shopping Trip - 

1) Create a budget (weekly and monthly)

If you really want to cut down your monthly expenses you should have a well-planned budget. Plan the amount you will spend on groceries on a weekly and monthly basis. Once you have reached that amount try not to buy anything else until it's necessary.

To keep up with your monthly goals you can make a weekly budget. Try not to exceed the weekly budget and the monthly goal will obey. Also, make sure to make a feasible budget. Have a rough idea of the prices and don’t squeeze your budget too much otherwise you will inevitably cross the budget line.

While physically shopping takes only a little more money than your planned budget to pay for your cab charge or an unforeseen event. This way won’t have the means to cross your budget.

2) Shopping list is a must

Lists can be boring and confining but they keep you in check. List down the products you need and take the list with you when you go shopping. Only buy the products that have been written. This will protect you from doing these two things-

  • Standing in the shop, confused about what to buy. Generally, our mind goes blank seeing an ocean of products and we can’t recall what we actually need, ending up buying a crockery set which we might regret at home. A list will come to save you here.
  • Purchasing useless products. Every other product in the store online or offline to calls you to buy them. Since you will be having a list you won’t buy unnecessary items and remain within your budget line.

3) Limit your shopping trips

If you won’t go shopping how will you overspend. Makes sense!?

The idea behind this point is that every time we go to buy a product at any store we pick one or two items just because we felt like having it. If we can somehow avoid doing this we can save a ton of money. An ideal frequency to go shopping would be once or utmost twice. Even if you purchase a few extras once a week, it won’t hurt much. The more you avoid going on unnecessary shopping trips the more you can save.

4) Meal plan and organization

It’s always better to plan. You can create a menu for what you are going to make for a week and purchase the things that you might need at once when you go shopping. Keep these points in mind for grocery organization and making a meal plan.

  • Use those products first that are perishable and might go to waste.
  • Make your meal plans which incorporate the items you already have in your kitchen to save money.
  • Use leftovers.
  • Store the items with utmost care so that they don’t catch moisture or perish.
  • Keep your kitchen organized why cleaning the shelves and keeping all the jars in place so that you can find what you purchased and not buy it again.

5) Find offer, sale, and discount coupons

Never let go of a sale as a good shopper. Though not all sales but some do help us save a lot of money. When you are shopping physically, go to stores that provide offers and be updated about when there will be a sale that will go live.

When shopping online, look for discount coupons. There are many stores that provide such coupons and even apps and sites that do so. They might give you a promo code or send the coupon in your email box. Use them when shopping. You can claim several discounts and coupons here at the vouchers portal.

But don’t lose track of your budget.

6) Enjoy Cashback

Cashbacks are so fun and satisfying. Though you generally get cashback when you pay digitally. Have your bank account linked to online payment services like google pay so that you can pay digitally and receive cashback. You might also have seen cashback QR codes printed on various products. Never forget to claim them.

7) Don’t shop for the long term future

Maintaining a stock of items never works especially in the case of groceries. They can be perishable. They can expire before you get to use them and your money will get wasted. It is applicable for products other than groceries. Products might go out of trend or you might not like it then. Moreover, your money will get blocked in items and you cannot use them in time of emergency. In short, don’t shop for the long-term future.

8) Window shop

Add the products you wish to purchase to the shopping cart, when you are window shopping you should always. It is even better to window shop, especially to add products to your cart. The main reason to do this is that most of the shopping apps and sites send you reminders in the form of push notifications to complete your purchases. They also provide huge discounts and offers so that you can save more money on online shopping. Many a time you also get notifications about the price drops for the products you add to your cart. They might also email you with the promo codes, exclusive deals and discount coupons to use while purchasing from them. This way you get your favorite products at your desired prices.

9) Use Tools

If you find it difficult to organize your money, there are various apps that help you do the same. You can easily find them in google play store or apple store. There are different apps for different purposes such as budgeting, making lists. They will give an alert when you cross your budget line or give you ideas. This will help you on various levels such as staying organized and maximizing your savings.

10) Treasure your savings

If you see savings from your single shopping trip, it won’t be much of course and it might get lost in some corner of your purse. But if you keep accumulating your savings, soon you will realize all those efforts you made have paid. If you calculate the money you saved through cashback, discount coupons, by going only once for shopping and not buying anything extra, you will see you have saved enough to make a good purchase. Hence, you might want to keep a separate purse for your savings or just accounting it in your notepad.

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This is how and where you can save the most of your shopping trips. The efforts you will make for shopping will always pay and help you cut down your expenses. Since you know the 10 ways to save more and a little more you are good to go now for your most productive shopping trip. If you trying to buy a new Google Chromecast then just go through this ultimate guide to Google Chromecast and you'll get it at more affordable prices.

Happy Shopping!


By: Vouchers Portal TH