ZALORA 10.10 SALE: Coupons, Promo and Discount code

ZALORA 10.10 SALE: Coupons, Promo and Discount code

Shop, till you drop! It will be unfair to stop our heart from getting, what it wants.  It runs in the soul just like the blood runs in our veins and capillaries, and not to forget, they are the vital one and so is shopping. Shopping is meant to relieve our worries, but the constant stress of money has always come in between. Zalora 10.10 sale is your dream come true. A dream place to get not only your favourite brand but at a much cheaper rate.

If fashion is your need, then Zalora is your godmother. You don't have to spend a fortune to step out in style. It is on a mission to get the most mouthwatering deals that have ever existed, online. Your wardrobe doesn't have to look as if you are on a budget. They offer great deals on eye-catching clothes, shoes, and accessories, from local and international brands, along with mind-blowing customer service to make your shopping smooth. Now you can afford everything that your heart sticks to.

We have been taught that you must be rich to be trendy and to break this socially constructed stigma, this 10.10 shopping festival is here to get you everything, without stressing about your money, and all this, without compromising the quality. In this fast-paced world, it gets tough to cope up with the latest trend due to many reasons and the most common one is, updated with the latest technology is costly. If you love shopping but you don’t want to create a void in your pocket, then you’ve come to the right place. The pain of not being updated becomes tougher when you live in Singapore.

How To Enjoy Online Shopping in Singapore

Who doesn't love shopping? There is no reason to not love it. For some, it's the therapy they need, while for others, it's an addiction, for some, it's a hobby while others, simply consider it therapeutic. All of this is enough to know that people crave shopping.

Shopping has become a necessity lately and not a luxury. So, to make this necessity, affordable to every soul who is craving to taste and smell the essence of shopping, the 9.9 sale in Singapore is your ultimate destination.


Singapore’s fashion industry has emerged globally in these past few years and is continuing to thrive at its hardest.

Here are some of the Top 10 Singapore fashion brands that you need to know:

  • Esse The Label
  • Rye
  • Pinksalt Swim
  • Ametsubi
  • Wai Yang
  • Lisa Von Tang
  • Ong Shunmugam
  • Aijek
  • Baelf
  • Beyond the Vines

And a lot more!!

Do check out Top 10 Singapore Fashion brands: Which one is your favourite? to get some more insights.


When it comes to fashion, there is no doubt, that people are crazy over world-famous labels which include, Gucci, Versace, and Prada. No wonder, luxury fashion brands are loved by so many people.

But what is catching so many eyes are the summer fashion trends, especially Asian’s.

Some of the Asian summer fashion trends are all over people's heads.

  • Item - Baby tee
  • Item - Bustier top
  • Item - Shrug
  • Item - Wide-Leg Pants
  • Colour - Bright Pastels
  • Fabric - Close-Knit
  • Detail – Piping
  • Accessory - Brimless Hat
  • Accessory - Baguette Bag
  • Accessory – Chained Cuff Earrings

This summer, make sure to go all-in for trends, and why not? You might want to check out “Asian Summer Fashion Trends 2021 Singapore” to get some more insights.

Great Singapore Sale or GSS

Singapore's longest-running annual sale, The Great Singapore Sale 2021 is more than just a sale.

GSS is an ultimate retail experience to get the locals and the tourists, a slice of Singapore. It includes shopping, dining, playing, exploring, and living it all up!! Usually runs for 6 weeks, it is an event where, shopaholics from all over the world, buy high-quality brands.

Whether you are looking for clothing, bags, jewellery, shoes, homewares, and whatnot, you will find your every need at GSS. So, now you experience Ultimate Singapore.

Zalora Singapore 10.10 Sale

With so many latest trends, from skirts to dresses, sneakers to heels, sportswear, accessories and so much more.

Now, you can style your journey by owning everything from basics to off-duty essentials on Zalora Singapore. Dominating the fashion runway, with the collection of all the wildest selection of fashionable clothing and everything, in one go. It has become the only definition of Singapore's online shopping.

Now there is no excuse to enjoy dressing up, as they offer Zalora Promo codes or vouchers now and then, to give you some extra discount on all your preferred brands and styles.

With a fashion-oriented and fast-forward collection, every outfit is going to rock.

The cheaper, the better. Right? YES, and imagine, buying everything on your wish list, with a price much cheaper than usual, without compromising the quality, of course. Sounds exciting? Well, you get this golden chance too. Use the Zalora Discount code to get yourself on the products of your choice and the price of your dream.

Zalora Singapore Return Policy

Do you sweat about Zalora how do return; in case you find your order is not right for you? Then don’t worry anymore as it offers free and easy returns after the delivery of your products.

Zalora return policy makes it easier for you. You can choose one of these return options for you:

  • Exchange: To get a different colour or size
  • Replacement: wrong or defective item
  • Refund: To your original payment mode (or wallet credit)

Along with the best prices and the most affordable fashion, it all adds up to the pleasure of shopping, and minus the hassle or worries that sometimes come together.

To avail of some great deals, check out their site to get the Zalora voucher code.

In this growing era, there is nothing like Self-love. Self-love is one of the main character traits that set you apart. Getting ourselves what we want, is the greatest form of self-love. Shopping with Zalora Singapore makes you feel the same by providing original products at a much cheaper rate.

Zalora Shipping Policies

"All is well that ends well". Even though you get things at a cheaper rate and in good quality, if there are extra charges at the shipping, it makes our heart sad. The cherry on the cake part is, there is Zalora free shipping, to make you cross the hurdle of shipping cost.

They keep their shipping fees minimum, so everybody can get a bang on every buck.

Either free or discounted shipping fee is available based on the item that you would purchase. To keep the shipping fees, fair and correct to all the users, these things should be taken into consideration while checking out:

  • Shipping address
  • Address of the seller
  • Your package’s weight
  • Type of delivery you prefer: Standard or Express delivery

Isn’t it a bonus? Hands down, IT IS!!

Now, you can treat yourself and your heart, with the wardrobe that is going to turn the heads when you step into any room. To boost your confidence, there is a wide range of products for you to choose from, as per your choice.

Has shopping ever been this good and simplified? Never but not anymore. Shop your wish list pals!

Zalora Vouchers and Coupon code

What makes shopping more exciting than usual?

When we don’t have to look at the price tag or worry about our pocket, getting everything, we eye upon and later, put our hands onto. Shopping is meant to relieve our stress, but the constant stress of money comes between us and our eternal shine of happiness. Now you can use the Zalora coupon code to grant the wish.

The time is very transient. And when it comes to the latest products, time flows like a speck in the ladder.

So, get your wallets full and shopping zest ready, to grab an amazing opportunity to put your hands on every product that you aspire to own and that too at such a great price.

There are Zalora new users benefits which make the new bee get products cheaper and make them happy too.

While acquiring new customers is important, it is more important to connect with them to protect the customers and sellers from a potential scam that happens through other external communication sources like SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

Zalora Singapore Helpline

Zalora helpline offers the customer to interact actively through Chat during their purchase journey, to make them feel secure. In case the customer faces any problem, they can contact us online.

There’s an option as “Chat with Lazada” who is present 24 hours to assist you with your troubles. Live chat operates between 9 am – 8 pm (Monday – Friday)

Apart from that, you can mail them from Monday – Friday between 9 am to 6 pm to get your problems solved.

Zalora DBS Offer

Now you can maximize your shopping with the Zalora DBS Promo code to get a discount. All you need is, subscribe to their store with your official email address. By doing this, you can grab an exclusive 10% off using their voucher code.

To check out more, visit their official site and grab some amazing discount offers.

By keeping the customer's preference is the top priority, the work ethic is what they value. Moreover, If not them, then who? Makes sense! Have a happy and affordable shopping with Zalora. You can use the Zalora Singapore promo code, available on their site to grab some exciting discounts.

Zalora Express delivery

Zalora Express delivery is provided by them to get your order faster like ever before with a nominal fee. You can get the product between 9 am -10 pm and if you have placed it, before 8 pm, then you can get it on the next working day. The best part? It is also available in Cash on Delivery.

You can even change your shipping address, even after placing your express delivery order by contacting them via chat, a day before the expected date of your delivery.

To get you everything on which you keep your hands on, or your eyes stuck, Zalora is your ultimate destination. Check out their app or website. Let go yourself and shop till you drop!


By: Vouchers Portal SG