The Best Christmas and New Year Deals In Singapore

The Best Christmas and New Year Deals In Singapore

Brace yourself as the holiday season is here. With upcoming festivals of delight, Christmas and New Year get ready for lots and lots of gifts, happiness, and blessings. The festival not only brings you a lot of mirth but also provides you with precious gifts which you get from your loved ones. You also make their festival memorable in return by giving them gifts from your side and find the joy of giving along with it.

If you are wondering how and where to get these gifts from, then you need not worry as Vouchers Portal Singapore has got you covered. We have specially assorted a list of the best online store which provides Christmas and New Year Sale offers on hundreds of categories to shop from. We here, are on a mission of providing you with the best deals, offers, discount codes, promo codes, exclusive access to sales so that you can get memorable gifts for everyone precious to you and you can save more along with that.

The season which lies from Christmas to New Year consists of different sale events so don’t worry about missing anything and fasten your seatbelts as we take are taking you on step by step tour of the sale events which lie during the season and the best shops with great offers which they provide during the festive period.

 Festivals are of great value to different religions across the world. These are important occasions that mark important events from the history of different religions. People celebrate these festivals according to their traditional values and have varying types of festivities. People who are away from their houses travel home to celebrate these festivals along with their families and friends.

Types Of Sales That Run During The Festive Season

Some of the sale events during which you can the best brands deals are:

1. Christmas Sale

Chrismas sale

The Christmas sale pretty much starts from the arrival of December in a different number of online and offline stores, you can pretty much see a section of Christmas-related gifts, Christmas trees, Christmas-themed clothing, merchandise, and much more. You can get tons of offers in every store during this sale as this occurs especially to make your Christmas shopping experience fulfilling.

During the mid of the month, just before the arrival of Christmas, the deals get even hotter, prices get slashed to half or more on products, some of the websites also offer free shipping along with it and that is the time when you can get the maximum saving on most of the categories. Especially, if you check the Vouchers Portal offers page and subscribe to the newsletter, through which we will keep you updated about all the offers, discounts, promo codes, and much more.

2. Boxing Day

Boxing Day sale

Missed the Christmas sale? Worry not, as the Boxing Day sale just on the day next to Christmas. The Boxing Day was traditionally celebrated as an off for workers and employees and they received a “Christmas box” filled with gifts for themselves and their families.

Although now it is just another opportunity for you to get great offers and deals on different products. The boxing day is observed as the highest traffic day on the internet as online stores take advantage of the excitement spread through the Christmas gifting so they continue with the sale and the people also get back on the shopping spree.

3. Kwanza Sale

Kwanza Sale

Kwanza festival is celebrated by many of the African origin and community, from 26th December to the 1st of January. Shops offer Kwanza-themed products such as bright-colored clothing, mugs, candles, decorations, and much more, also many shops offer some gifting products with budget offers during the Kwanza sale.

4. New Year Sale

Happy new year 2021

The New Year sale brings back to you a fresh variety of offers and discounts, with brand new products and deals to give you a fresh start with the new year. Make good resolutions and purchases of great products with great offers and deals.

You can get a variety of superb offers such as buy one get one free on thousands on products in various stores, discount and cashback codes, of different products related to health, personal development, organization, and money management.

Shops That Are Offering Best Deals, Offer, Promo Code, Discounts & More

  • Lazada

Shop from a range of Christmas products, such as Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, New year calendars, and other products during the festive season. Enjoy different festive season offers and special discounts exclusively in Lazada.

You can get offers on a great range of categories on Lazada store such as electronic devices, accessories, TV and home appliances, health and beauty, babies and toys, groceries, pet supplies, home improvement and lifestyle, women and men fashion apparel, accessories, sports, biking gear, parts, accessories, and equipment. Get the best Lazada promo codeLazada Coupon Code, Lazada Discount Code, and Lazada Voucher code from Vouchers Portal Singapore Lazada offers section and make your festive experience worthwhile.

  • Charles And Keith

Get up to 50% off on women’s footwear and accessories on the Charles and Keith store. Shop for luxury and trendy items such as bags, footwear, sunglasses, wallets and more from the Charles and Keith store and get effective discounts to save more on gifts during the Christmas festival season.

You can get check out the Vouchers Portal Singapore website to get the best Charles and Keith offers, Charles and Keith discount code, Charles and Keith coupon code, Charles and Keith voucher and more to save a great deal of money with your purchase.

  • Brand's

Brand's is an online store that deals in a variety of wellness products and health supplements that helps in maintaining a sound mind and body. It avails products that are beneficial to keep the immunity system working at its best as the body’s immune system is what makes us safe from foreign bacteria and viruses attacks that is an ongoing process. In our daily diet, we miss a lot of essential minerals and antibiotics that help the body to maintain good form, so we need to intake supplements to maintain the balance of enzymes that are important in maintaining a healthy immune system.

As we all know that "Health is wealth" is an old saying and an important one, in the olden days when automation was not at its peak and every activity required physical labor t perform, maintaining physical well-being was not a tough job. But in the present generation when day by day, more and more automation is applied in the industry and workplaces the physical labor intensity has decreased a lot and so has reduced the physical labor of most of the individual. Due to a decrease in physical labor and increase in sitting time, our body becomes more prone to illness and we fall ill easily.

  • AliExpress

AliExpress is an online retail service based in China owned by Alibaba Group, which was launched in 2010. It is made up of small businesses in China and Other location, such as Singapore, America, Russia, Brazil, and many other convenient locations. Sellers on AliExpress can be either companies or any individual small seller.
You can get products with numerous different varieties and from all the worldwide reputed brands. It is a one-stop online destination with services like fast delivery, best customer assistance, great prices with offers and discounts, easy payment options, ease of access, and hassle-free returns.

  • Eamart

Prices slashed to half! Get up to 53% discount on the Eamart store, shop for products like groceries, home essentials, Christmas lighting and decoration, Electronics, appliances, babies and kids, apparel, garden tools and accessories, office essentials at much more.

Get the best deals, Eamart discount code, Eamart voucher code and many other offers by checking out the Vouchers Portal Singapore Eamart offers page.

  • Zalora

Shop fashion apparel for men, women, and kids from internationally popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Aldo, Levi’s, Mango, Dorothy Perkins, Sprit, CK, and many more. You can get the best discounts on fashion products, accessories, beauty products during this season only on Zalora.

Zalora is offering great deals, discounts and cashback during the festive period and you can get all the trendy and modern style with great designs. Flaunt your colours by purchasing apparel from Zalora and save more through us by checking our Zalora store page where you can get Zalora offers, Zalora Promo Code, Zalora Discounts and more.

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We have answered some of the basic queries of customers as FAQ's below:

1. Till when shall I expect my refund from Brand's?

As soon as the customer completes the online return procedure, the company will make a refund on the respective method used at the time of purchasing the item or on the medium mentioned by the customer. Customers should expect a time of 2 weeks for the refund to be reflected on their particular bank accounts.

2. What is the return policy and how to return any product from Zalora?

It allows you to return any product after 30 days of the purchase. In order to initiate the return, you need to request the return on the mobile app or the website from my account section. Your product will be picked up between 7-10 days anywhere in Singapore.

3. Is there any charge for changing the date and time delivery for the purchased item from Eamart?

Customers can make changes on the delivery date and time without any additional charges if the same has to be informed to the team if the order has yet not been processed and if the change is informed before 8 hours of the attempt to make the delivery of the purchase. The team can be contacted between Mondays to Saturdays from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. If the lateral conditions are not fulfilled then the customers would have to pay an additional fee of $10 for the failed delivery attempt.


By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal SG