Chinese New Year Celebration in Singapore: Exclusive Promo Codes & Deals

Chinese New Year Celebration in Singapore: Exclusive Promo Codes & Deals

The Chinese new year is near and is a major festival in Singapore every corner is decorated with red lights and Chinese lamps. The country is filled with excitement and vibes of the lively traditional festival.

This blog will talk about the Chinese new year celebration in Singapore.

What is Chinese new year?

Chinese new year is the festival that celebrates the new lunar cycle and the beginning of the spring season. It’s traditional in Chinese families time to honor their ancestors. The Chinese new year is also called the lunar new year. Chinese new year will fall on 1st February, Tuesday.  

Origin of the Chinese new year

The origin of the Chinese new year goes way back in history, it is said over 3000 years ago a beat Nian shows up on every new year’s eve and used to eat people and livestock. To scare away the beast villagers used red lights and candles and that’s how red color got its significance for Chinese new year. On the main new year’s day, it is the Chinese tradition to avoid tofu as they consider it as unlucky for that day. According to their tradition, they avoid doing any chores on new year’s day, they also avoid using sharp objects and spend all of their time at home as they consider it will bring good fortune for the new year ahead. They enjoy a traditional food weilu and eat it together to give tribute to their ancestors.

The Chinese new year is a 15-day long festival and each day has its different significance. The significance of each day is as follows:

  • Preparation day, it’s for house-cleaning, decluttering, and cooking
  • The most important part of Chinese celebration is the family reunion dinner, and staying up until midnight

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  • A day for visiting relatives and visiting ancestors' graves.
  • Married ladies visit their parents 
  • An ominous day, common to stay at home and rest with family, play games
  • An important day for going to temples and shrines 
  • It’s the day when taboos can be broken.
  • It’s the day to get rid of old, unwanted things. 
  • Believed to be the day people were created. 

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  • The 'Jade Emperor's birthday and setting off firecrackers.
  • The birthday of the 'god stone', similar to the previous day's rituals
  • Fathers are expected to welcome their sons-in-law on this day
  • Preparations for the lantern festival
  • Marks the end of the festival. Lanterns are lit and, people watch dragon dances in the streets.

Chinese New Year traditions

Now here are some Chinese New Year traditions you can follow while celebrating the Chinese new year - 

1. Decorating the house with red-colored decorations

During the Chinese new year, red can be seen as the most important color, they consider red as a color that reduces negativity. Chinese people clean their houses and decorate them with red paper lanterns and new year pictures.

Cleaning the house symbolizes removing all the bad luck from home and giving a fresh start to the year.

2. Bursting fireworks

  • From heavily crowded cities to the calm corners of villages, the bursting of firecrackers is the most enjoyed activity of the Chinese new year.
  • It is considered that the heavy sounds of fireworks can scare the evil beasts and the Chinese community can have a peaceful new year ahead.
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3. Lion Dances and Dragon Dances

If we are talking about Chinese traditions, then there is no way we can skip the most zowie and famous lion dance and dragon dance.

Lion and dragon dance is widely popular in Chinese culture and during the time of the Chinese new year, these dances are the most popular for the amazing performances of Chinese dancers.

4. Gifting Red Envelopes

Chinese people are very famous for their gifting traditions and this can also be seen on their famous occasion Chinese new year. They gift red envelopes which contain money or other gift items and exchange it with each other.

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Chinese New Year Celebration In Singapore

While the Chinese new year is near here are some celebrations you will commonly see in Singapore, this is how Singapore celebrates the Chinese new year.

A grand ceremony can be seen every year during Singapore Chinese new year, the streets are transformed and decorated in Chinese traditional decorations. A playground is set and new year vibes can be seen everywhere. All homes in Singapore are thoroughly spring-cleaned and decorated with and the lanterns hung by the gates

Singapore set a special bazaar for the tourists and locals, the bazaar is lit with celebrative decorations, and thousands of people bustle in the streets of the bazaar every year. vendors are seen selling an assortment of snacks and traditional goodies. Due to covid, the preparation has been affected but Singapore is all ready to celebrate the amazing and lively Chinese new year.

In Singapore, the 70% population being Chinese the Chinese new year is considered a huge festival in the country. Reunion is an important part of the Chinese new year. Family members rush back home or fly from other countries to share this one most important meal of the year with loved ones and people celebrate it with all excitement. 

Where you can spend the Chinese new year in Singapore?

1. Waterloo Street

Waterloo Street is famous for its shrines and temples therefore people prefer to visit the market for shopping and to get all the Chinese new year goodies, along with shopping they offer prayers in the temples. On Chinese new year's eve, thousands of people gather at waterloo street and pray for a good year ahead and everyone wishes a happy Chinese new year to each other.

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2. Dahlia Dreams at Gardens by the Bay

Visit the dahlia gardens and enjoy Chinese new year flower decorations and a fragrant atmosphere. Dahlia gardens have a lot in store for you, from Chinese dragon dance to Chinese pavilion, you can spend your entire day enjoying at dahlia gardens.

3. Wan Qing Festival

The Wan Qing Festival is a common is a yearly festival in Singapore arranged specially for the celebration of the Chinese new year. The festival is filled with exciting games and family activities. The lion dance is a major attraction of the festival. 

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4. Chinatown, Singapore

Chinatown is the most attractive place during the Chinese new year. The place is filled with amazing Chinese new year decorations and lots of entertainment activities too. 

How long CNY is celebrated in Singapore?

The Chinese new year is traditionally celebrated for 15 days, in Singapore too the festival is celebrated for 15 days but the official holiday is for 1 week only.

So if you’re planning to visit Singapore then what can be better than during the Chinese new year. 

What you can eat during the Chinese new year in Singapore?

  1. Hot Pot 火锅 (HuoGuo)

The hot pot served in Singapore is very similar to the version Chinese have therefore it is considered a perfect dish for the Chinese new year.

It’s a big pot of hot broth and people dip fish or vegetables in it. This Chinese new year food is preferred because the entire family eats from a single pot and Chinese new year is associated with a family reunion.

  1. Chinese New Year Rice Cakes 年糕 (Nian Gao)

In Singapore Chinese new year rice cakes are prepared in Singaporean style. They prefer brown sugar and lotus leaves wrapped around the rice cake. it’s the perfect CNY snack and an important dish during the Chinese new year.

  1. Festive Fish Dishes 鱼 (Yu)

No Chinese new year is completed without fish. Yu is the Chinese term for fish and such terms can always be seen during Chinese new year celebrations as the Chinese believe to have a blessing year ahead.

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  1. Longevity Noodles 寿面 (ShouMian)

Noodles are eaten by the Chinese community not only on occasions but during the rest of the year too. They prefer to have noodles in place of rice at dinners and that is why it’s an important part of Chinese new year delicacies in Singapore

  1. Fruit Jellies 果冻 (Guo Dong)

No celebration is completed without having sweets, chocolates, and cakes. During the Chinese new year, various flavors of jellies can be seen in different festive packets. 

Fruit jellies are also used as gift items during the Lunar new year along with Chinese new year greetingsChinese people have different animals indicating different years and for the year 2022, it’s THE YEAR OF TIGER.

The Chinese new year 2022 is the year of the tiger, it will be celebrated on 1st February 2022. According to Chinese tradition, the tiger is considered fearless and brave. The tiger symbolizes power in Chinese culture. In 2021 the festival was celebrated as the Chinese new year ox because the ox was the animal that exhibited the year 2021.

Chinese new year is known by other names, such as lunar new year, as Chinese follow the lunar cycle. It is known as the spring festival too.

Best CNY Destination To Celebrate

If you are planning to do something grand and exciting for this Chinese new year and want to go on a trip with your family, then here are some places where the biggest celebration of Chinese new year takes place:

1. Beijing

Where can the Chinese new year celebration take place better than none other than Beijing? Being the capital of China, Beijing is the most popular and lively place during the Chinese new year. Beijing specially arranges a number of fairs and activities for the Chinese new year.

Dragon dances, art and craft, traditional food, and traditional activities all this is seen in Beijing during the Chinese new year. 

The most famous temple fairs in being are:

  1. Ditan Park Temple Fair
  2. Dongyue Temple Fair

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2. Hong Kong  

The second best place to visit during the Chinese new year is Hong Kong. The city is loaded with Chinese new year decorations and the biggest highlight for the festival is the night parades and fireworks. The spring festival is celebrated with all traditional activities and unique customs.

These were the traditions of the Chinese people on the Chinese new year and how the people of Singapore celebrate one of the most important festivals the Chinese new year.


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