Asian Summer Fashion Trends 2021 Singapore

Asian Summer Fashion Trends 2021 Singapore

TREND ALERT!! 💥   Where are all the girl-bosses at? Here’s some refreshing and trendy news for you. We are all well aware that the past two years have introduced us to situations none of us would have imagined, you name them and we’ll put the tick on. We can’t worry about everything but there’s one thing we can fuss about, and that is our wardrobe. Ladies, if you too are bored of wearing the same blazers or dresses to your Zoom meetings, and are looking for some new additions to amp up your style front, or just trying to enhance your ‘office’ image, we have got you covered.

With a lot of us having to WFH due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the concept of ‘office-wear has undergone a considerable makeover. Pre-pandemic workwear is a lot different from the WFH workwear.  If you are left wondering where to start your fashion dig, the recently launched Spring/Summer collections are just the ideal place for you to begin with. Read below for a list of expert-approved outfits to invest in for Asian summer fashion trends 2021.

What Are The Best summer outfits 2021 

Nights are getting longer, people are going out, and we're feeling like debutantes itching for a big debut. With a few cute summer outfit ideas on deck, you'll be ready to go just about anywhere. We have prepared a list of the 10 best summer outfits ideas for 2021. Find out which is perfect for you!



Comfortable yet chic, the knit dresses have enjoyed a resurgence owing to the easy-to-carry feature they offer. An ironing-free, fuss-less and quick way to dress up for an emergency Zoom meeting, a knit dress can be worn to look like executive wear by adding a sleek leather belt. To have a more formal look try pastel colors like sky blue, ash, faded yellow and dusted pink. If you already have a knit dress, you can add minimal accessories like a layered gold-toned necklace and small hoop earrings to update it in a pinch. Your knit dress can also be casually worn on outings by adding a leather bracelet and chunky heels to complete the look. You can find a fresh arrival of Knit Dresses online at Cotton On and you can also avail of Cotton On Promo Code Singapore for some special discounts on your purchase!


The newest addition is the Cardigan. Asymmetrical, maxi and boxy cardigans are extremely versatile and can be paired with either a tube top, tank top, or a solid tee to get a formal look without working much for it. The apparel can be paired with a pencil skirt or symmetrical trousers to get a sharp edge to your style. A cardigan is the best pick for those rush hour moments when you need an outer piece to enhance the basic tee shirt you have put on coming straight out of the shower. Try experimenting with different textures for that much-needed kick to your simple look. You can pair a cotton tee with a soft maxi cardigan. Coming to the accessory part of your outfit, you can wear a minimal silver-toned long chain with a statement pendant, and small pearl earrings. Try keeping your hair in a neat bun to look meeting-ready. In case you’re planning for a brunch out with your gang, you can put on a tee-shirt dress and a maxi cardigan and top it off with chunky jewelry, a side sling bag, and sneakers to go with it.

Experiment with Red

Red has been deemed as a color that grabs attention and acts as a powerful enhancement to your entire look. It can make your look go from 0 to 10 in just a blink of an eye. According to Libby Page, “Designers embraced an optimistic view for Spring/Summer 21, with styles coming in a sea of bold, bright colors in a multitude of fabrics and textures”. Page highlighted,” Red, in particular, was the standout colors for the season, in modern elegant and eye-catching styles.” Red can be worn as clothes as well as accessories. The standout red-colored is a red silk blouse, a maxi cardigan, or a knit dress. Sleek red-pointed strappy heels can be worn with an all-black outfit. You can also add a red blazer if you’re going out for an office meeting with your colleagues. Red lipstick is a classic which can never be left out if talking about red! It adds just the right amount of boldness and mystery to your overall personality. A red satchel will always be a cherry on top. So there is your cue to get that red dress you’ve been wanting all summer!

The Tie-n-Dye to die for

Tie-dye is a versatile option for this season. The light and airy look it gives aptly matches the summer vibes. When in doubt throw on your best tie-dye piece with layered jewelry and you’re set to roll. Though tie-dyed clothing is a great addition to your wardrobe, you should be careful while choosing workwear. For work-related occasions, you should steer clear from pieces that give out Hawaii-like vibes. If you want to make your tie-dye work-friendly, Page advises having pieces that have “exciting but easy silhouette and shapes”. For example, you can try out a monochromatic long-sleeved tee-shirt for a casual Friday or just to appear more friendly on your Zoom sessions. Coming to a match with a perfect pair of jewelry, you can experiment with bright colored hoops and light makeup.

The all-time Favorite – Little Black Dress

The classic and iconic little black dress has never gone out of fashion. But this season it’s reborn with a little twist. You can have a black dress with floral prints all over it. The intricate and joyful designs appear less somber, but they carry an air of ease with them. The hassle of having to match an accessory with your black dress will be reduced to the bare minimum as the presence of the print leaves very little margin for any accessory to shine out. If you still want to carry a piece of jewelry with it you can go for small silver studs and a dainty bracelet. Since WFH office wear doesn’t require any work-appropriate footwear I’ll leave that part out, but if you’re wearing such a dress for any other occasion you can wear a black dress with open-toed flats or kitten-heeled sandals.

Cardigans again- this time they’re Cropped

Cardigans=comfort, we’ve said it earlier, we’ll say it forever! Cardigans as, hands down, the best clothes ever invented. This time if you are not in the mood for the traditional waist-length or maxi cardigans, you can go for a shorter length. Cropped new look cardigans make it to the list because the pandemic certainly brought forth a renaissance of the cardigan this year. Rather than going for the chunky knits, you can opt for fine knits to appear more professional and neat. You can wear it as a fully buttoned top or over a camisole in the same color if you have to attend an online meeting. Pair it up with whatever you like but A-lined trousers or high-waist jeans are the perfect pair. If stepping out to run some errands, sneakers would be the best fit for summer trends 2021. Shop for stylish and designer cardigans online and get an exclusive discount of up to 90% and additional savings with the ZALORA SG Promo Code.

Wide-legged Bottoms

To keep up the comfortable and cocooning trend, wide-legged loungey pants are in this summer. These extra comfy bottoms have successfully replaced tailored office trousers and pencil skirts. These pants can be paired with a tube and a chic formal blazer to attend an office video conference or can be worn with a simple striped tee if you’re stepping out. Black leather military boots add to a rich look and a small waist pouch can be carried around the waist to a more detailed look. You can also top up your look by putting on a pair of cat-eye shades when going out. Keep your hair in a sleek ponytail and complete the look with pink glossy lips.

Padded-shoulder Muscle Tees

Join the Instagram cult with the padded-shoulder muscle tee shirts. These were introduced in the year 2019 and are still in the vouge. These tee shirts can be paired with a variety of bottoms like a classic white tee-shirt can be worn with distressed blue shorts when you’re planning out a fun picnic with your gang. To make these tees work-appropriate wear them over a flared hem or wide-legged trouser and a sleek black belt. Wear your hair down if its not too long, to get that girl-boss look you’ve been aiming for! Put on a chunky gold chain with a casual outfit for an off-duty model look. If you’re wanting to wear this piece for a formal look, a thin gold chain and gold studs would get you poppin’.

Thong Sandals are the New Comfort Statement

Talking of shoe styles, comfort is yet again the most important part of the upcoming fashion trends 2021. These thongs sandals are the new definition of comfort because why won't they are? Afterall all you’ve got to do is to slip in your feet in them and you’re good to go. This trendy footwear can be worn in the form of heels as well as flats or you can also try for sunny flat thong Louis Vuitton. And it's equally comfy in both. The elevated style also toes the line (pun intended) of casual and chic to pair with loungewear. 

Tiered Dresses Make a Comeback!

You wanna look like a cupcake? Try out the timeless tiered dresses. Ranging from solid pastels to pretty florals, you are bound to turn heads in a tiered dress. And don’t come to us talking about the versatility of it. While a pastel piece can be put on for a formal office session, a bright flowery dress can be just casually thrown on if you’re hitting the roads. A big jute hat and simple flip-flop sandals can be your acquaintances. You have a wide range of options when it comes to buying a tiered dress- strappy, off-shoulder, full-sleeved, or even short-sleeved. If you want a more outgoing vibe, you can wear slim heels and carry a small satchel. Don’t forget the sunglasses!

So we hope we’ve sorted out your wardrobe worries by introducing you to all these fashion trends. Level up your game by trying out these new trendy fashion styles while they’re still fresh. Go with the flow, stay trendy and keep slayin’! 

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What Are cute summer outfits 2021?

You can try out Black Face Masks, Head Scarfs, Yellow Bags, Folk Inspired Coats, White Knee High Boots, Yellow, and Camel Color Styling, and more.

What are the summer styles for 2021?

You will look awesome by wearing the best summer styles like BFF jackets, Blue facemask, sorbet pastel tones, chic yellow bags. make sure about the colors as it must be light instead of dark.

What are the fashion colors for 2021?

You can wear cool fashion colors like Mint Green, Raspberry Sorbet, Polar Night Navy, Illuminating Yellow, Gold-Silver Combination.


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