Top 10 Singapore Fashion Brands: Which One Is Your Favorite?

Top 10 Singapore Fashion Brands: Which One Is Your Favorite?

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city, and the dressing up style is urban. People prefer casual and practical outfits, styled over sneakers, high brand athleisure's, and that's your everyday Singapore fashion. The upscale town in the posh vicinities dresses in a specific dress code, holding up fancier outfits with standout shoes. These were the standard and business places, but the style game in the Night Life is highly enforced, and the city's shimmer and glam come out clearly in the night.

Fashion trends in the city are a gorgeous blend of influenced fashion of America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, Pedro SG, Charles & Keith, some famous brands, are easily spotted in the malls. With the fashion game stirring up like a goblet of fire, an increasing number of Singaporean designers are gaining much momentum promoting themselves on the wave of homegrown Singaporean Dressing Culture.

Singapore joined the fashion industry revolution in 2014 through various campaigns run on social media, events, and island-wide fashion revolution, which called for greater transparency and sustainability incorporating ethics in the fashion industry. The fashion brands grew at high speed, and currently, only the apparel market of Singapore's Fashion Industry is worth US$2,705 million. In 2020,49% of the population reported shopping as their favorite hobby, and it wouldn't be wrong to say, 'Shopping is the National hobby of Singapore'.

Due to the covid crisis, a fundamental change occurred in consumer shopping behavior; as the brick and mortar shops closed down, many people turned to online shopping. Business came at a point where evolving became crucial; several metrics recorded an increased number of sales in the distinctive form. Various studies concluded, increase in average basket size by 51% compared to the same period last year.

Out of all the shoppers, 24.75 of the fashion shoppers in Singapore fall in the 25-34-year-old age group, forming the largest consumer segment. Everyone is aware of the millennials, and they are the group who still had their high-paying jobs and lesser responsibilities. Hence, their shopping spree continued, the new work from the home collection, the designer ties, and other stuff to have the glam on Zoom calls. They played a crucial role in cooking the ravaging online numbers. The Ganz's didn't lag, while the younger ones were busy shopping the GenZ caught up and ended up at the highest percentage - 39%, topping the millennials who stood at 29%, in online purchase during the same period. The top 10 Singapore Fashion Brands blog will guide you to find appropriate favorite fashion brands. Along with this, you have to know about Asian Summer Fashion Trends in Singapore. 

Top Singapore Fashion Brands To Find The Best Wardrobe Staples 

Homegrown designers are always preferred, but you cannot locate and support the local designers at once in Singapore. The new local brands offer silky workwear, edgy streetwear, and bridal couture up to modern cheongsam. If you can't come out of the fashion game of high brands, you need to see these local stores and encourage yourself to "Shop Better, Not More." The local brands are committed to producing as much as little waste possible. These designers are the ones who want us to shop for clothing with better fitting, comfort and contribute to environmental health.

You can always go for options that propose a shift in your appearance while offering comfort, take a step back from the usual trends, and define your own style game. After all, fashion evolves when you dare to go unconventional! The slow labels design the clothes by devoting their time to make them long-lasting and versatile; it's the designers' hard work, making them happy.

Here's a list of some of the fashion brands in Singapore with top-notch services and innovative designs which serve locally so that you can lay hands on unique styles at affordable rates! So let's go shopping.

Su by hand

While we may be hooked over the eye-catching designs from international brands, one factor that misses the eye - waste produced by the brands while manufacturing, the designers at Su are committed to cutting down the waste in garment production, the owner of the brand, Su Pei, has worked in the fashion industry and has a decade of experience working for Preen, Anteprima, and Blueberry.

The designs are created by the brand in small batches and on a made-to-order basis, ensuring the quality of each piece so that you get the basics of fashion in modern curated form. The labels focus on feminine, everyday outfits. So channel your inner businesswomen and go shopping in the SU by hand outlet stores, and hopefully, you won't come out empty-handed.

A lot of the brand's time and workforce is dedicated to the cause. Su incorporates artisanal techniques - marbling or dyeing with plant-based materials to create distinctive designs. The results are floral as a flower bloom, and the organic fabrics make up the rest like cotton, Tencel, and silk.

Charles and Keith

They work with the vision to empower women globally, to express themselves freely through their fashion. The brand has its notion fixed on pushing the boundaries of modern footwear and accessories by constantly reinventing fashion with its curated collections. It was established in 1996 and had been expanding ever since.

Charles and Keith have detailed accessories to temp you in buying more things, and their collection features the day-to-day and modern wear to give you the highlight. Their trend-focused designs are available in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and the USA. The appealing styles and dresses, classy shoes, bags, sunglasses, and other accessories, can be bought from the stores. They show their devotion to the customers by giving them certain perks like prices at reasonable rates using the Charles & Keith Coupon Code and get extra relaxation in the shopping cart.

You also get amazing Charles & Keith Sale every once in a while, and First Order benefits so that you get the most satisfaction out of your purchase. The brand believes in social and environmental responsibility. They support progress, sustainability, and conservation and use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper and collaborate with UNWOMEN and WWF.

Graye Studio

The brand advocates slow fashion and is built on the concept of slow living. Graye Studio embraces mindful and sustainable practices. The label gets its significant influence from traditional Japanese clothing. This is the brand to prefer when you feel like quitting or going for the earthy tones to adapt to your wardrobe.

The carefully curated designs are simple, elegant, and have a little bit of traditional touch. They pay attention to functionality, androgyny, and sustainability by using regenerative fibers and organic materials like cupro and lyocell. They also upcycle their fabric offcuts for a line of handcrafted accessories to make the process more sustainable and give you more reasons to buy.


If you have been around the fashion trends and the glam talks, this is a local designer who is the talk of the hour. She has been making a name for herself, gaining on the fellow designers; she is fantastic and curates effortless, vibrant outfits, which became the wave and carried her to providing fame in the fashion industry. She designs asymmetrical patterns and revamps the fashion-forwarding approach.

Monotonous wardrobe and not so feel god clothes, try Sabringoh; the brand curates certain pieces that cannot go out of place in your wardrobe. Effortless vibrancy to adapt and shop for.

She managed to design a star wars themed collection that just reached so many fandoms, which helped her ride the fashion wave of popularity. You can check out her fashion line ELOHIM, famous for its bold prints, unconventional styles, and asymmetrical hems apparent in her dresses and outwears. So enough of the research; if you aren't a Star Wars fan, still check the designs, and with a certain level of surety, we say you will develop an urge to buy the designs.

Pedro SG

With the logo, "Effortless fashion essentials to empower confidence in individuality," they come forward to fill in the needed confidence. The brand name comes from humble beginnings and embodies designs ethics. They have created essentials that blend seamlessly into different wardrobes, allowing individuals to express their identity beyond skin-deep comfort. All of this can come at a cost, and to tackle it, they offer various discounts to their customers through their Pedro SG coupon codes. Do not be worried anymore and try the collection once to love it for a long time.

Since they came a long way, from the founding in 2005 – launching both men's and women's footwear and accessories collections to the customers through their 109 global stores, their modern-day collection is released in 19 countries. They provide services to fellow fashion-hungry customers. The brand is focused on improving and continuously evolve transcending through time to aid in your fashion change and improving your fashion experience.


You are looking for a brand that curates art designs on its clothes? It is the brand whose designs are based on art and appreciation of the creative medium. It was founded in early February 2017 by two mum entrepreneurs (mumpreneurs); they come from different career backgrounds and complement each other's disciplines. They both were aware of the difficulties a mother and fellow shoppers undergo; curating an easy option with better designs was their motive.

They make their customers believe 'Everybody is an artist and try to share the concept of the brand – made to suit many people with any body shape. You can indeed find something that fits you from the comprehensive collection depicting various art forms and conclude you hunger to find artistic depictions in your clothes.

Cotton On

" We believe in making a positive difference," the brand's motto is followed to its core. They took it upon themselves to make the world a better place with their team, to give their customers and communities a sense of better fashion. Their clothes are effortless and make us look different in every prospect, and the designing process takes motivation from one concept- to go anywhere.

The breathable fabric allows you to feel the wind, and have fun in the clothing; the stitching and curating process allows you to do things your way without any restriction from the fabrics. They work with the community and for them; while looking out, they offer site-wide discounts for both genders using their Cotton on coupon CodesSo next time you are looking for an opportunity to aid the community and add to your fashion, you can do both together by shopping from Cotton On.

White Ginger

It has been around for ten years, helping in dressing and giving a way to stand out. The brand owner Emma Femminile describes her style as classic with a pinch of fun, and she incorporates her spirit in the brand's clothing.

The quantities are limited, and the rails are refreshed, making it worthwhile for the consumers to always come around the store and peep through the windows for the new designs and maybe styling advice. The store is an opportunity to refresh the fashion sense and have insights into the new game.

The brand helps the communities with orphaned children by training the women and, in the end, giving them work, which gets them their daily wages. The staff they have at their stores are adequately trained and guide you through the jumpsuits, halter necks, and brighter fun clothing to explore. So the experience is ready and curated in a tailored way for you.


This fashion brand is designed for people who like to work out but more in Zen style. The workout gears of Kydra come in neutral and earthy tones to blend in and give a sense of comfort, rejoicing the experience of working out.

The brand designers are Jimmy Poh and Wong Dingyao, who have put in their hard work to make Kyra, which blends with the fashion to keep you at ease. It is one of Singapore's leading sportswear brands, creating fun and movable designs for urban athletes.

Brand's pieces are well-cut, like the Open Back Tank and Flow Leggings, light and breathable, all of it is made from an anti-bacterial material and anti-abrasion, to stop the bacterial growth from the sweat and keep your skin at ease and secured. The brand has specifically named designs that stand out in the market, like – Kora, which carries the desired formula for anything high-impact; it allows you to focus on yourself and your active life. Work out but in style and aiding comfort to your skin. You can find this brand on Lazada Singapore and you can save more with the Lazada promo code SG.

Matter Prints

They see themselves as a socially motivated brand, which prides itself in self-sustainability. They are conscious of their label being sustainable to people and the environment. The designers are developing the label working with skilled artisans living in the rural parts of Asia to make products from heritage based-fabrics made thoughtfully.

The clothes are handcrafted in organic cotton and biodegradable fabrics. Matter prints collection offers bathroom-friendly jumpsuits, trousers, tops, breathable dresses, which are comfortable and perfect for tropical wear. The clothes are based on the weather of Singapore, making it easier for the people to carry around. The shopper (you) gets a modern and fabric design that is soothing, so you know what comfort is in modern clothing.

Our Second Nature

Unlike the other labels, this one specializes in trying and bringing out the new twists from the more extensive wardrobe of retro designs. They function through their boutiques and offer a treasure trove of feminine pieces with soft-hued prints created by an in-house designer. When you walk in, the designer is there to define the tone of each collection for you and give you a personalized experience, know what you wear, where the inspiration comes from.

They seek the help of custom prints in everyday wear for both adults and children, in a similar fashion bringing a custom spark in the Singapore Clothing Style. They are the perfect opportunity to share Singapore's clothing sense if you're a tourist in the city. One can always carry the city's spirit in some way, and maybe this could be yours.

The Bigger Question – Are clothes Cheaper in Singapore?

Unfortunately, Singapore is the world's priciest place to buy clothes, but you can abstain from the widespread social phenomenon and save a dime by purchasing through the mass – markets, which offer a similar kind of clothing experience but not in any designer’s name. High-end shopping costs more here than anywhere across the globe.

Designer luxury fashion for men and women

The industry has been divided into different segments, there is one section on prices and one on high-end style preferences. While the former insists on more comfortable fashion with limited prices points and not exceeding the average shopping basket price in Singapore, the latter focuses more on the designs and less on the price points, it is curated for the upper town population. But the brands think about consumers from time to time and give out offers, specific discount codes on various occasions to scale more customers. The main focus can be making profits, but some brands are still standing strong in the market who work on ethics of the fashion industry, and work for uplifting the fashion statement of all, together.



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