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Madroc Hood is all about bringing quality home. The brand brings to you the finest collection of sty ... lish watches with a handcrafted finish that perfectly highlights the richness of your personality. Black and white have a way of bringing about the best in you. That’s what makes Madroc Hood’s Black Dial and White Dial watches a favourite across many nations. Shop for water-resistant watches with a 12-month warranty and minimalist leather consumption to rock any outfit!

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Customize your watch with easy strap change to switch to different designs to go with all your looks! You can enjoy multiple benefits such as free worldwide shipping Maximize your savings with Madroc Hood voucher code and discount code available at Vouchers Portal Malaysia and step out in style!

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Sometimes it happens that we cannot find a perfect accessory to go with our personality or attire, and most of the time, we are just too busy to care. In both these cases, what do we have in common? If you guessed “time”, then maybe be we could be good friends, because somehow, we like the way you think. The perfect addition to your overall attire would be a representative of the time, metaphorically speaking.

Literally speaking of time, a shiny watch strapped to your wrist would be the best accessory you can carry.

A watch is a literal time – saver, and not only because it gets your work done and notifies you of the impending deadlines, but when it comes to fashion, the watch is a timeless piece to take your style statement a notch higher in just a click, without having to worry more about accessorizing too much or overdoing anything.

Madroc Hood Malaysia is an online watch store that allows you to purchase unique, handcrafted watches for yourself and your loved ones.

​According to their objective, the brand emerged as a wish to remind people of their happy moments, even in the bad moments, like that of a war-weary soldier who puts a photo of his beloved daughter in his pocket watch, Madroc Hood yearns for people to keep a piece of their happiest moment close to their wrist, where each ticking second reminds them the beauty in life, no matter the situation.

Madroc Hood delivers each timepiece that comes with a story of creation and inspiration for and by the people around us, with each unique memory.

Avail of the best products and services offered by Madroc Hood Malaysia

Design your own watch online:

What can be better than having a customized watch on your wrist? Designing it yourself!! Madroc Hood is the only online watch store in Malaysia that lets you pick out your favorite designs and customize it the way you like. The watches made in the Madroc Hood workshop are handcrafted to perfection to fit your turn your dream watch into reality.

Design your customized watch with Madroc Hood MY and apply the Madroc Hood Promo Code to get it at discount.

Minimalist watches:

A lover of all things simple will surely look for a minimal timepiece. If you have tried all the top watch stores in Malaysia and still cannot seem to find the minimalist watch that your heart sticks to, Madroc Hood might be the option you need. Search from their range of minimal watches, or design a minimal watch just like the one you want.

Order minimal watches from Madroc Hood and to keep your expenses in check, apply the Madroc Hood Voucher Code for discounts and offers.

Customized watches online:

Those who don’t have a specific design on their minds but still want something different than what is already sold by the brand can ask for their order to be customized by the experts themselves. You can also ask for your watches to be engraved with the names of the wearer to add a more personal touch. Wearing perfection on your wrist is as easy as clicking on a few links.

Get your watch customized and handcrafted by Madroc Hood and get discounts on your purchase using the Madroc Hood Discount Code.

Why use the services from Madroc Hood Malaysia?

Efficient Customer Service – Customer support is available on all working days and regular business hours. The customers are bound to receive a service that guarantees them a value-added service. Madroc Hood also assists to make its customer's online smartphone and related accessories shopping more pleasant, enjoyable, convenient, and simple.

Payment Options –Mardoc cares for its consumers' hard-earned money as much as it does care for their time, and thus offers a variety of payment methods. Customers can pay using their credit/debit cards, internet banking, and several other safes and secure payment gateways. When you refill your e-wallets, take advantage of the top-up vouchers to get more cashback or discounts.

Free Worldwide Shipping and 12 Month Warranty – Place an order from anywhere in the world and get your product delivered at your doorstep free of shipping charges. Plus you also get a 12 – month warranty on your watch, so if you get any issues within the first year, you can get it replaced free of charge.

What makes Madroc Hood better than its competitors?

Daily Updated Deals and Offers – Deals and discounts are offered on a daily and weekly basis to encourage users to shop and save at the same time. Some of the deals and offers may also get you free shipping and some may get you monetary benefits.

Genuine and Latest Products – Shop from a collection of the best pre-designed watches or customize your watch and have it made with 100% genuine materials and parts with Madroc Hood at affordable prices.

Personalized Handcrafted Watches – Mardoc Hood allows the customers to personalize their watches online and get turn their dream watches into reality. What can be better than gifting a watch to your loved one that is designed by you? Madroc Hood helps in getting what you want in your watch.

What are the perks of using the Madroc Hood App?

  • Get exclusive discounts on your first order. When you check in every day, you'll get coins, and every time you use the app, you'll earn coupons and offers.
  • You can also earn special prizes by referring friends!
  • Pay safely with one of the many accessible payment methods. The online Madroc Hood MY app supports Cash on Delivery, easy installment payments, and super safe bank transactions.

How do I Use Madroc Hood Promo Code?

  • Tap on the link Vouchers Portal MY and type "Madroc Hood" in the search bar.
  • Go through the offers listed on the landing page such as Madroc Hood coupon code.
  • Select the offer that fits your preference. You will be redirected to the website of Mardoc Hood where you can choose from the cuisines and dishes of your choice.
  • Proceed towards checkout and paste the copied code in the "Apply code" or "Redeem code" column. 
  • Enjoy endless savings!

Is there a promo code for Madroc Hood?

There most certainly is a promo code for Madroc Hood. You can find relevant and 100% genuine sale deals, discount coupons, and promotion codes on the official website and online store, or find them at the website of Vouchers Portal MY.

How to get Madroc Hood Promo Code?

You can get Madroc Hood promo code and other offers either from the online store of Madroc Hood or from Vouchers Portal Malaysia.

What is Mardoc Hood Contact Information?

There's a handy contact form at the bottom of Madroc Hoodwebpage, or if an email is more your style then you can reach out to the brand on the email given at the end of the webpage too.

What are the Return & Refund Policies?

The products can be returned if they are not up to the customer’s expectations, the customer has to keep all the invoiced and the product itself in an unused and unharmed manner if they wish to return it. After the product has been picked for return and refund, the quality check will take 7 days and if the product is found undamaged and intact, the refund will be made 7 days after confirmation.

Can I get a similar service to that of Mardoc Hood elsewhere?

Yes, you can buy fashion products, health and beauty items, home essentials, gadgets, and much more at OPPO Malaysia.