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Is owned by Expedia?

Currently, Expedia does not own However, there was a point when Expedia bought it. Trip Software Systems initially bought the domain in 1996, then in 1998, they sold it to Antoine Toffa, the founder of, for $5000. Expedia purchased Orbitz Worldwide in 2015 and received the domain in the deal. In 2016, the service was relaunched as by Gogobot, a travel booking, and research business started in 2010 by businessmen Travis Katz and Ori Zaltzman.

One of the biggest online travel agencies in mainland China is c (Ctrip). Some individuals might ask if Expedia owns or Ctrip. When in fact it has been stated that it is not true. Ctrip, Skyscanner,, and Qunar are among's most well-known brands. The brands were relaunched in 2019 under the control of the parent firm, Group, which aspires to become a worldwide player.

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How do I check my tickets on 

You will receive an email at the time of booking with a confirmation of your reservation and your travel documents. You may also find them on the website. Use your email address and order number to log in to the website to check your confirmation. Print my confirmation in the right-hand column at the top of the page, and the travel document is in the center of the page, further down.

Take a copy of the confirmation to print off and bring it with you, along with a current passport. Your hotel voucher will also be included in the confirmation if you have made a hotel reservation. When you check into the hotel, you must provide this. Take the printed version of the travel document and a current passport with you. Your ticket number and the airline's booking number are both included in the travel document.

On the airline's website, or alternatively at,, or, you may obtain the most recent flight information. The airline's booking number, which is updated within 24 hours after the booking, as well as the ticket number, are also available. You, the passenger, are responsible for verifying the airline's website or the websites mentioned above to ensure that your flight timings are accurate for both the outbound and return travels. If your next flight is to Singapore click on this link to get up to 15 percent off!

How do I find my booking number?

Your order number may be found in your travel document, on "My Bookings," which can be accessed via the confirmation email, and in the confirmation email itself.

You can find your booking number on "My Bookings," in your confirmation email, and on your travel documentation.

What does Contact mean?

It is simply a way to reach customer service at Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, customer service is offered. Phone, email, and online chat are available as service options. They provide client service over the phone around the clock. 

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Can I get my money back if I cancel my flight?

You can look for a ticket's cancellation information in a few different locations.

Prior to booking:

  • Enter the departure and arrival details, the number of passengers, the flight timings, and a search term on the flight webpage.
  • Choose the desired flight from the search results page.
  • View cancellation details by selecting [Cancellation and Change Policies] on the confirmation page.
  • After you've booked:
  • Select the appropriate booking by going to the Flight Bookings page.
  • Select [Policies for Cancellation and Change].

The options will vary for your cancellation fee depending on your flight ticket. How can you determine the amount of my booking refund?

  • When 0 is the cancellation fee: This indicates that you are entitled to a full refund because of unusual circumstances, such as a change in the schedule or COVID-19.
  • The cancellation fee is a set sum: Your refund will be processed in accordance with the cancellation policy for the ticket.
  • A confirmation of the refund amount is awaited: After receiving your request, our agent will confirm the charge within the allotted timeframe and get in touch with you by phone or email.

Thus, you can get your money back on canceling your flight depending on the reason for cancellation. The amount can be ascertained by visiting the website.

Are many flights being canceled?

Although a handful of flights are being canceled here and there, there are few ways to deal with it in the system. You can submit to change or cancel your flight. Find the appropriate booking on the Flight Bookings page, select it, and then submit your request on the next page. If the change/cancellation cost is indicated as "0," your booking qualifies for a free change/cancellation according to the airline's rules.

Please be aware that once your request is submitted, processing will start right away, and you won't be able to retrieve your original itinerary. Your request won't be carried out right away if the fee is still pending confirmation. Instead, a customer service representative will call you after confirming the cost on your behalf.

A few good tips to remember would be that the ultimate say on the refund amount and distribution manner belongs to the airline. Only airline vouchers could be offered as refunds. Airlines are coping with an abnormally high amount of cancellation requests because of COVID-19's worldwide effects; therefore, it can take longer than usual for your refund to be processed.

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What are airline vouchers?

Following the processing of a cancellation, the airline may offer airline vouchers in the name of the selected passenger as a kind of reimbursement. These coupons can be used to subtract the specified amount from the price of a ticket when you book flights with the airline. Rules are subject to confirmation by the airline.

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Will my refund be in airline vouchers?

You may find out if your refund will be sent to you in the form of airline vouchers from a few different sources - 

Prior to booking: Once you've decided on a flight, a notice can appear to let you know that only airline vouchers can be offered as refunds. You can locate this data on:

  • Flight information page
  • The page for policies and luggage allowance
  • The customer information entry page's "Important Notice" section
  • After you click "Pay," a pop-up window displays.

After you've booked: You will see a reimbursement notice when you submit your cancellation request. You may follow the request's development on the App after it has been submitted. The orange [Cancel] label can be tapped to view the specifics of your refund.

On the refund information page, you can see pertinent details if your return includes flight vouchers. You may check details like the value of your vouchers, their numbers, and usage guidelines here. You can also refer to the email that will send you.

When will my hotel booking be confirmed?

On the booking details page, choose "Expedite booking" if your request must be processed quickly. Please wait for a response from a member of our team if the expedite booking option is not available. If your reservation cannot be confirmed, will get in touch with you by phone or email and request that you change the reservation's specifics.

Any pre-paid accommodation expenses will be immediately reimbursed if your reservation is canceled. The amount will be credited to your account between one and seven days, depending on your bank or credit card company. An email confirmation will be sent once the hotel booking has been confirmed. is offering up to 60 percent off on hotel staycations deals! Do not miss out on this opportunity, click this link to avail the discount code.

Can I add additional guests to my hotel booking?

If the room you reserved is not fully filled and your reservation has not yet been confirmed, you can change it to accommodate an additional person. You must make a new reservation for any more visitors once your original reservation has been confirmed.

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How do I request additional checked-in baggage?

There are two ways to increase your booking's luggage allowance:

When ordering: Order your ticket by following the directions displayed on the screen. After entering the passenger's details, go to the following page and see if the option to add checked luggage is visible:

Displayed: Choose the selection, then the appropriate flight, the passenger, and the necessary weight. After completing this, choose the payment option.

Not visible: Prior to requesting an increase in luggage allowance, complete your flight ticket purchasing.

Following booking: Find the appropriate booking by selecting Flight Bookings, then choose it if the "Add-ons" section has the option to add more luggage capacity.

You can submit the request if the pricing on the luggage allowance request page is shown. Our customer service representative will contact you by phone or email after verifying the pricing with the airline. Use the payment link in the email to finalize the purchase if you are satisfied with the pricing within the link's validity time (usually 20 minutes). Simply disregard the email if you no longer wish to purchase the luggage allowance.

Try the airline website if you are unable to add luggage allowance on the ticket details page. Attempt finding your reservation by inputting details such as your ticket number and airline booking reference (PNR), and then try checking out with more luggage. You can also get in touch with us to ask questions.

In most cases, you may only have extra luggage purchased on your behalf at least three days before departure.

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