The Unconventional Guide to Lazada Online Shopping

The Unconventional Guide to Lazada Online Shopping

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To assist you with your decorating plans, The Unconventional Guide to Lazada Online Shopping is here. Providing you with all the necessities for your house. This blog will help you explore Lazada Malaysia.

About Lazada

Lazada Group is an e-commerce company founded in 2012 in Southeast Asia. The company was founded by Rocket Internet. In 2016 the company was taken over by Alibaba group and is now currently working under Alibaba group. Lazada is among the most famous and trusted e-commerce websites in Southeast Asia. It provides more than 3000 brands to choose from and 1.5 lakh sellers who are ready to serve you day and night.

The number of customers who join lazada is increasing rapidly even now. lazada is supported by a wide range of tailored marketing and service solutions they are present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Being a leader in the e-commerce industry lazada offers a wide of products from electronics to household items, toys, fashion, sports gear, and grocery items. Lazada offers to you various payment methods such as COD (Cash On Delivery) and online payments. It celebrating their birthday, last year it celebrated their Lazada 9th birthday with big savings.

While you are shopping from lazada don’t worry about after-purchase services because lazada offers amazing customer service. Also if you are not liking the product that you ordered then you can simply return it through their delivery arm which is supported by different types of logistics partners too.

Online Shopping Tips

The trend of online shopping is increasing. We are more than ready to buy products online, as they bring convenience and they are usually available at great prices. Online shopping platforms provide deals and offers which are hard to get at shopping complexes and malls and with the convenience of getting the items delivered to your home. Many people don’t like to leave the comfort of their sofa and visit markets and sometimes we don’t have time to spare for shopping and at these times online shopping platforms such as lazada come as angels to help us out with the special Lazada Promo Codes.

But while purchasing products online, there are a few things that we need to keep in mind to get a smooth online shopping experience. Here are a few online shopping tips for you:

  1. Examine Product Details

When purchasing any product make a habit of reading the product description. Don’t make your purchase decision just on the basis of a product image, always read the size and dimensions of the product before purchasing it. Skipping the product description part can lead to faulty purchases as the uploaded pictures of the product are generally edited and made in such a way that the user gets convinced after looking at it. 

Therefore always check the product details before adding the item to your cart.

  1. Read Product Reviews

The best way to find which products are authentic and which products are trustworthy is by reading the product reviews. Any famous online shopping platform has thousands of users and if a product is good then it is very common that the buyer will comment about his/her experience. Most of the users give realistic and unbiased reviews of the product which can help you. 

Reviews can help you make the decision whether you should buy a certain product or not.

  1. Look at Shipping Costs and delivery time

While purchasing any item online, always check the shipping cost and delivery time of the product. The delivery time is always mentioned while you purchase the item, if the delivery time is not mentioned then the product must reach you within a month of placing the order. On the other hand shipping costs are always mentioned and they vary from order to order. The shipping cost generally depends on the size of the product, your location, and the day of delivery. 

Online shopping platforms offer free shipping on orders if the amount limit of the product surpasses the minimum limit. Free shipping is a good way to get your order at your doorstep without any additional charges.

  1. Compare Prices of Products

While you are purchasing a product from an online store you are doing it because of two reasons, convenience and price. So the easiest way to get the best deals is by comparing product prices, your goal should always be to purchase the best product for the best price available. But while looking for low prices always remember to not getaway by the extremely low prices. It is easy to understand that the e-commerce company can lower the prices of any product to a certain extent only, so if you see some offers and discounts that are too good to be true then try to avoid them, because too low-priced items mean too low quality.

Hence always compare the prices but do the comparison with mindfulness.

  1. Cautious of Scams and Fraud

The last thing to remember while doing online shopping is to stay cautious of fraud and scams. While you are shopping online you add your personal details such as your debit/credit card number or your email details and therefore it’s very important that you keep this information safe. There are many people out there who want to use the user’s information in the wrong way. 

so the best way to protect yourself is by shopping through trusted websites only, trusted e-commerce platforms have an entire team of technicians who work day and night to make the shopping experience safer for you. 

Lazada Promo Codes And Lazada Vouchers

While purchasing any item we love to get a discounted price, we are here with some amazing discount offers that lazada have for you:

1. Lazada new user voucher

Lazada provides an offer for the first few New Lazada Customers. You can Collect the RM12 Voucher if you are a new customer and become eligible for this offer you need to spend a minimum of RM12. 

The offer is applicable for the first 480 customers who redeem this offer weekly through Lazada App only.

The number of uses is limited to one time. And it works on a first-come, first-served basis. This means those newly registered customers who will come first will benefit from this offer. The offer will get automatically applied during the checkout time of the customer if he fulfills the criteria for the offer, the offer will only get applied if you are paying through Maybank.

2. Lazada Malaysia Free Shipping Voucher

Lazada believes in making its customers happy. And what can make anyone happier than the free shipping offer? Purchasing an item is another thing but paying extra shipping charges always gets hectic for everyone. 

Here are a few ways in which you can get free shipping on Lazada:

  1. At lazada homepage

You can get many free shipping offers at the lazada homepage. Many sellers are participating with lazada to provide free shipping benefits for the customer.

To get the free shipping benefit you just need to visit the lazada app or website and on their homepage, you will see a “free shipping” option. You just need to click the icon and get see the available free shipping offers, if something grabs your attention then simply copy the code and use it while you are checking out from the purchase.

  1. Lazada lucky egg

Lazada has made a unique and interactive way to give you discounts and offers every day. You can play the lucky egg game and win a free shipping voucher daily. The voucher that you will earn can be used for free shipping on the purchase of any products from lazada.

You simply need to go to your account and you will “lucky egg” icon there. Click on the icon and crack the egg to get your surprise offer, you can come back every day to crack the egg and get amazing offers.

After playing the game you need to select your vouchers option and you will see all the vouchers that you have earned. Click on the voucher to see their details and use the free shipping voucher at your convenience.

3. Lazada giveaway - vote for gift

Lazada is famous for providing its discounts and offers in the most engaging way. And now lazada is here with Malaysia freebies for you by creating an exciting game the lazada Vote for the gift. Lazada has a game for its users to win exciting prizes for FREE!! Yes, you read it right, FREE!! To win the prize you need to get the highest number of the favorite score and intelligence score.

4. Discounts on App Orders

Lazada provides a great offer for all the customers. You can get unbelievable offers on your purchases if you order from the Lazada app. Download the lazada app and get an even better experience with extra discounts specially for Lazada app users. 

Order from the official lazada app and discover special Lazada vouchers and promo codes that are available on the app.

Promo Codes

What is a promo code?

A promotional code is a code that can be used while purchasing items from the seller. The promo code is offered by retailers to buyers who can easily use it to receive an instant discounted price when buying products online. While using a promo code it is important to keep in mind that you use a promo code that is specific for a brand, in other words, different brands have different promo codes so the promo code for one specific brand will work for that brand only.

There are certain websites that offer you a list of hundreds of voucher codes and promotional codes for various brands across the globe, which means you can save money instantly. Promotional codes also are set to require other products in your cart to discount an item or require that you have previously purchased the item.

How do I use a promo code?

  1. Copy promo code

Visit a website that can provide you promo code and look for the brand you want. After finding your brand look at the various options of promo codes that a particular brand offers. 

When you find the right code for you just simply copy the code.

  1. Start shopping

This is the best part. Now you just need to select all the items that you want to purchase. Simply add them to your shopping cart.

  1. Checkout

After you have added all the items that you wish to purchase, proceed to checkout. Before placing the order, you will see a column “coupon code” or “promo code”. 

  1. Paste the code

Now you just need to paste the code which you copied before and purchase the items. Voila, you are all set, now you will enjoy the savings that you made on your purchase.


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