Shopee Promo Code Malaysia Hack 2024

Shopee Promo Code Malaysia Hack 2024

Are you one of those who wish to shop in your leisure time and include shopping as your hobby? Then this article is for you.

We all want to keep switching our wardrobes from time to time. Whether around festivals or a random change of room setting household items need to be changed constantly according to our needs and mood. But every time we face the same problem the PRICE.

The Shopee Promo Code Malaysia Hack 2024 unveils a gateway to unparalleled savings and shopping indulgence in the digital realm. This innovative approach promises Malaysian shoppers exclusive access to discounts, deals, and offers, revolutionizing their online shopping experience. As consumers navigate through the virtual aisles, armed with these potent codes, they unlock a treasure trove of savings on a diverse array of products. With a blend of ingenuity and convenience, this hack transforms the shopping landscape, empowering users to stretch their Ringgit further while enjoying the convenience of e-commerce. It's a testament to Shopee's commitment to enhancing customer value and satisfaction.

Don’t worry Shopee promo code Malaysia hack is here with this blog to help you purchase all of your household necessities at unbelievable prices and great discount deals.


ShopeePte Ltd is a Singapore-based technology company. The company focuses on e-commerce. The company was launched in 2015 in Singapore. With time the company got successful and expanded its reach beyond Singapore. Shopee is a famous online platform in Asia, it is considered the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia with around 33 million visitors each month.

The company also provides an opportunity for sellers and consumers in various other countries outside Asia. Such as across Europe and America those sellers or buyers who wish to join Shopee can easily visit the website to shop.

For all Internet users across the region, Shopee wishes to offer a one-stop online shopping experience that provides a wide selection of products, a social community for exploration, and seamless fulfillment services.


Shopee Promo Code

A promotional code is a code that can be used while purchasing items from the seller. The promo code is offered by retailers to buyers who can easily use it to receive an instant discounted price when buying products online. While using a promo code it is important to keep in mind that you use a promo code that is specific to a brand, in other words, different brands have different promo codes so the promo code for one specific brand will work for that brand only.

There are certain websites that offer you a list of hundreds of voucher codes and promotional codes for various brands across the globe, which means you can save money instantly. You can visit their Malaysian website and get Shopee promo codes for many brands.

Promotional codes also are set to require other products in your cart to discount an item or require that you have previously purchased the item.

How do I use a promo code?
  • Copy promo code -

Visit a website that can provide you promo code and look for the brand you want. After finding your brand look at the various options of promo codes that a particular brand offers. When you find the right code for you just simply copy the code.

  • Start shopping - 

This is the best part. Now you just need to select all the items that you want to purchase. Simply add them to your shopping cart.

  • Checkout - 

After you have added all the items that you wish to purchase, proceed to checkout. Before placing the order, you will see a column “coupon code” or “promo code”. 

  • Paste the code - 

Now you just need to paste the code which you copied before and purchase the items. Voila, you are all set, now you will enjoy the savings that you made on your purchase.

What is a promo code example?

Promotional codes are basically a series of letters and numbers that can help you get instant discounts on your purchase. For example, some online website allows you to get 15% off if you will paste the code “claim15%” in the column which is made for coupons or codes. Using that code can get you an instant 15% off on your purchases.


1. Chinese New Year Promo Code 

Shopee is providing an offer specially for the Chinese new year celebration in Malaysia. The terms of the offer are very simple, you just need to spend more than RM23 on your first purchase, then you are completely eligible for the 20% off offer. The offer can only be used through the app.

2. Public bank Shopee promo code

Shopee is a very popular or one of the best online shopping websites in Malaysia. The e-commerce company has a wide range of products from different brands and categories. Shopee not only provides you with products but also provides various promotions and offers for their customers. One of them is the Shopee offers a free voucher code that can get you up to RM20 Off and RM5 Free shipping but you need to use the Public Bankcard.

So what exactly is this offer? You just need to spend a minimum amount of RM40 and you will get eligible for the instant 20% off on your purchases. The only compulsion is the use of a public bank card. So if you are ready to pay with a public bank card then simply enjoy 20% off and free shipping for your purchase.

You need to keep in mind that this offer is valid for one time per customer, so make sure you get the best out of it. Purchase at Shopee and uses Shopee CIMB promo code to get additional discounts.

Shopee Cash Voucher

How do I get a Shopee cash voucher?

To get your Shopee cash voucher you simply need to download the Shopee's official app. Then after opening the app and going to the “Deals, Top-ups & Bills” option, after selecting it, you will see Entertainment under it, now select “Food & Services Vouchers” and you need to find the voucher that you would like to purchase. After finding the right voucher for you simply click "Buy Now" to proceed with the checkout. followed by Deal and click “Buy Now”.

How do I use my Shopee cash voucher?

If you want to use or redeem your purchased voucher, these are the things that you need to follow. firstly, swipe the code at the "Swipe to Redeem" option that you will find in front of the cashier. 

Please always make sure that you swipe and redeem your voucher only when you are at the merchant storefront and in front of the cashier to avoid any kind of confusion afterward.

What is a Shopee cashback voucher?

Shopee cashback vouchers let you receive cashback from Shopee in the form of Shopee Coins, the cashback coins can be used to offset your future orders. 

For example, if you are using a 15% Cashback voucher while making a $10 purchase, you will get 150 Shopee Coins. 150 Shopee coins are equivalent to a cashback amount of $1.50 (in real amount) that you can use on your next purchase.

You can find a number of Cashback vouchers on the Cashback page on the Shopee App homepage and claim Shopee vouchers to get such exciting deals.

Shopee Free Shipping Voucher

What is Free Shipping Voucher?

A free Shipping Voucher at Shopee is a voucher that you can apply while purchasing your items from Shopee and after applying you will enjoy free shipping for your order.

How to get Shopee free shipping Voucher?

Getting Shopee free shipping is very easy, you just need t purchase for a minimum amount of RM40 to become eligible for Shopee-subsidised free shipping. You just need to meet the minimum amount and spend while shopping then use the Free Shipping Voucher upon checkout to enjoy free shipping

How to claim your Shipping Vouchers at Shopee?

In order to claim your Free Shipping Voucher, select Free Shipping on the Shopee App main page and click Claim. Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers are renewed and distributed each month. Make sure you Check regularly every month and claim your vouchers when they are available. Any unused Voucher will be forfeited and non-refundable

How many free shipping vouchers do you get with Shopee?

You will get 1 free shipping voucher at Shopee. You can apply for only 1 free shipping voucher for a one-time purchase or within a single checkout but your shipping discount can be applied for various orders that can fulfill the free shipping requirements on the purchase.

Shopee Account Proccess

How do I create a Shopee account?

For creating a Shopee account first of all you need to agree to the terms and conditions of Shopee. After agreeing to the terms and conditions now you can easily sign up for a Shopee account, you can sign up in two ways - 

1. Official Shopee App 

2. Shopee Website. 

Here is how you can sign up through Shopee App - 

Download the Shopee app and click on my tab. After clicking choose the sign-up option. First, enter your registered mobile number then add the captcha code which will appear in front of you. Now enter the verification code then set a secure password for your account

Now here is how you can Sign up through Shopee Website - 

Visit the Shopee website and click on the sign-up option. Then enter your mobile number and solve the verification puzzle. After that enter the verification code and then set a password for your account. Alternatively, you can also create your Shopee account by using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account. 

How do I log in to my Shopee account?

There are 4 different ways in which you can log in to your Shopee account:

  • Using a phone number or email address - You need to select the ME tab in Shopee app. Log in through your already registered mobile number or email id then add a password to log in.
  • Using SMS facility - Again go to my tab in the Shopee app. Then click on login and choose login with SMS option. Now enter your mobile number and enter the captcha code that you will see on your screen. Now finally add the code which has been sent to you through SMS.
  • Through Google or Apple account - You can simply log in to the third-party account that you use. And then verify it to log in. 
  • Using QR code on Shopee Website - Another way of logging into your Shopee account is through a QR code. For this click on login on the Shopee website then choose login with QR code. You can scan the QR through your Shopee app and then simply verify the login.

What are QR Payments?

QR Payments is a new method of payment in ShopeePay. In this method, the customers can pay their bill amount just by scanning the Quick Response (QR) code of the merchants or stores.

Can I have multiple accounts in Shopee?

Yes, you can easily have more than one account in Shopee. But in order to register for more than 1 account, you need to have 2 separate usernames and email id. Always make sure that you are not selling the exact same things from different shops. For example, you can use one shop for decorating items and one for supplies.

Along with this Shopee gives you a smart support system for your multiple accounts. Shopee multiple-user login technologies will detect when you are logging in and using the same Shopee account across various devices. If you are using the shopee account from more than one device, then shopee will simply save all the changes in all of your accounts. The details of your account, including liked products purchase history all will remain unchanged.


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