National Cheese Pizza Day Deals For 2024

National Cheese Pizza Day Deals For 2024

Wait. Do we hear something? Yes, that’s your stomach, shouting their cravings after hearing “PIZZA” & that too Cheese pizza. Pizza is popular because its preparation is very simple. Pizza is above all those food that is considered as healthy yet easy to make. It is widely popular as fast food among the young generation as it gets ready quickly, with their favorite toppings and yet tastes good to the mouth, sometimes even considered as mouth-watering.

Indulge in gooey goodness as National Cheese Pizza Day approaches in 2024, with a delectable array of irresistible deals and discounts awaiting pizza aficionados. Dive into a celebration of one of the world's most beloved comfort foods, where simplicity meets satisfaction in every cheesy bite. Discover mouthwatering promotions from pizzerias nationwide, ranging from classic New York-style slices to artisanal pies bursting with flavor. Whether you prefer thin crust or deep dish, vegetarian or meat lovers, there's something for everyone to savor. Join the festivities and treat your taste buds to a cheesy delight on National Cheese Pizza Day 2024!

National Cheese Pizza Day

It comes before Malaysia Day on 5th September that called National Cheese Pizza Day by the pizza lovers around every corner of the world. Pizza lovers have their own preference of pizza with their favorite topping, crust, and are very particular about their likes and dislikes when it comes to pizza. Though whatever might be the individual preferences of our pizza lovers, the one thing that they have in common and tie them among each other, is the CHEESE. Love for Cheese is inevitable. So next time when you think about the pizza, think about your close ones too as sometimes it’s to let your close ones know their value in your life and what is better than telling it with Pizza having a cheese burst. Even after all the diversity of pizza lovers, there’s still a unity that has led to the success of National Cheese Pizza Day which is enough to prove the Love for pizza in the heart of people whom I collectively categorize as Pizza lovers.

Sharing is caring, as we have all heard of it and when it comes to Pizza, you can easily share with your loved ones as there are slices that make you connect with your friends & family as the bond is tied with food and what’s best than Pizza? Pizza is the heart of any festivities because of its convenience and easy-to-make procedure.

Malaysia is a food-diverse country and Malaysians are known for their love of diversified food. So, Malaysia’s Pizza hut has taken the lead to satisfying their cravings for pizza by making the best quality pizza, not only for their heart but for the satisfaction of their soul as well. The main franchisee of Pizza Hut is QSR Brands (M) Holdings in Malaysia. The Pizza hut restaurant in Malaysia has first started in 1982 and now owns 350+ restaurants & with all of that, they’re now the biggest pizza chain in Malaysia. Now, they’re running two different kinds of concepts and i.e., PIZZA HUT DELIVERY & PIZZA HUT RESTAURANT. While the former one focuses on “delivering the most exquisite pizzas” while the latter one’s main domain is “offering a great place & serene atmosphere for the customers who come by offering them the mouth-watering handmade pizzas”. Customers can find the Pizza Hut Restaurant near them by searching “Pizza Hut near me”. Including all that, there’s a takeaway option too for the customers to pick up their preferred pizza according to their convenience. No matter what the customers opt for, they can enjoy theirs according to their way without any compromise & Pizza hut Malaysia take care of that.

Exciting codes to make your life easier

Why fear when Pizza hut is here! Pizza hut is offering some great Pizza Hut coupon codes. So, you crave your favorite pizza, and pizza hut is taking the responsibility of, not only satisfying your hunger but at a lower and affordable price, so you can only focus on the pizza, and we will take care of your pocket. Now, as we have a one-stop solution to all your problems regarding pizza, all that you must do is, do check out the website to avail all those offers at a very discounted price.

The exciting range of Pizza Hut promo codes are also available to make your hunger cheaper. The cheaper, the better, without compromising the quality, of course. So, Pizza hut is offering a wide range of offers that include free shipping. Do check out the website to avail these amazing offers on a wide range of delicious pizzas.  Get your favorite pizza at a discounted price and some crazy cashback.

Pizza hut voucher redeem online is available & when you will browse through the site, you’ll get some amazing vouchers. To redeem it, you’ve to enter the code while you’ve to Browse through the offered Pizza Hut deals available on the NST coupon page. Click on your desired coupon to get the code. Be sure to copy the code for your desired deal. After that, you’re required to click on “Go to store” and you will be reached Pizza Hut Malaysia. Either you’re a member or a guest, you can place the order. Start ordering and place the copied code in the designated box to enjoy the deal. Your work is done here. Now you’ve to just sit and wait while your order will be processed anytime and within few moments, there’ll be a knock and your delicious pizza will be waiting for you, outside your door. Take it and enjoy every bite of every slice to your full extent.

Amazing discounts Deals

Pizza hut is offering Pizza hut 50% off. Yes!! You heard it right. So, what are you still waiting for? You can get a discount on your preferrable pizza, of up to 50% off & all this, without the help of any coupon code. Then how would you get this offer? Well, all you’ve to do is visit the website to enjoy this mouth-watering pizza with a great deal of price. Get your handcrafted regular and large pizza for up to 50% off which will be crisp outside and airy soft inside to make you every second worth a while.

Seal the deal with exciting offers

Keeping in mind the current scenario, Pizza hut payment offers are available to make the payment easier and comfortable for you. As contactless payment is all around the corner, we suggest paying online to give extra protection. There is cashback if your order satisfies the minimum requirement.

If you would be lucky enough, then you might get free garlic bread with the available coupon code on the website. To enjoy more such amazing deals, all you’ve to do is visit the profile and check out the offers available

Pizza hut voucher code Malaysia today offers you a great deal that will make it tough for you to sit back and relax without ordering the pizza. So now you can enjoy your 2 regular pizzas at only RM18.90. Hurry!! It’s a limited period offer. You don’t need any code. All the work that you’ve to do is pick up the phone and order. The rest is our responsibility to take care of you and your stomach too.

Talking about caring, how can we forgot to mention the Pizza hut Discount offer on your regular and large pizza. Now you can enjoy the pizza with your family too. Not only that, now you can get some amazing range of combo offers with free Pepsi cans and all this at a very affordable price. So, I guess it won’t be wrong on my side to ask you to give me a visit to check out all these amazing deals and offers.

New Bee? We got you!

Yes, you heard it right. We take care of our new users very delicately and to make sure that their craving also gets satisfied without compromising the money, we have Pizza hut new user offer to take care of your every wish. All you must do is to create your account and use this Pizza Hut code “GC04” to get an RM25 discount on combo deals. Not only this, enjoy some amazing range of deals in Pizza Hut. So, what are you waiting for right now? Every second you waste, the more you regret later. Now, think less and order pizza today from Pizza Hut with some amazing deals and offers to satisfy every pizza craving. Now, where are our pizza lovers at? Go and avail of all these exciting offers Right now only on Pizza Hut and Foodpanda Malaysia.

If you’re looking for some best pizza places, pizzerias, or Italian restaurants, then here are a few for your reference:

  1. Pizza Mansion
  2. Proof Pizza + Wine
  3. Heritage Pizza KL
  4. Enorme Italian Restaurant
  5. La Risata
  6. Monnalisa Ristorante Italiano
  7. WOP Pizzeria
  8. Fahrenheit 600

Apart from pizza, there are many other local cuisines of Malaysia that must be died for, checkout at Foodpanda and order with the Foodpanda Voucher to save every time. Malaysia is a place that’s famous for its finger-licking local cuisine which is very cheap in price and tastes heaven to the mouth. It is mostly famous for the food diversity that the country holds. This beautiful country is very rightly called a “food lover’s paradise” with eye-catching food stalls, which are very colorful in appearance and jolly in nature. It always gets attention from travelers and tourists, who often considered it heaven to the eyes and divine to the mouth. Starting from Rojak, lok-lok to Nasi lemak, some of the street food dishes that you might need to know about are:

  • Rojak
  • Lok-Lok
  • Nasi lemak
  • Satay
  • Ramly burger
  • Fried bee hoon
  • Chicken rice
  • Assam laksa
  • Chee Cheong fun
  • Char kway teow
  • Kway Teow soup
  • Tong Sui
  • Apom Balik
  • Cendol
  • Durian

Malaysia is a country that embodies food, and it won’t be wrong to call it the epitome of food culture. With its rich diversity, and diversify food culture, it attracts a lot of tourists who are bored of their daily lifestyle food & want to explore different cuisines at a reasonable rate. Malaysia accompanies its rich diversity of food with its colorful eye-catching food stalls, which makes it a hub of foodies from different corners of the world.

If you want to know more about Malaysian food, then do check out the blog “5 reasons why people love Malaysian food”!

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