Celebrating Malaysia Day 2024: Things You Need To Know

Celebrating Malaysia Day 2024: Things You Need To Know

As Malaysia Day 2024 approaches, dive into a celebration of unity, diversity, and national pride with our essential guide. Discover the historical significance of this commemoration, marking the formation of Malaysia in 1963. Delve into the vibrant tapestry of Malaysian culture, from its diverse ethnicities to its rich culinary heritage. Explore the array of festivities and events happening nationwide, showcasing the country's spirit of inclusivity and harmony. Learn about the significance of Malaysia's progress and aspirations for the future. Join in the jubilation as Malaysians come together to honor their shared identity and heritage on this momentous occasion.

One of the most vibrant and lively places in all of South Asia is Malaysia. This multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country is extremely proud of its rich and polished traditions over the course of many years. The country’s history has had a major role to play in shaping Malaysia as we know it. This vibrant and eventful history is celebrated by the Malaysians in the form of Malaysia Day. On Independence Day, you can do shopping, go on tours with friends, enjoy Malaysian Food, events, and so on to make this day more memorable.

Before you delve deeper into the details of this event, get acquainted with the basics.

When was Malaysia Day declared?

Malaysia Day is held on 16th September every year to mark the establishment of the Malaysian Federation. The establishment was done in the year 1963, although there was a lot of discussion and planning before finalizing an exact date for the event. Initially, 1 June 1963 was decided to be the day of establishment of the federation, but it was shifted to a later date; on 31 August 1963.

It was made to coincide with the 6th anniversary of Hari Merdeka, but this decision was not agreed upon by neighboring countries.

Due to the disagreement between the neighboring countries, this decision was scraped off, and 16th September was finally accepted as Malaysia Day. This day is also observed as Malaysian Armed Forces Day, which was established 30 years prior to the formation and unification of Malaysia, during the times of British colonization in 1933.

Is Malaysia Day a public holiday?

16th September is celebrated as Malaysia Day and is an official public holiday.

What are the differences between Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day?

While Malaysia Day is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian Federation in the year 1963, Merdeka day is celebrated to mark the sixth anniversary of Hari Merdeka and the Malaysian Independence Day together. The dates also differ, the former, as stated earlier is celebrated on 16th September, the latter is celebrated on 31st August.

Both the events have their own significance in the history of Malaysia, scroll further to read all about it.

Malaysia Day was an event that saw Malaya, Sabah (or North Borneo), Sarawak, and Singapore unification into a single state. Singapore, however, did not remain a part of the federation for more than two years and was excluded on 9th August 1965. The formation of Malaysia was a big deal for the people and is evident by the popularity of the “Malaysia Forever” song by Bobby Gimby as a token of celebration.

On the other hand, let us know why we celebrate National day in Malaysia.

National Day or Merdeka Day is celebrated in Malaysia to commemorate the official Independence Day of the Federation of Malaya. Also known as the Hari Kemerdekaan, Hari Kebangsaan, or Hari Merdeka it is observed on 31st August every year since 1957. Celebratory ceremonies are held officially as well as unofficially throughout the country.

Although there are a lot of disagreements regarding the celebration.

Many people argue that it is pretty illogical to assign 31st August 1957 as National Day of Malaysia when Malaysia was completely formed in the year 1963, with the merging of the other three states into one single state. Thousands of people gathered at Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur on the night of 30th August 1957 to witness their country being liberated from the power of British forces.

How is Malaysia Day celebrated by the locals?

Whether you are a local or a tourist visiting Malaysia in the month of September, witnessing the celebration of Malaysia Day is a must.

There are several cultural performances all over Malaysia, including the Boria Showcase in Penang, a traditional and ethnic dance form from Sabah and Sarawak. All the day’s festivities end with a beautiful display of fireworks which light up the night sky. Here are some ways you can make this day even more special and exciting.

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Enjoy Malaysia Day with full enthusiasm and make the best use of the sales and discount offers to make the day even more special. Don’t forget to check out the smart way to save money from top brands in Malaysia to maximize your savings and your shopping. With a joyful note, Vouchers Portal wishes you all a very Happy Malaysia Day!


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