How To Work Exercise Into Your Day: Stay Fit Without Leaving Home

How To Work Exercise Into Your Day: Stay Fit Without Leaving Home

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic world, we have everything at the tips of our fingers. We get food at our doorstep by pressing a few icons on our phones, we are well connected to each and every part of the world through the internet and we shop online through apps and get our things delivered to us. We all agree to the fact that technological development has made life a lot easier now than it was a decade earlier.

No doubts we have gotten the world within our grasp, but there are certain things that technology is unable to do. The most important of them is improving our health. It can provide us with mediums that will ease the hassle, but in the end, the hustle has to be ours. It has to be us who are going to employ those mediums to make our health, and ultimately our life, better.

Health issues are mounting up and the main reason is overworking and not getting enough time to exercise and stay fit. People nowadays are getting more and more conscious about their fitness and health. Most of these people join gyms, practice yoga and meditation, and indulge in various sports, anything which fits in their schedule. There are also some who cannot spare a minute off their work and hence cannot find time to exercise.

Did the last line sound familiar to you too? If yes then this amazing article is special just for you. You have always been a healthy kid in your childhood days but now you cannot fathom why you are suffering from various health issues? The answer to your worries, most probably, is that you have maximum workload and indulge in minimum exercise. It is your body’s call to ease up your burden, maybe calm down a little and focus on keeping yourself healthy and happy. Along with the daily exercise, you have to add some healthy food to your daily diet. But the question is this where can find the best healthy food. You can order online from your favorite restaurants through Foodpand MY and save big with the Foodpanda Vouchers Malaysia.

Achieving fitness goals is within reach, even without leaving the comfort of home. Seamlessly integrate exercise into your daily routine with these simple yet effective strategies. Embrace the convenience of home workouts, utilizing bodyweight exercises, yoga, or pilates to enhance strength and flexibility. Break up sedentary periods with short bursts of activity, such as taking the stairs or stretching during breaks. Embrace technology by following online workout videos or using fitness apps for guidance and motivation. With consistency and creativity, staying fit becomes effortless, ensuring a healthier and more energized you, all from the convenience of home.

Difference Of Workout And Exercise

To begin with, you might want to familiarize yourself with the difference between a workout and an exercise. It is pretty simple and well defined, while workout means a particular series of rigorous activities done for strength training, usually requiring complex equipment and going to the gym, exercise is any physical activity which can be done anywhere for health reasons requiring minimal to zero equipment.

Since the working class finds pretty little time to exercise, here are some tips and tricks to exercise while working.

Breathwork Exercise

Breathwork exercise refers to such exercises which require breathing and involves the respiratory system. It is mainly internal and is performed by individuals to enhance their state of mind and attain mental stability. During a breathwork exercise, you have to deliberately change your breathing pattern. Here are some breathwork exercises which you can perform while sitting at your office desk.

Pursed Lip Breathing- slows down your breathing and helps in relaxing the facial and chest muscles.  To do this exercise firstly relax your neck and shoulders. Secondly, inhale slowly through your nose and count till 2, keeping your mouth closed. Thirdly, purse your lips, and lastly, count till 4 and exhale slowly through your pursed lips.

Breathe Focus Technique- uses focus words and phrases or imagery to help the mind relax.  For this exercise, sit at a comfortable place then notice your breathing pattern without deliberately changing it. Switch to normal breathing and deep breathing alternatively and notice how your abdomen expands on deep breathing. For a few minutes, practice deep breathing.

Place one hand below your navel and notice how it rises and falls with each breath, and sigh loudly with each exhale.  Begin your practice and focus your mind on the imagery of a word to relax, with each inhale, imagine the air going in through your nose and giving you peace, try saying, “I am inhaling peace and calm”. With each exhale, imagine your tension and worries fading and you can say, “I am exhaling anxiety and troubles”.

Alternate Nostril Breathing- is called “pranayama” in Sanskrit. This exercise requires you to sit in a relaxed position, holding your nose with your index finger and thumb. Now close one nostril and inhale from the other, then close that nostril. Release the closed nostril and exhale through that.

Resonant Or Coherent Breathing- maximizes heart rate variability, mitigates stress, and is also helpful for depression. To practice resonant breathing, sit comfortably. Now count till 5 while slowly inhaling. Stay for 10 seconds. Then slowly exhale while counting till 5. To complete this exercise, continue doing so for a few minutes.

Before Work Exercise Routine

Begin your day with light exercises before you step into your daily routine. These simple exercises will give you the kickstart for the day.

Your muscles tend to turn stiff when you are sleeping, and heavy workouts and exercises may result in an injury. To relax the stiffness, stretch and elongate your muscles. You can go out to get breakfast on foot or on a bike. If you don’t have time to go biking or walking, you can simply climb up and down the staircase. Ditch the mechanical cooking devices like an electric beater, while preparing food go for the traditional hand beater instead. While heading out to work, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and if your workplace is not too far, prefer walking instead.

Best At Work Exercise Equipment

  1. Small Hand Weights
  2. Resistance Bands
  3. Balance Ball Chair
  4. Under Desk Elliptical
  5. Treadmill Desk
  6. Stability Cushion
  7. Yoga Mat
  8. Fitness Activity Tracker

If you are wondering where you can get these office-friendly and compact exercise equipment, Lazada is here to ease your worries. You can purchase premium quality exercise gear from the comfort of your office desk by shopping with Lazada and don’t forget to apply the Lazada Promo Code MY to get surprising discounts.

Some Popular Exercises

If you are planning to go for easy and popular exercises which actually make a difference, then you should check these out.

Core Work Exercise

These exercises are beneficial for those who do not have much space for exercise equipment at their spaces and want to practice an equipment-free exercise routine. A strong core will help you in the prevention of an injury and will tone up your abdominal area. These exercises also help in relieving backaches and old injuries.

  1. Hollowman
  2. High Plank
  3. Bridge
  4. Superman Pull
  5. V- Ups
  6. V- Sits
  7. Plank Knee Crosses
  8. Leg Raises
  9. Elbow Plank Twists
  10. Plank Shoulder Taps
Compression Work Exercise

These exercises are focus mainly on the lower abs, quads, and hamstrings, and require no equipment.

  1. Straddle Leg Lifts
  2. Pike Leg Lifts
  3. Isometric Leg Holds
  4. Hanging Leg Lifts
Crab Walk Exercise

It is an intense exercise that requires the involvement of the whole body and the best part of it is that it can be done almost anywhere, even on a vacation and this too, can be done without any equipment. You need to find a clean place to sit on, with your feet slightly apart and your knees bent in front of you.

Your hands should be placed on the floor behind your back. Lift your hips off the floor, simultaneously tighten your core.

Now putting your entire body- weight on your hands and legs, balance your body so that your hands and feet are the only part of your body touching the floor. Start moving, alternating your left limb with your right hand and vice-versa. Walk to and fro in your room and do so for 30 seconds to complete one set.

Can Exercise Work Without Diet?

There are many people around the world who wish to stay healthy and get fit without changing their eating patterns. They are often haunted by the thought of giving up certain foods which appeal to their tastes and therefore are troubled by the fact that these foods do not get any healthier than this. For people wondering if their workouts or exercise routines will be effective or not without a proper and balanced diet, the answer is no.

This is because of the simple scientific fact eating without following a proper diet plan will result in the build of extra calories. Exercising without sticking to a diet will, no matter how hard you exercise, not do you any good as double the number of calories you burn while exercising will be gained when you take your unplanned meal the next time. It also won’t make much of a difference if you are trying to keep heart and stomach diseases at bay, as well as if you are planning to lose weight.

Therefore adhering to a personalized diet plan curated just for your body type should be the prime concern before starting any exercise. Also if you are planning to just focus on the diet without exercise thinking that diets without exercise work, then you should be aware that fitness, diets, and exercises go hand-in-hand. You cannot really expect that you can skip any of the two and get a great physique or a healthier lifestyle. You should consult a dietician and get a diet plan charted out before you step into workouts and exercises.

Can Keto Work Without Exercise?

Ketogenic diets are meant to cut the carbs, sugars, and processed foods from your diets.

Ketosis can be termed as the process of turning your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner. Keto diets do help in losing weight without exercise by transforming the nutrition you get from food into energy so that you drastically lose weight. But undergoing a keto diet would not be recommended if you are planning to undergo intense training.  Looking for diet supplements to gain extra nutrition? Shop online with iHerb and apply the iHerb Promo Code to get them at a discount.

Can You Exercise After Blood Work?

It is better to postpone your exercise and workout routine after having your blood drawn because the body is pretty weak at that time.

Can You Exercise Before Blood Work?

No, you should refrain from exercising before getting your blood drawn for any medical tests. The scientific reason behind this is that while you engage in any rigorous physical activity certain chemicals are released by the glands, which when mixed with blood can lead to inaccurate test results.

Are Exercise Balls Good To Sit On At Work?

Yes, it is definitely a better option to switch your regular chair with a mini and flexible exercise ball at your office to sit on. They are available on Aliexpress in a wide range of colors and sizes. These balls help in strengthening your core and posture and also relieve you of back ailments. Apply Aliexpress promo code to purchase yours at attractive discounts.

Does The Japanese Breathing Exercise Work?

In this breathing exercise, you inhale more oxygen, which leads to more fat burn, which can help you lose about 13 kilograms in a few weeks.


It's time you listen to what your body needs and adhere to simple yet effective exercise routines to stay fit and healthy. Staying healthy is a fun task and it should not feel laborious to anyone. There are simpler and easier ways of keeping oneself physically and mentally sound. After all, don’t they say that again “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”?


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