Chinese New Year in Malaysia 2023

Chinese New Year in Malaysia 2023

Because 25% of Malaysia's population is of Chinese heritage, the Chinese New Year 2023 is celebrated as a national holiday and is given high prominence. Due to its springtime date and adherence to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year is also known as the "Spring Festival" and " Lunar New Year." From a Western perspective, the date varies but generally occurs in either January or February.

One of the major festivals in Malaysia, Chinese New Year, is celebrated for an entire 2 weeks. The capital town is decked out in red and gold, and ancient lion and dragon rituals are typically performed during parades. Households are cleansed to fight off dust and bad luck; prayers are performed in temples for riches and good fortune; and ritual drums are beaten to repel evil spirits. A must-see at this festival in Malaysia is the nightly fireworks displays!

Chinese New Year 2023

According to the 2023 Chinese calendar, the Chinese New Year is on January 22, 2023 which is Sunday for the year. It's the time of the year to clean your spaces, both residential and official. You get the option of enjoying sweets and other delicious food items with your loved ones.

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, represents the celebration of many kinds of events, rituals, and games. People get ready in cultural outfits, enioying the day in different ways as per the area and traditions.

Where To Go During Chinese New Year 2023?

Wondering what to do and where to go to enjoy the Chinese New Year with full vibes? Then here are some generic suggestions for you to consider:

  1. Light a Candle at the Penang-based Dhammikarama Burmese Temple.
  2. View the Kek Lok Si Temple's Magical Lights.
  3. Snap Instagram-worthy photos of the Chinese New Year decorations at the mall.
  4. View Chinese New Year Performances at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and the Giant 3D LED Screen.
  5. Toss Yee Sang at St. Regis Kuala Lumpur's Brasserie.
  6. Explore Thean Hou Temple's Hundreds of Lanterns.
  7. View the Lion Dance at the 1 Utama Mall.
  8. Take Advantage of Jonker Street's Chinese New Year Treats 8.
  9. Visit Cameron Highlands to Beat the Heat.
  10. Gather your family together for your reunion.

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What's the Chinese New Year for 2023?
Beginning on January 22nd, 2023, and lasting through February 9th, 2024, the Chinese New Year of 2023 is a Year of Rabbit 2023.

How Long is the Chinese New Year holiday in Malaysia?
The first three days of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration are the most significant. On the fifteenth and last day, Chap Goh Mei, residences are lavishly decked with a profusion of vibrantly colored lights.

Is Malaysia closed for the Chinese New Year?
The day of Lunar New Year is a public holiday. Due to the public holiday, the vast majority of businesses and schools are closed. Since it falls on a Sunday in 2023, some businesses might decide to keep Sunday hours.

What is the Chinese New Year in Malaysia?
The chap Goh Mei!

The first three days of the fifteen-day Chinese New Year celebration are the most important. The fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year, or Chap Goh Mei, is once more enthusiastically observed.

What is Malaysia’s New Year called?

After Christmas, the Lunar Year 2023, probably Kuala Lumpur's most significant celebration, is already being prepared for in Malaysia. It heralds the beginning of the first month of the lunar calendar and is also referred to as Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival.

Where to go in Malaysia during Chinese New Year?
The celebrations are viewed as a little subdued in Kuala Lumpur. People swarm the temples to honor the gods, burn paper cuts for their ancestors, light joss sticks, and take in the displays. Small celebrations are held in malls that are brightly decorated and illuminated, and in the evenings, crowds of people pass through the streets to take in the open-air markets and fireworks.

Which part of Malaysia has the most Chinese?

Malaysian Chinese are found all over the country, except in four states: Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, and Sabah, where they make up only 2% to 9% of the population. They represented anywhere between 15% and 43% of the population in other states and territories.

The Klang Valley, specifically Petaling Jaya, Kepong, Jinjang, and Cheras, is the region of Malaysia that contains the most Chinese residents because it is the country's largest urban area in terms of both size and population.

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Have a great time celebrating in the perfect style!


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