Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2023 – Latest Deals And Offers In Malaysia

Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2023 – Latest Deals And Offers In Malaysia

Shopping and that too with the best bargains is among the most dopamine-releasing works in the capitalist world. Humans have a tendency to win at whatever they do and shopping is in the same category. You feel like a winner when you get your desired item at the best price for you. Divine blessings!

To give you the best discounts and dopamine, here are the two most awaited days of the year for serial shoppers.

When is Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 are two days that come right after the Thanksgiving festival. People across the continents wait for these two days to grab the best Black Friday deals available, both online and offline, i.e., brick-and-mortar businesses. You must be wondering when is Black Friday 2023. When is Cyber Monday? So, breaking the news for you, Black Friday 2023 is on 26th Nov and Cyber Monday is on 29th Oct. Black Friday is probably the best day of the year to buy the latest, big-ticket or say the items that are generally out of reach during ‘normal’ days. 

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are basically western world-born activities, the craze is certainly growing like anything in the Eastern world too. Malaysia is among those countries where people like to spend a lot on discounted products, or even otherwise. 

During Black Friday, an average person buys 4 products. You can assess how many days you buy 4 damn things in a day (if the product is not some daily use item like food products). While there is no limit to what category of item people want to buy Cyber Monday is more profitable for getting the best tech deals on gadgets, video games, and mobiles. Just wait a few days for the best Black Friday 2023 phone deals to get the best smartphone available. You can also buy small items and gifts at a heavy discount on the day of Cyber Monday 2023

In recent years, Cyber Monday has become even bigger than Black Friday. The retail sales statistics of 2020 reveal that the sale of Cyber Monday touched a high number of $10.86 b online. 

Big and established companies know that they have customers waiting for them from the biggest economic group, the great middle class. Not just the middle class, but the lower and upper middle class too wait for this huge opportunity (Not saying that the upper class stays at the bay completely). All brands, especially those with high-ticket pricing products like mobile and laptops come with lucrative discount offers. And tell me honestly, what do you, aka dear customers, want else? You obviously wait for the moment when the companies open their sales.


This year you can find some amazing discounts on big and blockbuster items from multi-national companies like:

  • Lazada – The e-commerce site is offering the best products at the best prices. Check the site once to know about the highly discounted offers like the Lazada promo codes on your favourite products.
  • Shopee – Shopee is another e-commerce website having a list of items like cosmetics, clothes, electronics, etc. You can search on this amazing site for your favourite items that you want to get this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In discounts, of course. 
  • Klook – Want to travel but find this hobby exorbitant? Well, now your tension is no more. Klook can offer you this Black Friday and Cyber Monday amazing travelling experience at cheap prices. Get the benefit of Klook sales for your desire of travelling all around the world. 
  • – You’re not just going to get offers on travel plans, flights, etc., but you’re going to get amazing discounts on hostel bookings of all price ranges on is offering you the best deals on hotels all across the world during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 
  • Lenovo – Wait is going to end for your search for Cyber Monday Laptop Deals and Sales 2023. Who doesn’t like Lenovo laptops? Get one of the best laptops you know of for as less as 40% of the regular price of the same laptop on normal days. Use the given Lenovo coupon codes for discounts.
  • Dell – Dell, too, has opened its stock of discounted products. Dell laptops are among the best in the market, and if you need one, get one on Dell’s website. In all probability, they will provide it in their brick-and-mortar shops too.
  • – Your favourite Alberwines2U is having 30%-50% off on your favourite wines in the month of October. If you love wine along with other beverages, then November is going to be your month. Expect more during Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Albertwines2u voucher codes.
  • Foodpanda – Grab an amazing feast with a festive vibe with foodpanda. From sales coupons to free shipping, foodpanda is treating their customers with love for this BFCM.
  • Allyoung – You want to grab and own all the out-of-range beauty products you always wished you had? No more waiting. AllYoung is all set to open its store with heavy discounts with Allyoung promo codes on the most liked products by its customers. 
  • Nike – Nike is offering huge discounts to its customers on products ranging from small to large price range. If you are a fan of Nike shoes, which you probably are, then go for the sale. You have all you want.
  • Luxury Escapes – All expensive holiday packages, and resort stays are going to be within your reach now. Yes, you manifested it. Don’t be late now. Go and book for the experience you have always been holding in your eyes using the Luxury Escapes discount codes. It’s all yours now. 
  • Zalora – A leading name in fashion and beauty, Zalora, is offering you discounts on all low and high-range products. We know how big a fashionista you are. And so does the brand.


As per the trends, electronics, clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, shoes, and jewellery are among the topmost choices of Malaysians to shop for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The middle class finds it easy to buy costly products such as FIFA23 and 4K Smart TV on the sales days (maybe the month). While the expectations of buyers are still not met by brands, Malaysians, in general, are more positive than negative towards the Black Friday Sales. fe


These are some of the biggest companies that offer high-quality, high-end products usually middle-class people can’t afford. 

Black Friday this year will be on 26 Nov and Cyber Monday will be on after 3 days, i.e., 29 Nov. In Malaysia, it is being observed that the peak time of shopping either online or offline happens between 11 AM to 3 PM. This was totally different from countries like Turkey, Finland, Greece, Singapore or Hong Kong where people preferred to shop right after midnight. 

Not just consumers, but even businesses start to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday from the start of the month. Earlier, the brands were only on these two specific days. But, in recent years, with the rise of the popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they’ve been alluring the customers towards them since a few days before the exact dates. You can see how the entire month becomes a sale month in the month of these two most awaited dates for shopping. 

The trend by the brands becomes obvious to see the stats the percentage of the population knows about and waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In a survey of 2021, 52% of survey respondents were willing to participate in Black Friday. This percentage will likely increase this year as more and more people are now on social media, specifically platforms like Instagram which prompts them to buy products or even services that fancy them.

47% of Malaysians confessed that they need discounts on things that they need in their daily life on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The survey taken in 2021 showed a trend toward buying items from different categories.

Let’s take a look here:

Electronics/household appliances – Around 27% of countrymen showed their interest to buy electronics and household items this Black Friday.

Take Away – 24% were interested in takeaway items.

Cosmetics/Perfumes – About 20% of Malaysians wanted to buy cosmetic items and perfumes.

Sports Accessories – 17% were ready to get new and discounted sports accessories for themselves. 

Travel/Holiday – 15% were looking out for travel or holiday-related deals.

Groceries – About 19% decided to buy groceries.

Books – About 14% were going to buy books.

Jewellery – 14% of people decided to buy jewellery.

You can see through the statistics that the most purchased items are from high-ticket product offering categories. Be it an iPhone or a high-cost Samsung mobile, waiting for the best offer is just a regular scene. The takeaway might look like a surprise here, but it actually has a good contribution to the sales. Like who doesn’t want to munch the tastiest meals available and that too at half of the price to that on normal days? In the same way, cosmetics and sports accessories.

Both are among the high price product categories if you take the quality products in the picture. If you want really great perfume which leaves an impression on the crown even after you come back from the party, you need it from a great brand too. Cheap perfumes or cosmetics hurt you more than it does any better for you. And buying top-branded cosmetics isn’t always pocket-friendly. So, people wait for the time when the brands release a huge quantity of their stacked items for small to large discount brackets. 

The same goes for travel and holidays. Not that people don’t spend money any other time, but what’s bad about a discount offer? Malaysians are likely to spend RM455 this year, as per the survey.


Fortunately or unfortunately, days like Black Friday and Cyber days are no more the only days to bring discounted offers. e-Commerce platforms keep giving discounts throughout the year. However, even they need to work more on strategy and marketing this season. As you already know, now the discounts are an all-year-round event, mostly on e-commerce sites. Even in the month of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, brands try their best to offer drool-worthy discount offers on the most demanded products. 

According to Ken Morris, Managing Partner at Cambridge Retail Advisers, said “Black Friday will always be that day. It’s a day when most of us are with family and friends and this communal shopping is ingrained in our DNA. Attempting to shift buyers to shop early will require deep discounts and inherited risks and margin hit if a retailer could have sold at full price. Risky business!”

Businesses, e-commerce, in particular, are now seeing Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) as a long-term game. In the age of social media and online shopping, it has become convenient to gain the data of customers and keep them as retainers. 

Brands are heavily investing in email marketing to make a presence in the eyes of potential customers. You must have gotten thousands of emails from the brands you transact with online. This is called nurturing potential customers through emails. It is certainly no wonder that we are living in the age of data and companies want to leverage the customers’ data to bring them to stores. Nonetheless, when you get discounts on the brand and brands get profits through more selling, it’s a definitely win-win situation. 

When something like BFCM happens, a lot of buzz happens among people and the media. Talk around consumer economy and capitalism takes place around the corner of the world. But certainly, no one can deny the love for shopping or say buying new things for their various needs. This is what matters most no matter how much people regret spending it. They will come back again for next year’s events.

Are Cyber Monday deals same as Black Friday?

Although the terms are different, many websites and merchnats provide similar range of discounts on both Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Plus, the sales occur in very near proximity to each other so the sales drag throughout the month.

How long does Black Friday last in Malaysia?

Black Friday is going to begin from 26th of NOvember this year and will last till 29th November, which marks the beginning of Cyber Monday. Many merchants begin their Black Friday deals before the date.

How much is Black Friday Discount?

Black Friday discounts and sales can range from 10% OFF to 80% OFF and more.

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