Which are the best foodpanda discounts 2022?

Which are the best foodpanda discounts 2022?

Food has become the center of attention for any occasion or festival. But preparing food is lengthy and hectic work. From searching ingredients in the supermarket to slicing and chopping the ingredients everything step is hectic. Then in the end comes the most difficult task is cooking them. Therefore nowadays we all prefer to order food from restaurants as its way less hectic and the food is tasty too

In Malaysia when it comes to food and grocery delivery the first name that pops in our head is Foodpanda. And what can be better than getting your food delivered at a discounted price, this blog will tell you about the best Foodpanda discount in 2022.


Foodpanda 优惠券 Malaysia is the most convenient and famous online food ordering and grocery ordering site, foodpanda works in connecting people with the best restaurants and superstores around them, you can easily get foodpanda delivery services in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Melaka, Ipoh, and many other Malaysian cities.

Foodpanda is basically an online food and grocery delivery site which is owned by Delivery Hero. Foodpanda is operating as the lead brand for Delivery Hero in Asia. The headquarters of foodpanda is in Singapore. It is currently known as the largest food and grocery delivery platform in Asia, other than China foodpanda is operating in 12 markets across Asia​​​​​​.

Foodpanda believes that food ordering should be a fast and fun experience as food is a pleasure altogether in itself. You can order with foodpanda in a 4-step recipe process:

1. Search restaurants

Find restaurants that deliver to you by entering your address.

2. Choose food 

Browse hundreds of menus to find the food you like.

3. Pay online/COD

Pay fast & secure online or on delivery.

4. Enjoy the food

Food is prepared & delivered to your door.

Latest foodpanda discount deals and offers

1. foodpanda pickup voucher

there are lots of exciting foodpanda voucher code offers for customers. And one among the many other offers is the pickup offering by foodpanda. The offer states that you will get 40% off on your order if you will use the pickup code. The pick-up offer is a part of foodpanda’s monthly biggest Pesta Panda. 

The offer is valid on pickup orders from certain restaurants. The minimum value that you need to spend in order to get eligible for the offer is RM25. And the maximum discount that you will get over your purchase is RM12. Also, the redemption limit of the customer and daily redemption limit is also applied while the stock lasts.

2. KFC foodpanda voucher

Another amazing foodpanda offer code is for KFC and a few other restaurants too. To avail of this offer, you don’t need to have any code just simply order from foodpanda and you will get access to the amazing offer. enjoy a delicious meal from Pizza Hut, Kenny Roger's, Black Canyon, and your favorite KFC. the offer is available for any other restaurant too.

You get the amazing opportunity to skip the queue and save your valuable time pick up your order and enjoy up to 45% OFF. You also have the chance to Enjoy up to 50% off and more on a few selected restaurants. 

3. Tealive foodpanda voucher

Tealive is a famous bubble tea chain in Malaysia that offers different bubble tea drinks, with a huge variety of flavors. Tealive has a lot of offers and discounts for their customers. 

We all know Bubble tea is a popular drink and it has been the fan's favorite for decades and no doubt why, since it tastes like heaven so how can anyone ignore this drink? And what can be better than having bubble tea at a great price and discount? Tealive offers a mind-blowing discount of 50% off on bubble tea beverages. To get this amazing offer simply order from foodpanda and you will get your favorite drink at unbelievable prices.

4. HBL discount on foodpanda

HBL discount code is yet another offer from foodpanda to its customers. The offer will help you to save more money on all of the products that you choose. For every choice from the restaurant, foodpanda has an offer in-store, so that you can select the most suitable offers just as per your needs. The Foodpanda Hbl Discount is very useful as you are able to purchase from your preferred brand while at the same time you are saving a great amount too.

You will get a range of offers under foodpanda HBL discount scheme. Offers ranging from 10% to 15% and many more. 

How can I avail HBL discount on foodpanda?

If you want to avail of the HBL discount just simply go to the foodpanda page or you can also scroll to view the latest foodpanda discounts.

Select the offer that you wish to get n and apply it to your order. After that, You will be rerouted to a separate page by foodpanda, where you can copy the code also there are many offers that do not require codes so you just need to simply proceed. Once you check out your order you will see the used coupon or offer on your bill and now you can order your item.

How many times can you use foodpanda voucher?

It is generally seen that from time to time, the marketing team at foodpanda provides vouchers, discounts, or any other promotional offer as a part of their campaign. foodpanda vouchers are bound to their validity period and in most cases, vouchers can only be used once.

Latest coupons, discounts, and offers of Foodpanda Malaysia

Half-Price Promotion - Enjoy 50% Savings On Your Next Order HALFPRICE

Enjoy 35% OFF Your Favourite Food Order


Enjoy 30% Savings On Food Delivery Orders From All Restaurants


Enjoy 50% OFF Your First Pick-Up Order


Enjoy 30% OFF All Shops Orders


It's Saving Time! Enjoy 50% Savings On All Shops Orders


What is a promo code?

A promotional code is a code that can be used while purchasing items from the seller. The promo code is offered by retailers to buyers who can easily use it to receive an instant discounted price when buying products online. While using a promo code it is important to keep in mind that you use a promo code that is specific for a brand, in other words, different brands have different promo codes so the promo code for one specific brand will work for that brand only.

There are certain websites that offer you a list of hundreds of voucher codes and promotional codes for various brands across the globe, which means you can save money instantly.

Promotional codes also are set to require other products in your cart to discount an item or require that you have previously purchased the item.

How do I use a promo code?

1. Copy promo code

Visit a website that can provide you food promo code and look for the brand you want. After finding your brand look at the various options of promo codes that a particular brand offers. 

When you find the right code for you just simply copy the code.

2. Start shopping

This is the best part. Now you just need to select all the items that you want to purchase. Simply add them to your shopping cart.

3. Checkout

After you have added all the items that you wish to purchase, proceed to checkout. Before placing the order, you will see a column “coupon code” or “promo code”. 

4. Paste the code

Now you just need to paste the code which you copied before and purchase the items. Voila, you are all set, now you will enjoy the savings that you made on your purchase.

What is a promo code example?

Promotional codes are basically a series of letters and numbers that can help you get instant discounts on your purchase. For example, some online website allows you to get 15% off if you will paste the code “claim15%” in the column which is made for coupons or codes. Using that code can get you an instant 15% off on your purchases.


Foodpanda allows you to make payments for your orders in various ways. From cash on delivery to online payment methods, you get a variety of options that you can choose according to your preference. 

Here are some payment methods that foodpanda provides to you:

Payment through credit or debit card - 

The first step for any transaction to take place starts by choosing your order. Once you’ve chosen your order and placed it, you need to go to the ‘Payment method.’ There you need to add your credit or debit card details after that click ‘Save credit card info’ the benefit of saving credit card info is that you won’t have to enter it again the next time you want to make a purchase.

Now simply proceed with the payment and from then on, the payment method that you have used will be automatically saved for your future transactions with the app.

Payment through GCash - 

GCash is a trusted and internationally-acclaimed micropayment service that works in transforming the mobile phone into a virtual wallet, basically, it makes your phone into a pocket bank for secure, fast, and convenient money transfer. GCash can be used to buy prepaid loads, pay bills, send money, shop online, and purchase goods without the need for any cash. Gcash on foodpanda helps you to pay for your food and grocery delivery without using cash.

If you are a first-time customer and linking your device for the first time, then you need to follow the following steps for successful linking and payment through your device:

Firstly, select the order that you want to be delivered. When you are ready to checkout, select GCash as your payment method for your order. Then click on the ‘Place Order’ option on your device. After selecting the place order option, a new Gcash page will be opened on your device where you will need to enter your mobile number. Soon you will receive an OTP on the same mobile number which you entered before, after receiving the OTP enter it and enter MPIN.

Lastly, authorize Gcash auto-debit function and add ‘Back to Merchant’ then you can successfully complete your transaction.

If you will pay through Gcash on foodpanda then you get the offer to order your food and get it delivered without delivery charges every Thursday.

Payment through PayPal - 

If you wish to pay through your PayPal account, you just need to login into your account before you made a transaction in your Foodpanda app. After opening your account, just visit the Foodpanda app and simply order your food or grocery.

If you want to pay through Paypal you need to select the PayPal payment option in the app. Go to the payment option and choose PayPal and it will automatically connect to your PayPal account which you previously opened.

Payment through Cash on delivery (COD) - 

And last but not least the most preferred and trusted option is cash on delivery. Once you have made an order for your grocery or food, just simply go to ‘Payment method’ and select the Cash on delivery option.

Payment through cash on delivery option is very easy and basically, it’s like shopping from the market where you simply pay through cash. Once the delivery rider arrives at your destination just prepare the exact amount as your order value or as indicated in the app.


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