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Croma was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is a retail chain store in India... for consumer electronics, gadgets, and home appliances. It has over 6000 products across 200 brands and has more than 150 stores in more than 40 cities. Croma's more than 190 locations serve as service centres for consumers.

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Croma Exclusive items offer a variety of exclusive features such as Assured Lifetime Service on the products, extended support, exclusive discounts, and to meet after-sales needs. It has gadgets and electronics of all the major brands and the staff is always ready to help the customers. Croma strives to provide a wide catalogue of the best products with amazing deals for every budget.

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Smartness begins at home when the space you live in is equipped with smart devices that make your life easier and entertaining. With technological advances in health, communication, and personal care, the way our lives have perceived these changes are so relaxing and mood-lifting. Our communication patterns have shifted dramatically as a result of smartphones and the internet. We've progressed in terms of health and fitness, thanks to technology-enabled products such as smartwatches and pulse readers, which offer us an instant health report card. Learning has become more interesting and enjoyable. Alexa and Siri have made our kitchens and homes smarter.

Computers are becoming more powerful, portable, and faster than they have ever been. Technology has made our life easier, faster, better, and more enjoyable as a result of all of these advancements. It has altered how we entertain ourselves, interact with one another, and consume various forms of media. It's produced amusing breakthroughs, but it's also created significant safety breakthroughs in home security and medical equipment.

You must be thinking that why are we discussing so much about technology. This is because there is an online website Croma which has a diverse product line that includes home appliances, PCs and peripherals, gaming software, mobile phones, home entertainment systems, and white goods. Croma online delivery is possible when you shop through the website or the mobile app at the comfort of your home.

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Explore your passion for consumer electronic products with Croma Online shopping. Discover the latest gadgets and appliances across a vast selection of smartphones, laptops, washing machines, air conditioners and many more!

  • Television and Accessories: A standard TV set can only watch cable or use a set-top box, whereas smart TVs can use the internet to access virtually endless material. A smart TV is a high-definition television with built-in Internet capabilities that allows users to stream music and videos, surf the online, and use apps. They get unique insights into the market and consumer needs, as evidenced by Croma Televisions, which are specifically built with the consumer in mind.
  • Home appliances: The need for electrical and mechanical products has skyrocketed, making them an indispensable necessity in today's world to help us operate our households smoothly. They are essential for cleaning, cooking, purifying, and preserving food. Taking care of your regular duties, such as washing clothing, heating food, and ironing, can be made very simple and quick with Croma’s range of exotic home appliances.
  • Health and Fitness: It's always a good idea to invest in activity trackers and health monitors that allow you to keep track of your health signs without having to visit the doctor. Hearing aids are a must-have for everyone with older persons at home. It is always relaxing to receive a relaxation massage after a rigorous workout. Choose from a large selection of massagers and massager machines to soothe your muscles and enjoy complete relaxation.
  • Grooming and Personal Care: Grooming is not only beneficial to your health but also makes you appear more attractive. This instils self-assurance in you. Men's grooming equipment is now available to purchase online. Women, too, go to salons for hair styling, hair removal, and other cosmetic procedures. Save your efforts and  Shop online for the best grooming goods at amazing discounts ranging from hair dryers to epilators, hair straighteners to shaving equipment.
  • Gaming: They have a large selection of top PC, XBOX, and PS games from some of the greatest game producers in the world, including the FIFA and COD series, among others. You'll also find a diverse selection of entertaining electronic toys, such as remote-controlled cars, app-controlled robots, and even an electric bicycle. When it comes to gaming consoles, there are two primary options: Sony's PS series and Microsoft's Xbox series, both of which provide top-of-the-line gaming experiences.

Why use the services provided by Croma India?

  • Gift cards: Croma Gift Card is also available in electronic version in this digital age, which helps overcome the challenges of distance and the risk of losing the physical card. The E-Gift card functions in the same way as a physical card, with the added benefit of being more easily accessible.
  • Feature-Rich Products: Croma stands for - Life, More Beautiful; promising the beauty of the products and the value they add to the lives of their customers. The range is ideal for individuals who want a high-quality product with a lot of features.
  • Order online, pick up from store: Select store pickup as the delivery mode to buy online and pick up at the store.
  • Fast and Free Shipping: Your favourite product ordered online will be delivered within 3 to 7 days. They provide FREE SHIPPING on all of our products, regardless of the cart value.
  • Warranty: They provide up to 3 years comprehensive warranty on all their gadgets and accessories with assured lifetime service so that you can gain a hassle-free experience.

How is Croma different from other tech devices selling online websites?

  • Zero down payment and No cost EMI: You will incur no expenses upfront with zero down payment facility and you pay back in EMIs at up to 24months.
  • Croma Customer Care: You can contact customer service at any time and have all of your questions answered. Within 24 hours of submitting your enquiry, you will receive a response.
  • Croma E Care: Drop off your e-waste at the nearest Croma location. They come to your house and collect your e-waste and ensure that recycling is done safely and responsibly.

What are the Benefits of using the Croma Mobile App?

  • Product Scan: Scan the product barcode displayed in the store for instant and detailed information about the product.
  • Easy Research: Enjoy the 3D view, feature tour animations, unique feature highlights and 3D experience of the product as it would look in your home.
  • Compare Products: Side by side comparison of product features making sure that your chosen product is just perfect for you.
  • Seamless: Get personalized alerts, find the nearest store, track your order history, search for your desired product and shop anytime, anywhere.

How to Get the Best Deals and Offers on consumer electronic products from Croma India?

  • Croma sells a wide range of electronic products, home appliances and other gadgets. Sign up with the website and receive information about new electronics, gadgets, and special offers in your inbox.
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  • To avail of discounts and ongoing offers, you just need to click on the “Croma Exclusive” section which shows the discounted products section on the website.

How do I use Croma Discount Code & Coupon Code? 

  • Just tap on the link Vouchers Portal India and type "Croma" in the search column.
  • Go through the offers listed on the greeting page in the form of the “Croma” promo code India, Croma coupon code, and Croma discount code.
  • Select the offer that fits best with what you desire to do.  You will be redirected to the website of Croma, where you can choose the products you want.
  • Proceed towards checkout and paste the copied code in the "Apply code" or "Redeem code" column. 
  • Enjoy endless savings!

1. Is Croma a Tata product?

It is a consumer and electronic durables retail chain owned by Infiniti Retail Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons. It has 101 locations in 25 cities, as well as modest shops in busy shopping malls.

2. How do I check my Croma delivery?

In the Croma account section, you can check the progress of your orders. Click 'My Orders' on the My Account tab to see the status of all your Croma orders. Click on the 'Order Number' link to see the status of a certain order.

3. How can I avail EMI in Croma?

Please select the EMI payment option on the Payment page. Select Credit Card EMI and then-No Cost EMI from the drop-down menu. To get an interest discount, choose a bank and look at the details. Select a tenure and then proceed to submit your card information and pay.

4. Are there any similar services available as Croma?

Yes, you can buy budget-friendly electronic goods and household equipment for your daily needs from Amazon India.