What Is The Importance Of Republic Day In India: Top Deals Available Online

What Is The Importance Of Republic Day In India: Top Deals Available Online

National festivals and days mark great revolutions, significant occasions, or special moments for a nation. Every county has its national holiday such as Independence day which is celebrated in many countries as the British colonized many countries once and ruled on them including big countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and even the Indian Subcontinent. There are other numbers of national holidays varying from country to country. In India, there are 3 significant national holidays i.e. the Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti.

Republic day is one of the national holidays in India which is just around the corner. It marks the day on which the constitution of India came into force back on 26th of January 1950, this year India will celebrate its 70th Republic Day. The Republic Day is such an occasion which is given more importance than the Independence Day which is on 15th August as, it was after the Republic Day, India formally had a set of rules and regulations for running properly in future. The Republic Day is a national holiday for everyone in India, banks, offices, schools, and colleges remain shut officially, but in schools children often celebrate Republic day and participate in different contests based on the theme of Republic Day. You can book your tickets online with the Klook promo code.

How is Republic Day Celebrated In India?


In India one of the biggest events which is given much importance every year is the Republic Day Parade, The Flag Hoisting by the President at the Red Fort in the country capital apart from that, flag hoisting is done in schools, parks, and offices followed by the reciting of the national anthem and other patriotic songs. The schools although aren’t formally opened but students can voluntarily go to participate in different Republic Day-themed events which are held in different schools such as slogan and essay writing competitions, art competitions, plays or fancy dress competitions and much more. Celebrating Republic Day in different local places awakens the feeling of love and patriotism amongst the people which is very important, as one must always love the land where they are born. The celebration and activities are described in detail below, but before that:

What is the meaning and difference between Republic Day, Independence Day and Constitution Day?

While Independence Day on August 15, 1947, marks the nation's independence from British rule, Republic Day, which falls on January 26 each year, marks the day that the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950 on the 26th November every year to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India. The Modi government decided in 2015 to commemorate this day annually as Constitution Day.

And on the other hand, Republic Day is a national holiday in India on which the country marks and celebrates the date that the Indian Constitution came into effect on January 26, 1950, replacing the Government Act of India (1935) as India's governmental document and thereby make the nation a newly established republic. The day also marks India's transition from an autonomous Commonwealth kingdom with the British monarch as the nominal head of the Indian Dominion to a fully sovereign republic in the Commonwealth of Nations with the Indian President as the nominal head of the Union of India.

Now, its time to know the celebration and activities:

The Republic Day Celebration In The Capital

On the occasion of Republic Day, a grand parade is held in the capital, New Delhi which starts from Raisina Hill that is near the Rashtrapati Bhavan, all the way to the historic Red Fort passing the India Gate and the Rajpath. The Prime Minister of India firstly lays a wreath of flowers as a tribute to all the martyrs at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate after which a 21 gun salute is presented. The President of India unfurls the Indian National Tricolored flag followed by the beginning of the Republic Day Parade.

All the winners of the gallant awards pass the president in open jeeps and the president salutes to them admiring their achievements and giving them respect after which the Indian Military showcases its latest acquisitions from its arsenals such as different tanks, AFVs, missiles, radars, and other military weapons which signify the strength and the glory of the country. Medals of bravery and other military achievements are then given by the President to the people from the armed forces, which is for honouring their exceptional courage in the field. Also, medals are given to those citizens who distinguished themselves through their immense courage and acts of bravery by the President. This is followed by the helicopters from the armed forces flying past the area which shower rose petals on the audience.


The cultural parade is held after the military parade which showcases India's rich cultural heritage. The cultural parade consists of different tables from various states. The tableaus from cultural parades consist of a depiction of their unique festivals, signature art, food, and historic locations. Various departments from the government of India also present their tableaus showing their contribution to the progress of the country. Many of the great performers, who perform regionally in their field, and also school-children from all over the country, participate in the parade, showcasing different folk dances, singing, and other performances during the parade.

The parade also consists of a display of skilful motorcycle rides by the Indian Army personnel. The most awaited part of the parade is when different fighter jets fly past the parade area, leaving tricoloured smokes; this marks the end of the Republic Day Parade.

Events Held Locally In Different Cities

Similarly during the state governors unfurl National Flag during the Republic Day ceremony followed by the singing of National Anthem at the state headquarters and different events such as the march past by the state police, dance and singing performances from school children and other performers are also held during the ceremony throughout the nation. Apart from that, different schools also celebrate Republic Day through performances; writing, speech and art competitions, and many more activities to promote the feeling of patriotism amongst the children.

The republic day parade is also telecasted live, on television networks and people throughout the country watch the parade at their homes with utmost zeal and zest and celebrate Republic Day with pride.

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