How To Lose Weight Fast: Simple Steps

How To Lose Weight Fast: Simple Steps

Sure! Losing fat is not an easy task and putting your body under pressure yourself through it doesn't necessarily bring good results. In fact,  it will cause you more health problems. To lose weight fast, one has to eat healthily and follow easy tricks to maintain body fat. There's no one way to achieve a fit body. You need to work on your food patterns, sleeping, exercise, and both mental and physical stamina to lose the extra fat your body has gained.

And if you are wanting ways to get fast results. Then, you're probably on the wrong side. You need to accept the reality that to achieve good results, you have to be consistent with your routine. It's a slow and continuous task to maintain your body weight by inducing a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Go on the internet and you will find a plethora of resources available to tell you the proper diets for weight loss and to buy from the desired brand, click on Amazon India. But you don't have to follow everything shared on the internet right? The Internet might educate you with basic information but it doesn't guarantee you the right results. On the safe side, to get the right diet chart, the wisest step you can take is by consulting an experienced doctor.

A Lot of information related to health and food is easily accessible to people on the internet. It's not a bad thing. But a dietician, nutritionist is best at analyzing your body type. So, it's best recommended to go through professional guidance. Get proper guidance and help to reduce the fat easily.

What Are the Most recommended weight loss tips?

There are some easy steps to lose weight fast - 

1. Most Recommended tips

  • The health loss industry is full of myths and errors.
  • People are bound to try the craziest things that are mostly not evidence-based.
  • With several years of research, scientists have found several weight loss tips and strategies that are body-friendly.
  • Analyzing the healthy requirements, here is the list of dos and don'ts you can follow for weight loss.

2. Drink water before every meal

  • It's a known fact, drinking water can reduce the extra fat in your body.
  • Drinking water an hour before your meal can boost metabolism by 24-30%. This practice will help you burn off more calories.
  • One study claimed that drinking a half-liter of water about half an hour before eating the meal helped people on diet to eat fewer calories.
  • By drinking water, it fills the stomach half which results in less intake of extra food.
  • This causes you to lose 44% more weight, compared to ones who don't drink water.

3. Don't skip your breakfast

  • Skipping your breakfast will lead you to stop consuming essential nutrients in the morning. You'll feel more hungry throughout the day and feel the gap, you will crave light items.
  • Resulting in munching on snacks and an irregular diet.
  • The body needs early food supplements to reduce fatigue and feel energized all day. By eating a healthy breakfast your body feels recharged and prevents you from feeling lazy and dull.
  • Make a healthy alternative to your favorite unhealthy food.
  • Try out moong chillas, fruit, and nuts salad.

Yes! You read it right. Occasionally what happens is in the flow of eating healthy food. We focus the diet on plain food items. Which is in some way good but this contributes to the urge to eat delicious but unhealthy food. Of course, you can have one cheat day out of your regular diet.

But why not try out delicious dishes with the same ingredients without having to shift to unhealthy food patterns again? There are hundreds of sites available that teach you to cook a delicious dish out of the same regular grains, greens, and fruits.

  • Shift to the healthy supplements of heavy food items like
  • Red rice,
  • baked sweet potato,
  • Baked Sweet potato fries
  • Yogurt with fruit
  • Sprouted moong salad
  • Rice bread
  • Replace crispies with popcorns
  • Banana bread
  • Seasonal veggies and fruits
  • Buttermilk
  • Ragi Dosa
  • Oats idli
  • Mixed vegetable stews
  • Raita
  • Fermented food items

These are some of the alternatives you can try to reduce calories in your daily diet. These are low in calories and provide good benefits to your health. Many people worry and look for weight loss foods which surely do help you maintain your body fat. You can include leafy greens, salmon, boiled potatoes, whole eggs, tuna, beans, and legumes in your lunch and dinner. For breakfast, you should go for fruit juice, soups, and liquid ingredients that will increase the water level in your body.

4. Health Supplements

  • Although, there is no proper research that shows eating dietary supplements may help to reduce fat.
  • But it's necessary to consume Protein for a healthy and fit body.
  • There are multiple supplements you can try like nutrition-based supplements, dietary supplements that help you feel less hungry.
  • Makes you feel full and reduces the urge to munch at every interval.
  • With numerous options available online. Give a try to maintain your healthy lifestyle with My protein health supplements, nutrition, and dietary supplements.

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5. Regular Exercise

Normally, those who develop regular exercising habits to reduce fat get better results than those who don't. To shed extra pounds, most people shift to exercise, which is good practice. But they tend to divert in the wrong direction. Many even lose the motivation to work out daily after a month or so.

Additionally, to help you lose weight, exercise has bigger advantages like it keeps your mood balanced, stronger bones, and reduced the risk of heart diseases and any kind of chronic illness. Studies show that exercising for just 30 minutes daily can make a huge difference. To exercise you don't have to burn yourself for hours to achieve the feet you want.

Therefore, here are the best exercises for weight loss:


  • Riding a cycle is a great way to feel energetic, gain a light mood and work on your body fats.
  • It's a popular exercise that improves your fitness and helps you lose weight.

Affordable exercising equipment you can have. Above all, it's a traditional Outdoor exercise, you can also move to nearby gyms and fitness centers. They have stationary bikes that allow you to bike indoors without the need of worrying about going outside. From regular exercise equipment, sports accessories to sportswear. If any place that can provide you with quality sports elements is Decathlon. Buy your yoga mats, leggings, and activewear online at Decathlon. Enjoy great offers and discounts at your checkout by using Decathlon Coupon Code.

It’s never too late to start exercising. With cycling, you can burn around 298 calories per 30 minutes of regular cycling. Cycling is a light, doable and less weight risk exercise. You don't have to raise the extra weight to put pressure on your joints. And this will also help smoothen your joint movements.


  • Jogging and Running are not similar, but doing, it helps to reduce fat.
  • Both can be done anywhere at any time, super comfortable and you can incorporate this into a weekly routine.
  • Walk for 20 to 30 minutes twice or thrice a week. It will help you burn harmful visceral fat that can prevent you from type 2 diabetes and insulin increase.

Play Sports

A fun way to lose weight? Indulge in a sports activity. Seriously, working out and exercising starts to feel heavy after some time. So to remove this boredom indulge in your favorite sports activities. To get in shape, sports offer several techniques and strategies that keep you motivated and fit. Weight training, badminton, squash, football, volleyball, and basketball. These are a few sports activities that help you release sweat, need full-body movement, and help you maintain your body weight.

One of the fun sports activities you can try is Swimming. Harvard Health estimated that a person can burn a minimum of 155- pounds approximately 233 calories per half hour of swimming. It's easy on joints and nourishes your skin. This makes it a great option for people to try this exercise more.


Yoga is the best-known exercise to relieve stress and anxiety. It helps you concentrate and comes with many more health benefits. Weight loss yoga is not a thing but it's a popularly known weight loss exercise. Since yoga is itself a great practice to reduce extra fat. It helps maintain a proper balance between your brain and the body. It affects the functioning of various levels of your body. The benefits of doing yoga are uncountable. Practicing different asanas can help your breathing, digestion, relieve stress, and make your body flexible.

Aside from physical benefits, Yoga helps you create a mindful approach towards activities in your life. Through yoga and meditation practice your brain will learn to be mindful which can help you resist unhealthy habits, like eating irregularly. Apparently, it's a great way to understand the hunger signals that make you eat mindfully.

Apart from exercises, and food intake, you can always go according to the weight loss diet chart. Simply, determining your calorie consumption and requirement will help you eat properly without feeling guilty of taking too much or little important nutrients.

There are many ways you can try to reduce the extra fat in your body:

You just need to notice different levels and try to move step by step to achieve the desired weight. Keeping consistency will help you for a long time.

Likewise, you can also improve your diet patterns. Get body and skincare products, and health-related items at iHerb. An online store for skin and beauty products. Don't know where to start, just visit to explore products according to your body type. Buy the preferred product by using the iHerb Coupon Code, and enjoy the savings like no other. It's never too late to start something, to sum it all up. You deserve a healthy body.

There's no perfect measurement as such in the world. Follow a proper routine, eating healthy, and including some supplements, feel energetic, healthy, and get a slim look so that you can look more attractive in any sexy wedding dresses, party wears, and many more clothing items. Take one step at a time to reach the body size that you want. Just be easy and have patience throughout the process.


By: Vouchers Portal IN