What Are Top 5 Cool Gadgets For 2021: Our Best Picks

What Are Top 5 Cool Gadgets For 2021: Our Best Picks

En route to the future, technology is going to evolve by leaps and bounds. People already in this age itself are very much adapted to a great range of tech trends. From Smartphones to smart home appliances, people these days are getting used to making their life easier through smart technology which is based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence, which is considered quite hi-tech. The reliance on technology is rising rapidly over time, and soon technology will be so advanced that it will flow through our bloodstream. Thousands of cool and the best in class gadgets already exist in the market which can serve a different number of purposes. You can learn more about these gadgets and get them from the market easily to make your life smarter. 

We at Vouchers Portal have filtered the best devices which are available in the market for different types of purposes and bring you a list of the top 5 greatest gadgets available in the market which are readily available or will be available soon. Moreover, we at Vouchers Portal also bring you a list of stores where you will find these gadgets in India, and if you shop through us you can get the best deals and great price slashes on your purchase of the latest technology. To stay updated on our best tech deals and offers you can Subscribe with us and subscribe to our newsletter.

List Of Top Tech 2021 :

1 - Smart Bands and Watches

Smart bands and watches

Although Smart Bands and Watches have existed for a very long time the companies always come with newer variants with more and more additional features. The Smart Bands are basically meant for fitness tracking, providing fitness-related alerts, showing basic notifications, accepting calls, and monitoring your body health. The smart bands these days come with great AMOLED displays, vibrant designs, and interchangeable straps, and complete waterproofing. Apart from that, the bands these days have the following features.

  • Heart rate monitoring: This is the most basic feature which comes along with a smartwatch or a smart band. The fitness devices provide accurate heart rate tracking data with different analytic tools and demonstration types.
  • Exercise recognition and different modes: Fitness bands these days are able to track different types of exercises and activities which a user is doing while wearing them. They also come with different activity modes with monitoring and guidance in accordance with them such as Sports mode, Bicycling mode, Swimming mode, Gym mode, etc.
  • Integration with the smartphone: Integration with smartphones and providing options to control different functions is mostly available in almost all kinds of Smartwatches and bands. These can provide multiple numbers of functions such as displaying different messages through different apps, showing notifications, control music, access calls, and use personal assistant apps from the phone, and much more.
  • Fitness guidance and coaching: The smart bands and watches usually are connected to their respective apps on smartphones through which they can provide detailed coaching regarding fitness and complete guidance for different exercises.
  • Providing fitness reminders: The smart bands and smartwatches these days provide different fitness reminders, you can schedule time, or get predesigned schedules for reminders related to your fitness i.e. Activity or exercise reminder, sleep time reminder, water consumption reminder, and more.
  • Tracking calories and steps: Fitness devices have very advanced sensors that can track your daily calories which you have burnt in doing various activities. The smart fitness devices can also provide you with the step count of how much you have walked on a daily basis, through which you can estimate how much more you want to burn in order to achieve your goal.
  • Monitoring breathing: The fitness bands can monitor your breathing cycle the amount of oxygen you breathe and the CO2 which you breathe out and provide you the data about it, to help you stay fit. 
  • Sleep tracking: It is also very important to provide you with the data about your sleep cycle, the duration when the intensity of sleep was at peak, and hours when the intensity was soft, this helps you in making your sleep cycle effective and provide your body with better relaxation schedule.
  • Blood Oxygen level monitoring: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, different smartwatches and band manufacturers brought devices with SPO2 monitoring so that people can track the oxygen levels in their blood and trace different breathing disorders with the help of it. Blood oxygen level monitoring is a great feature for tracking other kinds of health-related disorders apart from Covid-19 disease.
  • Changeable watch faces: Smart bands and smartwatches come with the ability to download and change the watch faces with different designs and styles to personalize the appearance of the screen.

Some of the top smartwatches and bands which are coming up in the market are the OnePlus Watch Series & OnePlus Smart Band, Fitbit Versa Smart Watch and Fitbit fitness band series, Apple iWatch, Xiaomi fitness band range which is the most budget-friendly series of smart bands.

2 - Home Assistant

Home Assistant

Home assistants were also introduced in the market several years back different companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon have introduced their smart assistant apps and even special devices for making your home smarter. The job of smart assistants is to provide users a full voice-command-based control over certain functions in their home or on a particular device. The smart home assistant devices usually come in a form identical to a Bluetooth speaker, which may or may not have a display screen.

Users can connect different smart home appliances, lights, and other devices with these assistants and control them using these assistants. Some of the famous home assistant devices available in the market are the Amazon Alexa Echo range, Apple Siri HomePod, Google assistant Home.

3 - Grow Pods

The grow pods are a type of device which works on the principle of aeroponics or hydroponics, which is a smart and efficient way to grow your food indoors at your home. Cultivator pods or grow pods allow people to grow vegetables and fruits easily at their home without using soil and using the medium instead of it to provide plants with its nutrients.


The types of cultivator pods or systems available in the market can be classified into two types:

  • Hydroponics: Hydroponic cultivator pods work on such a system where plants are arranged in a particular type of arrangement and pipes go beneath their containers which are filled with medium. The water flows through a motor beneath the plant and circulates within the system. This prevents wastage of water and plants absorb necessary nutrients, mixed along with the water, and hydration required easily.
  • Aeroponics: The aeroponics systems are more convenient, effective, and smarter to use. Both aeroponics hydroponics systems use the medium to supply water although in the aeroponics system water, mixed with nutrients which a plant requires, is sprayed in monitored volumes in the plant for hydration and providing of nutrients. Smart systems can fix the amount of water and nutrients to be supplied according to the type of plant and thus, these systems are the future of indoor cultivation systems.

Smart grow pods are appearing in the market these days to make living healthier and food more organic. A grow pod that much-hyped in the market is LG indoor vegetable cultivation system which is yet to be launched this year. You can find many such world-class gadgets exclusively on Banggood.

4 - Smart Shoes

The smart shoes serve a similar kind of purpose as a smart band, these shoes come with detachable units consisting of different sensors, for activity tracking. Smart shoes are made to serve the purpose of boosting convenience by merging it with tech. These shoes can be connected to a smartphone app and provide you with data related to the step count, calories burnt, activity monitoring, GPS, pressure sensors to monitor the distribution of body weight and speed tracking. The shoes provide detailed stats and proper guidance with the use of their precise sensors designed for the purposes of sports or running, to level up your fitness game.

Many big giants have already launched their range of fitness shoes in the market some of which are:

  • Xiaomi MiJia Smart Running Shoes: Xiaomi MiJia running shoes are equipped with smart activity tracking sensors and can be connected to the MiFit app on smartphones. The shoes are great for running purposes and provide great fitness data stats by advanced monitoring on the MiFit app.

          The MiJia shoes are the most affordable smart shoes in the market with a great array of features and different colors available easily on Flipkart India.

  • UnderArmour HOVR Phantom Shoes: The HOVR Phantom shoes were released back in February 2018. These shoes have inbuilt sensors to record the data of metrics which is useful for runners. These include stats like distance, steps, pace, stride, and cadence. 

The shoes can be connected to the Map My Run app which is available on both iOS and Android phones. The users can experience great futuristic features like zero gravity great energy run with these shoes’ special tech-based cushioning.

  • Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0 Shoes: The shoe giant Nike, recently launched its innovative self-lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes with super awesome, dope-looking futuristic tech. The shoes have special pressure-enabled sensors in the soles which detect the foot, when placed inside and trigger automatic lacing. These shoes have integrated LEDs that can display the low battery on the show. Moreover, these shoes have great battery backup so you can go without charging for almost over a week easily.

5 - Smart Glasses


Smart Glasses are the devices that were introduced a few years back in the market, with features like interactive VR-based functionality and computerized display on the lenses they also included features like a camera, which lets you record in the first-person perspective while you are wearing them. Since then different companies have launched different kinds of Smart glasses amongst which the most popular one is Google Glass which is the most advanced and the most ahead of time tech-equipped Smart Glass. Apart from that, a company like Snapchat also provides a basic range of smart glasses named Snap Spectacles which you can find on Amazon India.

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By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal IN