15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a prospering city-state situated on the southern coast of China. It is noted for its stunning skyline, lively streets, and ethnic variety. With its world-famous sites, excellent cuisine, and rich heritage, Hong Kong has emerged as a must-visit location for travelers throughout the globe. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned tourist, Hong Kong aims to amaze and surprise you at every step.


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Most Beautiful Places in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak

One of Hong Kong's most visited tourist destinations, Victoria Peak, provides breathtaking views of the city skyline. To get to the peak, travelers may ride the Peak Tram, one of the steepest funicular railroads in the whole world. Once there, guests may take in the expansive city views, go shopping for trinkets, and eat at one of the numerous eateries. Discounted tickets and packages to Victoria Peak are available through Klook and Wing on Travel, including food and travel choices.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Families and Disney enthusiasts should both visit Hong Kong Disneyland. The theme park offers performances, parades, rides, and attractions based on vintage Disney movies. Visitors may eat at themed restaurants, purchase trinkets, and meet their favorite Disney characters. Check out Klook, Trip.com, and Wing on Travel for inexpensive tickets and packages to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Tian Tan Buddha

On Lantau Island, there is a vast bronze statue called Tian Tan Buddha, often called the Big Buddha. Views of the nearby mountains and sea are available to visitors who ascend the statue's 268 steps. There is a museum, a vegetarian restaurant, and a monastery nearby. Discounted tickets and packages to Tian Tan Buddha are available through Klook and Wing on Travel, along with transport choices and a vegetarian meal.

Symphony of Lights

Every evening in Victoria Harbour, a magnificent light and sound spectacle is called The Symphony of Lights. The show's use of synchronized lights and music from the city's buildings produces a superb visual sensation. The Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront and the Central waterfront are two locations where visitors may see the performance. Symphony of Lights packages and tickets, including boat trips and meal choices, are cheap on Klook, Trip.com, and Wing on Travel.

New Attractions in Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world, measuring more than 55 km. Linking Hong Kong to Zhuhai and Macau gives travelers a more practical way to see the Greater Bay Area. While appreciating the spectacular views of the adjacent islands and the sea, visitors may go over the bridge by taxi or bus. Tourists who want to experience crossing the water often go to the bridge.

It is advised to reserve a guided tour with a reliable travel agency like Klook or Trip.com to get the most out of your trip to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. These businesses provide specialized packages with access to local attractions, transportation, and a bridge tour.

  • Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park

The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park is a gorgeous waterfront park located on the former location of Hong Kong's principal airport, Kai Tak Airport. With its spectacular perspectives of Victoria Harbour and the city skyline, the park is a favorite attraction for residents and tourists. Guests may enjoy a leisurely walk down the promenade, rest in the wonderfully designed gardens, or picnic with loved ones. Additionally, the park contains an open-air performance area that displays cultural events and concerts throughout the year.

To make the most of your visit to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park, you might select to purchase a tour package with Luxury Escapes or Wing on Travel. They provide numerous packages, including transport to and from the park, guided tours, and unique discounts on local activities, making your visit hassle-free.

  • Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a famous theme park incorporating a marine animal park, oceanarium, and amusement park. Visitors may enjoy exciting roller coasters, water rides, and other attractions while learning about marine life and conservation activities. The park has approximately 80 kinds of marine wildlife, including dolphins, sea lions, and penguins. Visitors may also see animal presentations and engage in interactive displays, making it a perfect place for families with kids. Ocean Park is a must-visit site for visitors seeking a fun-filled day out.

To get the most out of your vacation to Ocean Park, arranging a tour package with a trustworthy travel agency such as KKday or Trip.com is recommended. They provide packages that include transportation to and from the park, skip-the-line entrance, and unique discounts on neighboring activities.

Hidden Beautiful Places in Hong Kong

  • Sai Kung

The eastern New Territories of Hong Kong are home to the modest fishing village of Sai Kung. It is renowned for its enjoyable ambiance, picturesque surroundings, and outdoor activities. Visitors are welcome to stroll around the village's narrow streets and back alleys, browse the shops and markets, and eat fresh seafood at one of the many seafood restaurants. Additionally, the area has several hiking trails that provide breathtaking views of the hills and coastline nearby and several uncrowded beaches that are ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

  • Shek O

A modest beach village called Shek O may be situated on Hong Kong Island's southeasterly coast. With its cliffs, sand beaches, and blue seas, it is famous for its outstanding natural beauty. Due to the plethora of outdoor pastimes, such as hiking, swimming, and surfing, the region is a well-liked vacation resort for nature lovers. One of the most well-known surfing destinations in Hong Kong is Shek O Beach, which also has a choice of seafood restaurants, cafés, and pubs.

  • Lantau Island

The most oversized island in Hong Kong, Lantau Island, is renowned for its natural splendor, cultural landmarks, and outdoor recreation opportunities. Traditional fishing communities, ancient temples, and cutting-edge attractions like Hong Kong Disneyland and the Ngong Ping 360 cable car are all found on the island. In addition, Lantau has some quiet beaches ideal for swimming and sunbathing and several hiking paths that provide breathtaking views of the nearby hills and coastline. Buses and ferries frequently run between Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the island.

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Places to Go in Hong Kong with Friends

  • Lan Kwai Fong

Hong Kong's Lan Kwai Fong is a well-known nightlife zone. There are various cafés, taverns, and nightclubs in this lively district. It is recognized for its welcoming atmosphere and vast food and drinks. Visitors may explore the multiple establishments that cater to varied preferences while enjoying a pleasant night with friends or family. Everyone can find something to do in Lan Kwai Fong, whether they want to dance the night away or chill with a drink and some good food.

  • The Peak Galleria

The Peak Galleria is a retail and entertainment facility situated at the summit of Victoria Peak. This renowned site gives breathtaking views of the city skyline and is a must-visit for anybody visiting Hong Kong. Visitors may buy souvenirs and luxury products, eat at one of the numerous restaurants, or just enjoy the panoramic views from the rooftop patio. The Peak Galleria also hosts several events and exhibits throughout the year, making it a dynamic and fascinating destination no matter when you come.

  • Avenue of Stars

Avenue of Stars is a walkway along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront that pays homage to the Hong Kong film industry. This renowned attraction exhibits handprints and autographs of prominent Hong Kong actors, directors, and other film industry luminaries. Visitors may also enjoy the spectacular views of Victoria Harbour and witness the Symphony of Lights performance, which takes place every evening. Avenue of Stars is a terrific area to take a leisurely walk and drink up the colorful ambiance of Hong Kong's film culture.

Places to Visit in Hong Kong with Family

  • Hong Kong Science Museum

The Hong Kong Science Museum, which is situated in Tsim Sha Tsui, is a must-see for all ages of science specialists. This interactive museum features displays on numerous scientific and technology-related themes, such as robots, virtual reality, energy, and motion.

Travelers may learn about scientific articles via interactive exhibits, live demonstrations, and hands-on activities. For families, school groups, and scientific fans, the museum offers an exciting and instructive experience.

  • Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland, a magnificent theme park that draws tourists of all ages, is situated on Lantau Island. It offers various entertainment options, including thrilling rides, live shows, and well-known Disney characters.

The Lion King performance, Space Mountain, the Iron Man experience, and the numerous themed zones, including Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland, are some of the park's most well-liked attractions. The park is a great day trip location for families since it offers various food and shopping alternatives.

  • Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 is a cable car trip that connects a cultural hamlet with a large Buddha monument on Lantau Island. The South China Sea, mountains, and lush vegetation of the island are all visible from the cable car trip.

Traditional architecture, gift and snack stores and cultural performances may be found in the cultural village. The Tian Tan Buddha, a towering bronze figure that measures 34 meters tall and is encircled by six other miniature bronze sculptures, is the focal point of the community. Visitors may ascend to the statue's base for a closer look and to enjoy the expansive views of the region.

Millions of tourists come to Hong Kong each year, and it's not hard to see why. There is always something new to learn because of the region's rich history, varied culture, and limitless attractions. Hong Kong has some intriguing new attractions to open in 2023 that will wow tourists.

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Why is Hong Kong a tourist attraction?

Because of its distinctive fusion of contemporary and traditional cultures, iconic skyline, delectable food, and shopping options, Hong Kong is a well-liked tourist destination.

What are three interesting facts about Hong Kong?

Three intriguing facts about Hong Kong are that it is the only city in the world where pink dolphins can be found, it has more restaurants per person than any other city, and its name means "Fragrant Harbour" in Cantonese.

What is the most famous thing in Hong Kong?

The most well-known feature of Hong Kong is its stunning skyline, which Victoria Harbour and its tall buildings dominate.

Why is Hong Kong famous?

Hong Kong is renowned for its dynamic urban environment, hopping markets, top-notch food, and rich cultural heritage.

What are the top 5 tourist attractions?

The Avenue of Stars, Big Buddha, Disneyland, Ocean Park, and Victoria Peak are the top five tourist destinations in Hong Kong.

What are five interesting facts about Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is home to the world's longest outdoor escalator, the most considerable permanent light and sound display, the world's most effective tube system, the greatest concentration of Rolls Royces per person, and the most significant number of skyscrapers.

What is popular in Hong Kong now?

Currently, popular things to do in Hong Kong include:

  • Visiting new attractions like the West Kowloon Cultural District and the Tai Kwun Center for Heritage and Arts.

  • Trying local food and drinks.

  • Exploring the city's diverse neighborhoods.

Do Indians need a visa for Hong Kong?

Yes, Indian passport holders require a visa to enter Hong Kong, but they can apply for one online or through a travel agency.

Therefore, if you're considering visiting Hong Kong in 2023, be sure to use these discount coupons and plan to avoid missing out on any of the city's exciting new attractions. In this vibrant and ever-changing metropolis, there is something for everyone, from the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world to the beauty of Hong Kong Disneyland.


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