The Best Way to Add Beauty to your Home

The Best Way to Add Beauty to your Home

“Home is where your heart is.”

Globalization and urbanization have benefitted the world in an exceptional way, but it has also taken away peace of mind. Peace of mind is a necessity, but nowadays, it has become more of a luxury. In this fast-paced era, where earnings are not able to match expenses, people cannot always afford to go on vacations and ease their stress. Home is where we find solace from the chaotic world, a safe haven that knows all of our secrets and protects them with its life. No matter what we earn, we love our homes equally. To have a relaxing vibe at home, we decorate it with trinkets and items which reflect a piece of us. We design the interior of your home according to the climate of the country we’re living in, the size of our houses, and the budget we can negotiate with. For those who live in Hong Kong, we are here with some tips and tricks you can refer to while you are browsing for some expert opinions to add life to your Home. Where can you shop in Hong Kong for the best home decor items online?

We will begin with compact apartments. While you think it might be a big headache redesigning your tiny space into a livable art gallery, it is easier than you presume it to be. Due to the popularity of Hong Kong, owing to various reasons, finding a new space to live in might get a little tricky. Your new apartment can be smaller than you are used to. If you are worried about how you can make your home more welcoming and relaxing, here are some ways you can:

What Are Indoor Plants?

You don’t need to worry much about your home décor if you have a way with plants. Even if you do not have a green thumb, there are indoor plants that do not require a lot of attention and care but will still continue to thrive and add a burst of life to your home. These plants can survive the weather changes with ease since they are not dramatic as some others. With Zalora you can shop your favorite picks from the comforts of your home, just apply the promo code Zalora Promo Code Hong Kong to get exciting discounts on your next purchase. These are 5 indoor plants that you can and should have in your homes:

Which Are 5 Best Indoor Plants For Home?

Spider Plants:

Practically impossible to kill and blessed with the ability to thrive in even the harshest of seasons, spider plants would be a great option for your house’s interior. These are available in either variegated or green varieties, are called so because of the spiderettes which grow out of the plants and dangle down like the spiders on a web.


If you don’t love a cactus, sorry we can’t be friends. The cacti are available in a number of shapes and sizes which you can choose from according to your preference. They tend to become root rotten when overwatered, so you need to water them only when the soil gets dry to the touch.

Snake Plants: 

The long yellow edges leaves of the snake plant would be an ideal addition to our list. Snake plants purify the air and it costs nothing except low light and watering only when the soil turns dry.


Succulents love being indoors. These tiny little plants are attracted to light so make sure you have a well-lit windowsill to put them. The greener they are in color, the better they do indoors.

Rubber Plants: 

Comparatively requiring a bit more care than the rest, rubber plants should be bought when young, as they will adjust to living in low light. Placing them near-ish to the window will let them have access to not-so-bright light which they love.

Does Feng Shui Actually Work For Your Home?

Here are the most suitable places which you can place Feng Shui : 

FENG SHUI For your Bedroom

The energy emitted by a good Fengshui is calm and nourishing. A bed placed against the wall is significant of stability. Open your bedroom windows to ensure the continuous flow of fresh air. Bedroom art matters a lot, it should be something that radiates positivity. The pictures above the beds should be kept small as large pictures emit oppressing energy. There should be no sharp angles facing the bed. Couples should avoid placing an extra chair or a mirror facing the bed as it is indicative of a third person in the relationship.

For Your Kitchen

The best place for items relating to fire, which are compatible with the Fengshui fire energy should be placed in the south and the southwest. The kitchen facing the bathroom is considered a very bad Fengshui and should be avoided.

Things for Good Feng Shui

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, people buy flowers for good Fengshui as flowers generally bring in the wood energy. Some ornaments which are believed to bring good Fengshui are a dragon statue to attract wealth, a turtle statue that symbolizes longevity. A fish can be also be put in the living room to attract wealth but it should not be kept in a kitchen or bedroom. There are some amazing Fengshui ornaments that you can get from Gearbest, apply the code Gearbest Promo Code to get discounts on your favorite pieces.

How can I improve the beauty of my house?


If you love traveling, or if you’re a collector of all things unique, or even if they’re not unique but you’re still proud of them, be it interesting pieces of furniture, photographs, arts, and artifacts, or even books. Choose your favorites among them and showcase them wisely in your space. It incorporates an interesting outlook of your personality and style.


While in Hong Kong you will come across a lot of white-white tiles, whitewashed walls, and ceilings, even white curtains. If you prefer monochromatic tones in your space, add in a bit of texture in the same hue to have uniformity. If you want a more complementary color scheme, you can try to liven up the place with block color rugs, large pieces of furniture like sofas and have color and pattern through the medium of soft furnishings like cushions and ottomans, as they are economical to change with the trends.


In compact spaces, it is a wise decision to create zones for best function and to have more space at hand. Experimenting with techniques from ceiling to floor will create mini zones within your compact apartment to give it a more spacious feel. You can try centering your sofa around a rug to create a living-room-like space, you’ll find a corner to set up your study, and anchor your dining area with a pendant light. Since multi-use furniture is in great demand these days, you can order yours while sitting in your homes from Aliexpress and also get discounts using the Aliexpress Promo Code. Multi-use furniture will be a great addition to your interiors.  For example, your ottoman can be used as a sofa, as a footstool when doubled, and also as a coffee table or a side table.


Hong Kong boats of amazing art galleries and art show across all platforms, from the Affordable Art Show to global art events like Art Basel. You can purchase whichever piece that strikes your eye and fits in your budget. Adding art pieces to your home is a wonderful way to personalize your space- it establishes a connection between you and your home to your local environment and culture. The color palette of the centerpiece art can also form a theme for your home.


Contrast works wonders in our daily life. Experimenting with contrasts will create a fusion of fun, depth, character, and personality. While contrasting, you can pair new with old, for furniture and art, dark with bright, in case of lighting to create a kaleidoscopic pattern, and big with small to add more space and liveliness to your apartment.


You may head to the conventional stores on default, but Hong Kong offers a lot of options in terms of retailers and home décor brands and design elements for your space. Although you need to be careful while purchasing. You can find items worth your money, but that search would be tiring. In some cases, you might pay more in exchange of something not worth the money. Some of the city’s favorite shops to visit while interior designing your home are:

Archetypal- It has a wide range of premium to luxury lighting suitable for Hong Kong homes.
Tidlos - It carries a number of classy and timeless furniture pieces from Scandinavian designers.
Amara - It offers over 300 brands of home décor, from accessories to furniture and even outdoor lighting.
Etsy - It is a platform for finding cool vintage pieces of furniture and home décor.
ParknShop - It is an online retail platform where you can choose your favorite items and get them shipped to your doorstep, it also offers discounts on shopping which can be availed by applying the ParknShop promo code.


Since Hong Kong is notorious for its ultra-compact living, so you can also try the minimalist approach to avoid complications and add a touch of sensibility and sophistication. You can have multi-purpose elements like a cabinet that transforms into a bench in the living room, sliding doors, and a free-flowing layout. The color scheme can be set to somber pastel tones like blues and greys. White-washed oak and different shades of greys in textures contribute largely to a minimalistic atmosphere.


Whether you believe in Fengshui or not, you should pay attention to create balance and symmetry to maintain harmony in a living area. There should be a sideboard with a lamp on each end, place a porcelain urn on a piece of furniture or create a more inviting appeal to the living area with two armchairs.

Your home should be a reflection of your own self and personality, a home is made by those who live in it. You add the vibe in your space and make it worth living. Interior designing is a fun and engaging activity and it does not always have to be expensive. There are a variety of options to choose from and a lot of designs to adopt for your personalized space. We’ll sign off on this note of positivity and we hope you will have as much fun decorating your home as we.


By: Vouchers Portal HK