How To Shop Grocery Safely During Covid-19 Outbreak?

How To Shop Grocery Safely During Covid-19 Outbreak?

Before talking about this topic let’s talk about the COVID-19 virus. Everyone is aware of this but a little knowledge can help you more. 

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people and those underlying medical problems like diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illnesses. Now once again the cause of the COVID-19 virus affecting people all over the world. This time it causes more damage to children as well as people above 30. This is the time to take more precautions than before as now it directly affected your body. 

The best way to prevent and showdown transmission is to be well informed about the virus, how it spread and the disease caused by it. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands regularly, maintain proper distance.  

Everyone is aware of the virus and the infection caused by it, so we have to take precautions on everything including purchasing groceries.


Grocery shopping means everything must be very specific, what we have to buy is clear. During this pandemic safety matters first while buying groceries also think about how safe it is. We must choose an online medium to buy anything during this time, it is safe than going to market. Coronavirus causes respiratory illness and is spread from person to person, because of this many of us avoid going to market. If you are older than 40, it’s probably best to place your groceries ordered online.

We hear a lot of questions from people about coronavirus risks in stores and how to stay safe while shopping for groceries in a pandemic. We suggest you buy your groceries with ParknShop Promo Code HK or LingSik King HK Promo Code here you get all you want with all the safety measures taken, also you will get packed food properly. Now let’s go through the discussion of the questions which came to mind of everyone. 

Online or offline which method needs more safety precaution to let’s discuss. Firstly if you go offline i.e you visit any supermarket or any store then from what you need to save yourself? What are the questions that come to your mind?

Precautions On Store

You must remember to sanitize your basket handles and shopping cart before and after use. Also, maintain the proper distance from other people in the store, avoid talking with others, don’t remove your mask. It will be best if you make a list for your shopping before you exit from your home, the list will help you to shop fast with which you might spend less time in-store. Use sanitizer after touching the door handle.

Gloves can be used by you while moving in-store. But remember to use disposable gloves as these are meant to use and through. Once you will use these in the store remember to through them in the dustbin after leaving the store, don’t use them again anywhere else. Using it again can also lead to infection because it may help germs to spread from one to another.


Can I Touch Vegetables?

While buying vegetables we always want to touch and check how fresh are they. But instead of touching vegetables we more think not to come in contact with someone who breathes on you and also not with any other surfaces in a store. We have heard about studies showing that the virus can remain infectious for up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to 72 hours on plastic or stainless steel, the more we take the risk when came to close contact with other people who may be shedding the virus in droplets, as they sneeze, talk without having a mask nearby us.


Also while going groceries store we have to touch other surfaces like door handle where someone does not use their hygiene hand, payment counter after which you will touch your eyes, nose, mouth which increases more risk to get infected by the virus.

Carry Your Bag

Carrying your bag at home help you from getting in touch with other touched bags. During shopping bags are something which is almost touched by everyone present in the store. You never know how their hands were before they touch the bag. So from this, you can save yourself by carrying your bag from home. No one will touch that except you.

How To Deal With Others In The Store

Wear the mask, avoiding talking with others, by maintaining proper distance we can protect ourselves. But if someone meets at the time of shopping then what to do? Ask them about their health by not removing the mask. And move as soon as possible from the store.

More Precautions After Entering The Home

When we get back home from the store or market then should I kept the groceries first in the kitchen? Or firstly wash/ sanitize them all? Chemicals used in the shop are also for washing groceries and vegetables?

No, we are not sure about the sops that can be used for this purpose also, but we need to wash them properly. We can put the vegetable into warm water for then an hour then again can wash it properly with normal water. For groceries, you can use regular cool running water and then dry it with a different towel. You don’t need to unpack groceries or boxes instantly when you arrive home. Instead, wait for some time after clear it also then after unpacking wash your hands properly. Washing your hands frequently, using soap and water, and drying with a clean towel, is the best way for protecting yourself from this virus and many other infectious diseases that might be on a surface or package.

How Safe Is Your Kitchen?

Due to the coronavirus, it is important to sanitize and clean surfaces like kitchen counters because you kept all the unpacked groceries items here especially when you are going for food preparation. As these viruses last for a long and if anyhow one of your family members gets affected then chances for infection on more members increases. Before using the kitchen counter for food sanitize it then clean it again.


Safety While Having A Meal

While having meals or before preparing a meal first clean your hands properly and if you went out then best to take a bath before entering the kitchen. When you are in the kitchen preparing for a meal then avoid touching your face, nose, mouth. Vegetables which you have washed before wash again properly especially the green vegetables under running water. Also do not forget to clean the cutting surfaces like a knife, other utensils wash them properly before use. 

This is all about when you buy groceries from the market or store. By applying these safety measures you can easily buy your groceries without getting infected by the COVID-19 virus.

If you don’t want to go to the store, you can easily order all your needs online. But after that you need to take more precautions for your safety. Nowadays every online store is using safety measures for the products especially for food products whether it is packed food or vegetables, you can easily trust them. But our safety is on our hands if you take more precautions before using all the items you have ordered then it will be beneficial for you and your family. As the groceries which will come from anywhere must be covered but you don’t know who touch them before how were their hands while touching these, who packed and how they come Many doubts come into mind in the time of the pandemic. 

On shopping online you may face some issues with the quality of the product. On other products like cloth different accessories, the quality, fabric and other things are mentioned properly but if you talk about vegetables. How will you come to know that the vegetable you are purchasing is fresh or not? On store shopping you can check each by taking it in your hand but how to know the vegetables and the fruits you were buying are fresh or not. 

You can know this by trusting your online store, they write it but if you trust them then only you can believe and if you doubt a little then it might possible that you will get unfresh vegetables. This type of activity generally not happened because nowadays everything is supposed to purchase by online medium and many offline stores come up with their new version in e-commerce. You never know the product you are buying from one site can be from your known shop. Before this pandemic, people also chose e-commerce as their mode of shopping and now this situation made them more digital. We think before paying cash to someone or taking cash to any store, we select a digital payment option. 


Now if we take an overview of this what are the measure steps taken by us to keep us safe from the pandemic as well as keep our groceries safe. The following steps are:- 

  • Prepare a shopping list to consume less time in-store.
  • Wear a mask permanently don’t remove it at any cost. Use sanitizer also gloves.
  • Carry your bag while visiting to store always.
  • Maintain social distancing while shopping. 
  • Avoid touching surfaces of the store like the cash counter. Pay online if possible.
  • Wash your hands properly after coming back home. Also, wash all the groceries as well as vegetables with warm water and running water.
  • There is no evidence of packed food being associated with the transmission of COVID-19. Thus if you wish you can place the product outside in the air for more precautions.
  • Before eating kept fruits under running water, scrub them with a clean brush. For packed food remember to clean their mouth before use.
  • Regularly clean and sanitize kitchen counters using a commercially available disinfectant product. 

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