Top 20 Best-Selling Beauty Brands in Hong Kong

Top 20 Best-Selling Beauty Brands in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, like Singapore, has long earned its reputation as a shopping paradise for all budgets because of its glittering malls and bargain lanes. They do, however, have a lot to envy about their rival. We are discussing Hong Kong-based cosmetics companies. Aside from the absence of import taxes (which results in generally lower prices), Hong Kong offers a greater variety of beauty brands than any country.

In addition to well-stocked foreign brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Korean cult beauty brands like The Saem are also widely available.

Here is the Beauty Brands list given below so you can easily find the best skin care products in Hong Kong to reduce your struggle.

  1. Natasha Moor Cosmetics
  2. Popstar Cosmetics
  3. Coconut Matter
  4. Charlotte Tilbury
  5. Pure Earth
  6. D-Officine Universelle Bully 1803
  7. The Saem
  8. H20+ Beauty
  9. Joseristine
  10. Clara Yeung Skin Care
  11. Gourmet Skin Bar
  12. KIKO Milano
  13. Jill Stuart
  14. Native Essentials
  15. WULT
  16. Bathe To Basics
  17. Rare Skin Fuel
  18. Zero Yet 100
  19. Nude Story
  20. INUF Breakfast Club

Hong Kong: A Country Famous For Beauty Products

Importantly, Hong Kong serves as a significant marketing hub for skincare and cosmetics in the mainland Chinese market. Millions of Chinese tourists (44.4 million in 2017) travel to Hong Kong each year, many with shopping as their major or only travel goal. It acts as a showcase for these visitors to Hong Kong’s local skincare brands.

The retail price difference between China and Hong Kong has been reduced as a result of China's reduction of import taxes on cosmetics and skincare items, but mainland visitors visiting Hong Kong continue to prefer the products made in Hong Kong to those made in China. Industry sources claim that as a deciding element in purchases, the perceived authenticity and dependability of the items in Hong Kong frequently outweigh the price.

For aspirants who wish to find answers to many skin issues, check out the best brands from Hong Kong for the right option. The country's brand won't disappoint you for sure.

Purchase Best-Selling Beauty Brands in Hong Kong

Instead of roaming the busy streets of Hong Kong for the right brand, check out these websites online. You can shop directly without any hassle and get your product delivered instantly to your residence address.


A variety of cosmetics, vitamins, skincare, nail polish, hair products, beauty tools, and other goods for women are distributed globally by the French firm Sephora. With simple shipping and returns, the Sephora online store in Hong Kong offers a huge assortment of high-quality products. It is one of the best makeup brands in Hong Kong. 

Today, it is a well-known beauty website with a knowledgeable group of product advisors that have a keen sense of exploration and discovery, making customers more alluring than ever with premium health and beauty products. It carries more than 300 brands in addition to its own cosmetics line, Sephora. It was founded in Paris in 1969 and currently offers both online and physical services while operating on a global scale. Use the Sephora promo code HK to get the best deals on every purchase.


Since 1997, iHerb has served as a popular online shopping destination for a variety of goods including cosmetics, food, health supplements, baby supplies, grocery items, 1800+ immune system boosters, and much more. To give you the finest, it offers products from more than 1300 companies, including well-known retailers and small local businesses. You can get vitamins and health supplements tailored to your needs, from everyday nutrition to athletic performance.

Additionally, iHerb HK provides exclusive programs like loyalty points and a 5% referral bonus. By analyzing the products and responding to consumer inquiries, you can also make savings. With every service, the company aims to satisfy its customers, and it offers helpful customer care to assist you in making the right decision for your health.


Skincare and dental care products are produced by the Swedish company Foreo, which also makes other products for personal care, wellness, and beauty. It produces a variety of high-end goods, including face massagers, sonic electric toothbrushes, and beauty products.

Find cutting-edge, top-of-the-line skincare products that make your skin seem younger and more radiant. With the Foreo Student Discount offers, you may purchase the required beauty products for the most affordable costs. You can find highly advanced skincare tools that celebrities around the world rely on for the health of their skin, such as face massagers and dark circle removers.


How often have you had to reschedule a leisurely evening because you had to go to the store? As your ticket to a comfortable life, you can order all of your groceries from ParknShop HK Limited whenever you want, no matter where you are. One of Hong Kong's largest and most renowned supermarkets, it offers a range of products at moderate costs, including groceries, daily essentials, home décor, fresh cuisine, beverages, and more.

ParknShop offers the ideal balance of high standards, choice, and cost-effective services. To take advantage of more exclusive offers, discounts, and holiday sales, collect ParknShop reward points by buying gift cards and other items. You may even become a VIP member and get ParknShop promo codes  for your next order.


Although you enjoy shopping at the mall, do you think it is too expensive? Then, now is the perfect time for you to shop as much as you want from Hong Kong's Digital Mall, Bonjour, at the best prices. With a wide range of brands and product categories, Bonjour has developed into a fantastic online store where customers can quickly acquire their preferred goods.

You can choose from Bonjour's selection of mom & baby products, fragrances, personal care items, everyday basics, health & nutritional supplements, beauty products, and much more. Get free shipping from Bonjour on all purchases over HK$299 with the application of Bonjour promo code HK!


Strawberrynet is the first genuinely global beauty retailer that provides premium names at affordable rates. They are committed to making shopping simple so you may get your preferred skincare, makeup, hair care, and fragrances at costs you'll love. With more than 33,000 products from more than 800 brands, they have the largest discount selection in the beauty, skincare, and fragrance industries.

It is the only authentic global beauty portal that offers premium products at a price. They support providing a straightforward shopping experience so you may get your preferred skincare, cosmetics, hair care, and fragrances at reasonable prices. The products on exhibit are all genuine name brands. Similar to department stores, they only sell genuine items on their online.

Other Platforms To Shop For Beauty & Fashion Products In Hong Kong


Oliver Cookson founded Myprotein in 2004, and in 2011 The Hut Group acquired it. It is a producer of athletic wear as well as sports nutrition goods like vitamins, protein powders, snacks, and high-protein meals.

Through its website, the business sells directly to customers, eliminating middlemen and lowering third-party expenses. Customers are satisfied with the company's products since they receive the highest quality goods at fair prices. The company seeks to encourage everyone to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise as well as how the body is nourished before and after a workout.

This is done by offering customers a selection of products like snack replacements, protein powders, vitamins, nut butter, minerals, and more along with discounts in the form of Myprotein promo codes.


Watsons is Asia's largest manufacturer of medical and cosmetic items, with more than 7800 shops, 1500 of which are pharmacies. For the best personal care and skin care products for all body types and needs, the brand has a highly qualified team of experts that includes pharmacists, dieticians, Chinese medicine practitioners, health advisors, beauty consultants, fragrance experts, and a nurse. 

In addition to offering a large selection, Watsons is renowned for its reliable delivery services and competitive prices! Shop for items in the health, medication, test kit, cosmetics, personal care, baby, animal, and home categories. Daily necessities can be purchased for less money, and there are occasionally sales with steep price reductions to provide the best value.


The largest online retailer of clothing and lifestyle items in Asia, Zalora offers cutting-edge, fashion-forward apparel and accessories from leading brands. What distinguishes it as one of the most trustworthy websites available? The never-ending discounts, countless positive customer reviews, effective, on-time shipping, simple returns, and excellent customer service!

Shop for bags, cosmetics, footwear, and much more for men, women, and kids at low costs to be the life of the party in outfits that bring out the best in you. Browse the newest releases and fashion ideas to get fresh looks. The company offers safe payment options, gift cards, daily specials with codes like the Zalora promo codes, and promotions on a variety of brands, including Adidas, Zalora, Calvin Klein, River Island, Top Shop, and many more.

What skincare brands are popular in Hong Kong?

Compared to their native country, a pretty good cosmetics group in Hong Kong is offered. In addition to well-stocked foreign brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Korean cult beauty brands like The Saem are also widely available.

Which country is No 1 in beauty products?

Japan should be mentioned as the nation that produces the best skin care products. The globalization of cosmetics and cosmetic operations has advanced significantly during the past ten years. Despite cultural differences, consumers worldwide demand high-quality cosmetic products. A survey indicates that Japan, the US, and France are the countries that produce the highest-quality cosmetics. The majority of the items we use come from these nations. We've all encountered people who select products based on their name and country.

What is the most popular Korean beauty brand in Hong Kong?

Amorepacific is a luxury skincare and cosmetics company from Korea that specializes in high-quality anti-aging products that are manufactured using tried-and-true components. Look no further than Amorepacific's Time Response line if you want to moisturize and revitalize your skin. This collection includes foundations and makeup cushions, so your entire skincare and base makeup procedures are covered.

What is the rank of Hong Kong in beauty?

A few businesses produce mid-priced toiletries and perfumes under their labels in Hong Kong's modest cosmetics and toiletry manufacturing industry. Hong Kong is the manufacturing location for brands of cosmetics and personal care products owned by Choi Fung Hong. Numerous Hong Kong skincare companies have recently emphasized that their products are "made in Hong Kong," including JaneClare and The Preface. However, the mid-to-high-end sector in Hong Kong is dominated by foreign brands.

Why Korean skincare is better?

Experts in the beauty industry are raving about Korean cosmetics because of their creativity, high efficacy, and use of natural ingredients. Another hallmark of Korean beauty is the use of complex, frequently individualized product layering regimens to gradually deliver a wide range of benefits.

What skincare brand does BTS use?

However, Jimin's VT Cica line of skincare cosmetics has you covered if you're looking for a hydrating and calming daily skincare routine. These goods include a lot of Cica extract or Centella Asiatica. It improves moisture while preventing acne on your skin.

What is the best Chinese skincare brand?

The C-beauty line from Chando, the top-rated beauty brand in China, is well-known. Since its founding in 2009, Chando has provided items that address the needs of modern women by enhancing their inherent attractiveness. Recently, Chinese skin care products have become the industry leader. The Chinese brands are producing high-quality, efficient items while also growing more sophisticated and less expensive.

What Chinese brand is the most popular in the world?

Tencent, with a $204.4 billion market cap, continued to hold the top slot. The IT behemoth has been focusing on its core business while adhering to its technology innovation strategy and growing slowly and organically. Alibaba rated No. 2 with $137 billion in revenue, keeps growing its selection of independent retail products. With a brand value decline of only 2%, the No. 3 alcohol brand, Moutai, showed resilience.

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