The 6 Best New Launched Smartphones: You Should Know About

The 6 Best New Launched Smartphones: You Should Know About

There are so numerous immeasurable smartphones to pick from right now but which one is the best smartphone fortress? Is there even a champion? There's no simple choice for everyone, so sail in a determination that the best smartphone for you might not be number one in our pick. Phones appear in all shapes, dimensions and values.

While you're going to discover authenticated brands like Apple and Samsung in this list, you might not be accustomed to every phone-maker we've approved. With that stated, here are our handpicked 6 best newly launched smartphones in Hong Kong 2021, that you should know about. And believe us, these smartphones are all top groove and if you desire to know more, you can just jump into each phone's full review. Smartphones are no longer a luxury; they are essential devices that serve as a medium of message and entertainment. For this reason, it’s essential to pick the best phone that has all the necessary peculiarities you need for day-to-day use. With the help of this 6 Best New Launched Smartphones article, your vision to buy a smartphone will be cleared. So, buy the phone and plan the adventurous hiking trip with the best hiking shoes to save memories in your new smartphone.

What are the top 6 New Launched Smartphones in Hong Kong?

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max(HK$ 8,517)

The iPhone 12 Pro Max depicts a leap ahead for the iPhone, extending not only an improved purpose suggestive of the beloved iPhone 5 and iPad Pro but the same 6.7in Super Retina XDR OLED display plus Dolby Vision as the Pro design - something Apple hasn't awarded on the regular model in the past. 

Once you view past the device and developed display, it's the core of the iPhone 12 that's most effective. Featuring the A14 Bionic, Apple's new chipset hits just concerning everything else available at the moment, and that's without the extra RAM possible on the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

There's also an enhanced camera setup with more excellent low-light photography and smart tech to help decrease the warp of photos practised on the ultra-wide lens. There's even Dolby Vision video recording, however, capped at [email protected]

Best for upcoming 5G ERA?

Well, maybe you’ve confronted difficulties such as slow loading times, disturbances or just can’t connect to the Internet. These can be irritating and influence performance at work and your overall performance experience. The ultra-fast and stable 5G resolves all these obstacles. It allows you to run at 4K quality and view dramas at any point with no glitches throughout ZOOM meetings. With latency as low as 1ms, it gives an outstanding and completely gratifying gaming experience.

Just put, that the 5G approved iPhone 12 Pro Max is all the iPhone you'll want.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (HK$ 9,292)

After 2020's mediocre Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung has certainly made the title with a follow-up that gives almost everything you could desire from an Android flagship - admittedly at a value that only some can manage, and in a design factor that will just be too large for some. The camera is unrivalled - in courses of versatility - with a 108Mp main shooter lined up by an ultrawide and two telephoto lenses at varying zoom levels (3x and 10x).

The expansive 6.8in layout gives both high WQHD+ resolution and an adaptive restart frequency up to 120Hz, making it excellent for gaming and with distinct S-pen stylus assistance, it supplies the productivity calling of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra too. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is composed to serve the most immeasurable of Samsung's smartphone expertise; traversing design, production, camera and more. That all doesn't appear affordable, though.

Well, that's why we are here for you! Apply AliExpress promo code HK, and thank us later. Almost the whole year on and while the S21 series is undeniably a development of the S20 line's device, it's endured something of a "glow-up" that produces more distinctive aesthetics and extra positive customs to the table.

What about its camera quality?

In the state of the Ultra, there existed no way this module wasn't performing to be enormous though; with four imaging sensors - including a 108Mp primary camera - a periscopic zoom system, a laser autofocus mode and an LED flash to assist.

The S21 Ultra appears in a more modern look and seems than its opponent. With a lustrous colour-matched metal case against a subtly textured satin-finish back and camera frontage that combinedly instils the phone's aesthetics with illusive confidence, while also deftly resisting fingerprints and spots.

Oppo Find X3 Pro (HK$ 10,850

The Find X3 Pro is Oppo's all chanting, only dancing flagship smartphone, and it deserves its place at the peak of this chart. Yes, it's pricey, and there's no rejection to that. But you get the newest Snapdragon 888 chipset, 12GB RAM and 256GB storage capacity and 65W wired charging collectively with 30W wireless.

The main and ultrawide lenses both carry the same 50Mp sensor, and give approximately the same degree shots, with punchy shades, lots of features, and great effective series. There's 'only' a 2x zoom lens - no periscopic cameras here, dismally - but you also get uniquely new microlens, capable of taking super-closeup pictures.

Those lenses are competent in outputting pictures in 10-bit colour, and in particular, the smartphone bears true 10-bit room and encryption also, directly within to the 10-bit, 120Hz, WQHD+ display - probably the most beneficial in several smartphones currently.

This is not only Oppo's most trustworthy smartphone but one of the greatest flagships in the business from any organisation.


  • Best-in-class display
  • Excellent battery life
  • Phenomenal main & ultrawide cameras
  • Fun microlens camera


  • No periscope lenses
  • Some performance throttling

Our Verdict:

The Find X3 Pro remains a flagship’s flagship, a smartphone that’s extremely valuable and not embarrassed by it. But if you are prepared to blow that kind of cash, then right now this is the right time. Do you know why? Because we have AliExpress HK discount code for you.

Xiaomi Mi 11 (HK$6,424)

Xiaomi's contemporary flagship works as the ideal counterpart to Samsung's base Galaxy S21. It may not have the most competent camera mode of any Android phone right now out there but there's no doubt that the 108Megapixel 1/1.33in sensor that drives its graphic structure is undeniably powerful.

Likewise, to the S21, it also claims top-tier function - assisted by a Snapdragon 888 processor - and a manager of other highlights, including stereo speakers, 50W quick charging, and an extensive 6.81in WQHD+ 120Hz AMOLED presentation.

Its design and build-up - 

Design: We've previously said that the Mi 11 is great, but it’s worth highlighting. At 164.3 x 74.6mm, over the front, it’s just a hair tinier than the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The giant smartphone in the latest Samsung list. On the official version of the smartphone, you’ll find Gorilla Glass 5 on the rear (with the more solid Gorilla Glass Victus on the screen too), and Europe gets two shade options: Horizon Blue, and the admittedly somewhat off Midnight Grey (pictured). There’s also a confined version variant covered in leather if you can get it.

Display: If the Mi 11 is a big smartphone, you’ve got the 6.81in appearance to criticize – or thank. This large screen is an AMOLED inset with thin bezel gratitude to the quad-curving. With a 120Hz refreshing rate and WQHD+ resolution (1440 x 3200, which nets an impressive pixel frequency of 515ppi) it’s challenging to criticise the screen specs here, and it looks fabulous in most maximum performance cases. In Xiaomi’s argument, it’s held the Mi 11 impressively slender at 8.1mm, which has uncertainty served to hold the weight just below 200g, at 196g for the usual glass design. That implies while the smartphone is undoubtedly heavy, it at least never seems annoyingly bulky.

OnePlus 8 Pro(HK$4,599)

The OnePlus 8 Pro is possibly the company's first full flagship, finally consolidating highly requested features like wireless charging and an IP68 waterproof rating to make it a genuine contender with the similarities of Samsung's most exquisite of 2020. Even the first model is no failure, at 8GB RAM and 128GB storage; serving serious value by flagship models, even a cycle on from publicity.

The 8 Pro's lens is an excellent move forth for the company and while it still lingers after competitors, OnePlus' imaging designers have struggled hard to decrease the rift considerably. Throw in 5G, a comprehensive plan and the best Android device throughout, the OnePlus 8 Pro is clear to confirm. While the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro have since come into the market, they ordinarily went underwhelmed, so you get more extra for your money with 2020's OnePlus 8 Pro.

Full Pro-Review:

  • Design & build - Large but beautiful
  • Battery & charging - Great
  • Display - Hertz is so good
  • Software - Breathe easy 
  • Camera - The good, the best.
  • Price & availability - Full-on flagship
  • Specs & performance - Super-speed
Smartphone Comparison:

The OnePlus 8 Pro could go toe to toe with any of the Samsung Galaxy S20 lines across most of its core specs.  And for the first time, it has offered premium niceties, that the brand has omitted in the past. For instance, an IP68 waterproof grade and wireless charging. The downside is the thing you’ve got to settle for all that.

Realme GT (HK$3,953)

Last year's Realme X50 Pro extended extraordinary achievement for any flagship, let solely one at the value point it controlled to hit and the story resembles to be renewing itself, by this year's Realme GT. First off, make certain to choose the vegan leather-backed design, it's an indisputable head-turner.

In all areas but, perhaps a lens, it's as proficient as smartphones double its cost. A Snapdragon 888 drives the show, joined with up to 12GB of quick LPDDR5 RAM and assisted by both snappy UFS 3.1 storage (up to 256GB). Get a 120Hz Full HD+ AMOLED display on the smartphone's head, while a 4500mAh battery with 65W high-speed charging lies under the back cover. This stuff is all concerning speed and passes it at an incredible value.


  • Flagship core specs
  • 120Hz Super AMOLED screen
  • Vegan leather option
  • 65W fast charging


  • Basic ultrawide & macro cameras
  • No waterproofing
  • No wireless charging

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Our Verdict

With an incredible set of Speed Enforcement Camera System in a standout device at a surprisingly reasonable price, the Realme GT is 2021's, flagship butcher. It’s not just got a flagship chip that loses away to manage the price either. There’s a 120Hz display, 65W quick charging and furthermore.  Overall, this is one of the best of all worth for money smartphones we have ever observed.

Full Pro-Review:

  • Battery Life & Charging 
  • Screen 
  • Software & Apps
  • Specs & Performance 
  • Price & Availability
  • Cameras 

Other Smartphones (Other Than 2 Mentioned Above) Well Known For Their Camera Quality

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

You might be astonished to see the Huawei Mate 40 Pro hither – after all, it’s a smartphone that we simply addressed 3.5 stars to, and it’s nowhere near our most reliable smartphone list. But the on the ground we can’t rank it more distinguished, in general, is everything to do with its inadequate app location (due to no possessing access to the Google Play Store) and zilch to do with its cameras. Its cameras are excellent. It has a 50MegaPixel f/1.9 MP main camera, a 12MP f/3.4 lens of periscope one (with 5x optical zoom), and a 20MP f/1.8 ultra-wide one.

While that’s not as several lenses as some competitors, it has met all the most important kinds estimated for, and they all function extremely well.

OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus phones aren’t usually involved on this list, and while the OnePlus 9 Pro still doesn’t approach the top spot, it's by far the most immeasurable camera smartphone the company has set out at the point of its launch. It has a 48MegaPixel, front/1.8 main lens, an 8MegaPixel f/2.4 telephoto one (with 3.3x optical zoom). A 50MP f/2.2 ultra-wide one, and a 2MP monochrome one, for advancing black and white clicks. Of those, the ultra-wide is undoubtedly the most distinguished, as it has a freeform lens configuration that diminishes the ‘barrel’ malformation often located at the corners of ultra-wide clicks practiced on other smartphones.

Google Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 5 isn’t a camera smartphone that triumphs with figures. There are only two rear lenses for a starter, giving you the alternative of a 12.2MP f/1.7 principal camera and a 16MP f.2.2 ultra-broad one. That also distinctly devises the Pixel 5 without a dedicated telephoto camera.

However, we found that – especially in great light – the Pixel 5 was competent in catching cool images with a great coloration palette, and while under the light display is a step-down, it still maintains to catch right shades.

BEFORE WE SAY GOODBYE, here are the top 5 Smartphone gadgets:

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  • Microscope Photo Gadget
  • Portable Charger
  • Activity Tracker
  • Digital Highlighter 


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