11:11 Sale In Hong Kong: Latest Singles’ Day Offers And Deals

11:11 Sale In Hong Kong: Latest Singles’ Day Offers And Deals

Let us start with a question for you. Do you know there is an exclusive day of the year to celebrate Singles? Yes. Right? Do you know when Singles' Day is in 2023? The date for International Singles Day falls on November 11. This date was chosen because 11/11 can be read as “11” being single and “11” being “you”, so the day is ostensibly a celebration of self-purchase.

11 November 2023: What is Singles Day?

The deal-heavy bonanza has become the world's biggest shopping event and this year, Alibaba expects sales to top $30 billion, that's more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday COMBINED. Singles Day, or 11.11, is a holiday celebrated in China. Despite the name, it takes place on November 11 of each year. The date is simply a reference to the 11/11 date in the month/day format used in Chinese numerology. Singles sale was created by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba as a day for people to celebrate being single and to shop for themselves. For example, the date 11/11 can be read as "11" being single and "11" being "you", so the day is ostensibly a celebration of self-purchase. Alibaba created Singles Day to encourage people who live alone to shop for themselves rather than feel sad and shop for gifts.

How To Celebrate Singles Day In Hong Kong?

Hongkongers are finally embracing this 11/11 Singles Day with open arms. If you’re not in a relationship, or you’re currently single, you are welcome to participate in this shopping frenzy. Singles Day is a shopping event where everything you buy is discounted. With the growing popularity of this event, brands are coming up with new ways to attract more customers. For example, some brands are offering gift cards worth HK$1,111 or 111 minutes of free shipping. But the best part is that you don’t have to be single to enjoy the discounts and promotions. You just have to log onto Alibaba’s website and click on the Singles Day tab. You can even make purchases from your couch. What could be better than that?

Given the rapid development of e-commerce globally, retailers are finding innovative ways to drive sales and increase customer loyalty. In recent years, many brands have adopted Black Friday or Cyber Monday as a promotional tool in hopes of driving traffic to their stores and websites. In China alone, the e-commerce market has expanded from around $25 billion in 2014 to an estimated $200 billion in 2018. With about 520 million potential shoppers online and annual e-commerce sales projected to grow by more than 50% over the next five years, it’s no wonder that Chinese companies are taking a very serious interest in investing in and developing virtual marketplaces. And so on 11 November 2017, Jack Ma's digital shopping holiday took root around the globe with more than 200 participating brands. Alibaba alone planned to add over 100 of its merchants, marking the first international Singles Day outside of China.

Where To Get Singles’ Day 11.11 Offers?

Here are a few brands that will be offering deals during Singles Day in Hong Kong: 

  • ParknShop: Being one of the most famous supermarket chains in Hong Kong, ParknShop HK is offering attractive offers to customers on different brands available in Singapore. The brand has a great stock of local brands and it's deemed to be among the best places to shop if you crave local brands for your needs.
  • KKday: KKday is ready to flood its users with offers on Staycation, travelling, and food. The best of the amazing deals are going to be found on Kkday. The website is full of offers on things like a staycation, travelling, and food from the range of 10%-50%. Singles are not sad. They are as much into fun as any couple. Having this awareness, companies like KKday launch huge discounts and offers for them to experience on Singles Day. 
  • Klook: Klook is ready to flood its users with promo codes and other offers for travel inside and outside of Thailand. Klook HK is giving away Singles Day offers through Credit Card promos, redemption offers, food delivery offers, Master Card, exclusive travel deals, and other exciting offers on this Singles Day 2023. So, if you love travelling around the globe, and especially the popular-on-Instagram 'solo' travelling, you're on the right side of the internet. Get the best deal today!
  • Nike: The world-famous shoe and clothing brand Nike has come with some exciting and amazing offers on some of the most demanded products of the company. Exclusively for singles! If you wanted a Nike Hoodie or a Nike Sports Shoe for a long time, this is the best time to check in to the Nike website. Get the best deal before the time goes away. The moment will return only after 12 months. Can you wait for such a long time to buy heavily discounted products from Nike? Think again.
  • Trip.com: Hey traveller! Are you among those who want to travel around the world, click a lot of pictures, visit different places, document your journey and post it on social media, and update your bio with the word 'Globetrotter'? Then the time is great for you. Here is the chance to win the finest deals on Trip.com. Get as per your liking. Visit the destination you have been craving for months or maybe years. Fulfil your dream, for the Singles Day Sale, which is welcoming you with open hands on Trip.com. 
  • Luxury Escapes: Seems that the Singles Day Sale is so invested in Travelling. Luxury Escapes HK wishes you a happy singles day by making you happier with its packages on Travel and stays. You should be ready to see discounts as large as 75% on their site. The company has a huge ambition to serve its customers. Once you visit their site, you won't be surprised to see the promises being fulfilled. The company has a reputation for coming with discounts that people love. 
  • Foodpanda: Foodpanda chooses to reach your heart through your stomach this Singles’ Day. Foodpanda brings you delicious cuisines from all around the world on your plate. Think, what could be better than having a plate full of your favourite dish, a glass full of your favourite drink, and having it all with your favourite person, YOU? Amazing! Isn't it? Foodpanda thinks so too. Why would they offer such great offers on Singles’ Day, otherwise?
  • Zalora: Zalora, among Asia's favourite online fashion destinations, too has some plans for singles on Singles' Day. Zalora has brands like Adidas, NIKE, PUMA, Calvin Klein, GAP, and many more. Just imagine all these brands and discounts with one click of your thumb. The best of the brands and products will be for you at a discounted price on the occasion of Singles' Day. How would you miss it, even if you want it? No? You know.
  • Baby Central: Baby Central cares for you as much as anyone else. Get some best Baby Central products at discounts as high as 80% discounts. Singles’ Day is quite special for singles and no one wants to miss the enjoyment of this day. Baby Central is with you on this special day of yours.
  • Calvin Klein: Fashion and Beauty brand Calvin Klein understands the demand of singles. They know that being a fashionista and beautiful is not just for couples but even singles can be fashionable for their own sake. Wearing and looking good increases your confidence manyfold and why wouldn't it? You are not obliged to anyone to not look good if you’re single. Are you? Just be exactly how you want yourself to be. 
  • Watson’s Wine: Do you like wine? Don’t say you don’t. You might be a great fan or you just take it occasionally, you will like to have it with discounts, for sure. Take the best of the wines and the discounts. No other opportunity like this. Have fun!
  • Adidas: Adidas has brought its premium products to you to buy this Singles’ Day. There must be at least one Adidas product you wanted to buy but found too expensive. Now, it's time. Head on to Adidas' website and grab this opportunity to make all your favourite products your own. 
  • Farfetch: Your own brand Farfetch has brought offers like never before. This Singles' Day, buy the item you have been saving in the cart. No need to look at the price as this time, Farfetch is not going to hold in giving the best discounts to its customers. Are you not already excited to go and grab the thing at the price you were waiting for?
  • Cath Kidston: Hopefully, you're not done yet. Not without checking out the amazing Cath Kidston. Cath Kidston has listed its best products on sale with as high a discount as 65%. It's even providing free shipping for the products under a certain price limit. Cath Kidston is one of the best places to get the latest fashion accessories. 

Some Additional Brands Offering Discounts & Deals For The 11.11 Sale:

  • Dyson:  Get $150 off one of their many cordless vacuums by using the given code. 
  • Fossil: Get 20% off their entire collection of watches on their website. 
  • Fitbit: Get a 15% discount on their fitness trackers and wearables. Get a gift worth HK$188. 
  • Aveda: Get 15% off their hair and skincare products.


Why is 11:11 a Sale Day?

This day is a Sale Day to celebrate the singles. The sale is a token of appreciation and love from the brands to all the single people around the globe. 

How long does the 11:11 sale last?

While Singles' Day is a one-day event, the sale starts even before the day. You can say that November is usually devoted to this day. 

How long is the 11:11 sale?

It may go from 10-15 days to a month, depending on the type of product and demand for it. 

Is 11:11 Black Friday?

No, 11:11 is not Black Friday. It’s Singles’ Day. 

Is 11:11 bigger or Black Friday?

11:11 has proved to be bigger than the Black Friday Sale in recent years. However, both excite customers equally.

Why Did Alibaba Decide To Hold Singles Day Globally?

To spur its growing customer base in the lucrative Chinese market to shop online more often, Alibaba decided to create a shopping holiday that would only be celebrated in China. The idea was that a shopping holiday would prompt people to shop more often. Although Singles Day has become a very important holiday in China, it is not being celebrated anywhere else in the world. With Alibaba's growing international presence and its desire to expand Singles Day beyond China's borders, a decision was made to make it a global shopping holiday.

What does 11:11 mean?

The number 11:11 means the 11th of November (the 11th day of the 11th month). This number probably signifies two single pairs. 

What is a Singles’ Day sale?

Singles' Day sale is a sale fest that happens on the occasion of Singles' Day falls on the 11th of November every year. 

Is there a day to celebrate singles?

Yes. The 11th of November is celebrated as the day for Singles. It was started in China. 

How long is the Singles' Day sale?

It goes from around 10-15 days to a month in duration.

If you’re in a relationship, then this is a day to treat your loved one by shopping online at discounted prices. Whether you’re single or not, this is a great day to treat yourself by buying something you’ve had your eye on for a while. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out all the brands’ websites to see what deals are available for Singles Day.


By: Vouchers Portal HK