10 Best Travel Bags Under $100

10 Best Travel Bags Under $100

Hey there! Planning a trip? Does your Instagram bio say “wanderlust”? The pandemic has been a kind of mood killer for all you travel enthusiasts. We know you have the bucket list ready and all you want is to just pack your luggage and land into your travel destination.

Embark on your next adventure with confidence and style, without breaking the bank. In 2024, discover the top 10 travel bags under $100, perfect for savvy travelers seeking both affordability and functionality. From sleek backpacks to versatile duffels, these budget-friendly options offer durability and organization without compromising on aesthetics. Explore a range of designs suited for various travel needs, whether it's a weekend getaway or a cross-country excursion. With features like ample storage, ergonomic design, and sturdy construction, these travel bags ensure you're prepared for wherever the journey takes you, proving that practicality and affordability can indeed go hand in hand.

The right travel bag is a very important asset when it comes to traveling. The money that you have been saving for the perfect travel experience can be enriched more with our list of travel bags under $ 100. Great deal! We have travel bags for men, women, and kids which are strong and will not be heavy on your pocket. Keep scrolling for the awesome list of travel bags under $ 100.

  1. Backpacks


Backpacks are ideal for hiking, cycling, or an educational trip to a nearby station. Backpacks are available in different styles and sizes. There are frameless, external frames, internal frames, and body packs. Rolling Backpacks have also been introduced in the market for better comfort. Since wheels have the tendency to make things faster, so here our backpack also got one.

Pros- They are easy to carry on your shoulders without having to put your hands into action. They are spacious enough for you to plan a weekend journey. Backpacks can also be used as an additional carry-on when you have other luggage bags for a long vacation. Rolling Backpacks are the upgraded version of the traditional backpacks. These rolling backpacks are ideal for adventure-filled people who are always craving the adrenaline rush.

Cons- Go for the more comfortable type of backpack that is easy on your shoulders. You could purchase the padded shoulder strapped backpacks. It can be difficult to organize all the items in your backpack so make sure to buy the packing cubes for a more maintained travel bag. If you are trekking, do not load your backpack with too many items as it might make your trekking a bit tiresome.

  1. Travel Tote


Travel Totes add luxury to your travel stockpile. They are smart enough to carry your essential items like wallet, keys, makeup items, sanitizer, wipes, etc. You can carry this sexy-looking bag that comes in various colors and designs to your shopping session around town. Totes are best for international travel if you have to focus on your sophisticated side. With the adaptable tote bag, you can enrich your travel episode. Tote bags are accessible in different designs and sizes where some are spacious enough to carry your laptop too.

Pros- Tote bags are very easy to carry plus they are fashionable too. For all the businesswomen, take your style and urbanity to reach another milestone with the cool and modern tote bags.

Cons-You cannot carry your clothes in the tote bags as they might require ironing multiple times. These are essentially good for lightweight accessories, not for anything bulky or heavy. Since Tote Bags are made of soft material therefore if you keep piling things inside, they may end up looking like a bumpy, stuffed, bulky bag.

  1.  Messenger Bag


Messenger Bags are somewhat similar to backpacks if the functioning of both bags is kept into account. Moreover, Messenger Bags are much easier, comfortable, and anti-theft as compared to backpacks. You are a college professor or a Ph.D., Messenger bags are for you for the reason that it basically gives off the geeky, nerdy vibe. These have satchel for carrying them across your body. They were traditionally also referred to as courier bags.

Pros-These are secure bags and can be easily worn on your shoulders with the help of a long satchel provided. They can carry more than the Tote bag could. The elements in your bag could be easily accessible. No more stressing over lost and found.

Cons-Messenger bags are not suitable for long-distance travel as they might make your shoulder blades go weary, carrying around all the weight concentrated on your shoulders. Furthermore, they don’t look very sexy. If you are a geek fashion chic, Messenger Bags would turn out to be a bland selection.

  1. Rolling Suitcase

Rolling Suitcase is a popular, in-demand trolley bag possessing a minimum of four wheels and up to even eight wheels. Rolling Suitcase is a hardy, strongly built travel bag that you might need for stuffing everything from the tiniest to the biggest. Carry at least two Rolling Suitcases if you love shopping a lot because you are going to bring back home a lot of memories accompanied by a lot of extra belongings.

Pros- Keep rolling and rolling where you get no heavy feeling. Who wants to strain their arms anyway? Just push the handle up or down as you may require

Cons-   It may be a hassle to carry a bag behind you through rough roads or stairs. You have to lift it up on the stairs if there is no elevator. In addition to that, the baggage fee at the airport might cost you a little extra.  

  1. Designer Luggage Bag

Designer Luggage bags are very stylish and colorful bags that come in a variety of functions, such as wheeled suitcases and totes. Top designers add an extra flair to these luxury bags by doing experimentation with their looks and design. Some of these designer luggage bags even come with a warranty which gives access to you a repair or replacement if your luggage bag is damaged or defective. Designer luggage tends to also have excellent overall quality.

Pros-Since they are designer bags, they let you travel in style and flaunt your airport look like a celebrity. These designer bags are prominent in making you stand out. It speaks -Live life king size

Cons-There is no denying that designer Luggage Bags are expensive and overpriced. Rich people still buy them because they are made by the world's best fashion designers. Thieves might drool over and follow you along. This could be a risky game unless you are capable enough to save yourself and your belongings from a couple of goons.

  1.  Duffle Bag

Duffle bags are also known as kit bags. They have long zip compartments, are cylindrical in shape. The length of the bag is more than the width and the height. They can be used for travel, military, gym, and for sports purposes. They have many compartments viz the bigger middle compartment and other smaller, side compartments. Wheeled Duffle bags have more space than regular duffle bags. They are convenient if you want to get your hands on one of the smarter-looking bags.

Pros-Duffle bags are better than carrying the gawky suitcase around. These bags are best if your travel destination includes uneven roads because you don't want to get clobbered on your way to the hotel room. Duffle bags are best for short weekend travel. If you have strained back or hands, go for the Rolling Duffle bag

Cons- Duffle bags can get messy if you have planned a long-distance trail.Also, they can become a bit disorganized owing to their flexible leather material.

  1. The Garment Bag

Garment Bags are long zipper bags down the middle that are available in two distinct sizes, one for carry-on and the other checked bag. They are used to transport clothing, expensive dresses, jackets, and suits. They are great if you like to travel in style. You have a business meeting and your flight is delayed. You just get down the flight and you have your meeting in less than an hour. What do you do? Well if you had your suit well organized inside the Garment Bag, you need not worry.

Pros- Garment Bags are best for work trips, event trips like weddings or reunions, and concealing delicate clothes from wrinkles, dust, dirt, and unpleasant odors.

Cons-Garment Bags can be vexing to carry around and are not long enough for long dresses, skirts or coats. There is also the possibility that the airline through which you are traveling does not give you the access to carry such a long Garment Bag. Therefore be confirmed beforehand because you do not want your clothes to get thrown out while you board the plane.

  1.  Travel Laptop Bag

For people who love their gadgets more than anything in the world and carry them around all the time, Travel Laptop bags are best for them. These bags have different storage spaces for your laptop, tablet, mouse, charger, etc. Not only that, they are smart enough to have a charging port so that neither you nor your gadget’s battery ends soon. Laptop bags are more than just for business purposes. The best Laptop bags would protect your hardware and will intensify your style. They are regarded as the best under-seat personal item for the plane journey where you can listen to your favorite songs, or watch a movie or even do some pending work. 

Pros-Travel laptop bags are similar to wheeled suitcases made specifically for laptops and other small essentials. They offer you the ability to place your duffel bag or tote bag on top of the case so that you can easily transport it from one place to another.

Cons-Laptop bags are not spacious enough to fit clothing or other larger items. Laptop bags might get rolled around making it difficult to carry up and downstairs. They are also a bit expensive and not everyone can afford such luxury if they have frequent travel plans.


  1. Briefcase Bags

Briefcase Bags are hard, narrow box-shaped bags that are mainly used for carrying papers and are furnished with a durable small handle. Commonly used by business people, lawyers, and other white-collar professionals, briefcases have now evolved into much more than just being on the professional front. Some briefcases have only a main internal space, while others may have subsections, accordion sections, small pockets, or dividers. Briefcases may be made from leather, vinyl, durable fabric, thin metal (such as aluminum), or plastic.

Pros-Briefcase bags typically have hard sides both inside and out, which very carefully defend your important documents from wrinkling, thus saving you from last-minute professional image destruction.

Cons- Briefcase Bags are not anti-theft and can be easily stolen if you get reckless. It is also highly advisable to have a combination lock that will only open to a combination that only you know to protect your valuables and cash.

  1.  Dopp Kit

Dopp Kit is like the Jack of all trades. It has various names like toiletry kit, bathroom kit, sponge bag, toilet bag, hygiene kit, wash bag, wet pack, or shaving kit. Dopp Kit is more like a portable pouch that contains all the bathroom essentials like the shampoo, brush, dental floss, tweezers, razors, contact lenses, nail clippers, aftershave gel, perfumes and deodorants, hand sanitizer, cotton swabs, earbuds that might be your necessity during traveling and also after landing to your final travel destination.

Pros- Dopp Kit is smooth and slick in appearance when compared with its other plastic counterparts available in the market.

Cons- All the travel objects might turn into a mess if not packed properly. Do not pack inside a Dopp kit something that has the capacity to spill.

Now, you are at the end of the article. Hope this would help you in selecting the accurate bag that would fit your travel demands.  \


How to pack travel bags?

Fold your clothes neatly and try inserting small clothes inside large clothes to make more space in your luggage bag. Packing cubes are best if your luggage bag does not contain separate compartments. Carry a Small briefcase or duffle bag for the items that you would need at the time of traveling like your passport, train tickets, and other essentials.

Where to buy travel bags?

There are various online stores that offer a plethora of designs and types of travel bags. All of them well-curated for your travel needs. Purchasing online is better than going to a store to buy a travel bag because online websites offer you discounts and offer that would be again. 

When to buy travel bags?

The most suitable time to buy a travel bag is during the off vacation season that is in July or August. You might get good deals and good travel bags at a very reasonable price.

 What size luggage do I need for one week of travel?

A capacity of 40-50 liters is enough for a weekend trip. You can get various duffle bags and tote bags (for women) to hit off that weekend hang-out session.

Which is better, hard or soft luggage?

If your packing portion contains any fragile item, go for a hand luggage bag. Soft luggage bags are also good given that you have items that are unbreakable.