Top 10 WeatherTech Products In Canada

Top 10 WeatherTech Products In Canada

In recent years, automotive technology has advanced at a breakneck pace. However, until the day comes for robot automobiles, we'll have to make do with some incredible car devices in 2021. Adding a touch of modern functionality to your car might be vital for your safety and comfort. All of you Canadians must be ecstatic to get on the road with your friends and family now that summer's here. Pet owners who never want to leave their pets behind can acquire a pet barrier from WeatherTech and bring them along with them.

WeatherTech is known for producing high-quality car mats, floor mats, and trunk liners,  and also produces other notable automotive accessories, such as phone cup holder mounts and pet ramps. It provides everything you need to modify and protect your vehicle. It's reasonable to assume we should all do a better job of maintaining the interiors of our cars to ensure optimal comfort and longevity, whether it's seat protectors from WeatherTech or car seat cleaners for that stain on the car floor after losing your coffee due to frozen fingers.

WeatherTech also creates bespoke sun blinds, which are fantastic for preserving your car's interior or adding privacy while car camping.WeatherTech Canada can protect your car from the elements and produces high-quality floor mats and cargo liners that protect your vehicle's upholstery from rain, snow, dirt, and even damaging UV rays using cutting-edge technology. They also construct mud flaps and insect guards to keep stones, bugs, and other debris out of your car or truck's exterior.

What are high-tech products?

If we go by the definition, a high-tech product is a subset of a product that uses modern scientific and technical knowledge for practical applications and frequently necessitates significant R&D expenditures. There are certain factors that make sure that the high-tech product is true to its invention. There are various high-tech products that claim to be equipped with modern technology, but that is not the only criteria to fulfill. Before you invest in any tech products, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the product providing value?
  • Is the product adhering to your needs?
  • Is the product incorporating new technology and design?

When you acquire high-tech items such as phone and tablet products, accessories, and other high technology lashed products from Weathertech Canada, you will undoubtedly find the answers to the above questions to be a resounding “YES.”

Where are Weathertech products sold?

Have you acquired a new car or want to make your old car shiny and resplendent? If you are confused regarding where to buy Weathertech products. They have a wide range of high-quality automotive, home, and pet products to suit your needs and are available for purchase at the publicly accessible factory store in Bolingbrook. You can shop online and pick up at the Factory Store via curbside pickup, or you can shop at and save money with a Walmart Canada promo code and Walmart coupon code.

Buy Top 10 Weathertech Products online

WeatherTech is one committed to preserving the environment through appropriate manufacturing and engineering techniques. They are proactive in reducing waste and reusing all unused raw materials from the tooling and product manufacturing processes. Aluminum, steel, rubber, TPO, TPE, paper, and cardboard are all examples.

We've featured ten WeatherTech accessories for your automobile, house, cleaning supplies, license plate frames, and pet accessories in the list below. With so many options, we've compiled a list of the top WeatherTech products so you can make an informed decision and update your vehicle and home.


The WeatherTech FloorLiner lines the interior carpet precisely and fully, providing "total interior protection"! The interior carpet is lined up the front, back, and even the sides of the vehicle's footwell with the FloorLiner. It is one of the best tech insider products with a digital laser to ensure a precise fit every time!  A proprietary High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) substance provides a hardcore for strength while also providing surface friction and tactile sensation to the carpet to help reduce fluid movement while driving!


Mud Flaps from WeatherTech protect your vehicle's most vulnerable areas, such as the fender and rocker panel, from stone chips, slush, dirt, and debris. Mounts in minutes without removing the wheel or tyre, thanks to laser measurements for a flawless fit. These truck or car Mud Flaps are contoured precisely for each make and model and made from a unique thermoplastic resin.

CupFone with hand sanitizer holder:

The WeatherTech CupFone with Hand Sanitizer Holder has been invented because you can't leave the house these days without your phone, car keys, and hand sanitizer. When you're out and about, you can use your hand sanitizer while using your hands-free phone. Never look in your car again for your hand sanitizer!

Face Shield Air:

Are you looking for a reusable, ultra-lightweight face shield that will keep you feeling safe and comfortable all day? The WeatherTech Face Shield Air is one of the best new tech products in town. Allow air to circulate about your face while protecting your eyes from flying droplets. Wear it with a mask and you won't be able to tell! The Headband with ComfortPad, Strap, and Lens make up the Face Shield Air.

Billet BumpStep XL:

It provides the best protection for your vehicle's bumper against bumps, dents, and scratches. With the Billet BumpStepXL, you get 24 inches of bumper protection against other drivers' blunders and minor backing-up mishaps. For everyday chores like loading a roof rack, racking a bike, or washing the upper portion of your vehicle, the Billet BumpStepXL gives you double the area to safely stand on.

TechCare Carpet Cleaner with Spot Tech:

It is an easy-to-use solution that removes organic and inorganic stains from practically all carpets and textile interiors in automobiles. By improving the anti-staining characteristics of automobile carpet, the SpotTech technology helps to resist new spots and stains. The WeatherTech TechCare Carpet Cleaner has a safe formula that is biodegradable, leaves no water rings, as well as conceals odors caused by stains and spills.

WeatherTech StainlessFrame License Plate Frame:

It is made of highly polished solid stainless steel and is designed to provide maximum vehicle protection and license plate support. A PlateSpacer gasket is also included in the StainlessFrame, which supports and retains the license plate away from the automobile body. The PlateSpacer gasket supports and separates the plate from the body of the vehicle and the mounting hardware is hidden behind Chrome Caps.


Are you planning a family vacation but your SUV is already overflowing? Don't worry, the WeatherTech RackSack will keep you safe! The WeatherTech RackSack is a weather-resistant rooftop cargo carrier for vehicles that helps secure and protect extra cargo and gear. RackSack attaches to the side rails or crossbar of your vehicle's roof with ease. The fabric has been treated with a water repellent treatment to keep the outside of the carrier dry on wet days. The WeatherTech RackSack has UV inhibitors added to the fabric to help protect and improve fade resistance, so it may be used in all kinds of weather.

Christmas Tree Mat:

The WeatherTech Christmas Tree Mat is made of the same heavy-duty, high-quality material as the WeatherTech Floor Mats. This means it will stay flat, stay put, and protect you from the elements. A raised lip design adds to its toughness by collecting and containing debris from the tree while leaving flooring unharmed. You can get it as a Christmas present as it would turn out to be the best tech product to enjoy your Christmas holidays.

Pet Barrier:

WeatherTech created a Pet Barrier that is made of strong yet lightweight polymers and metals to minimize weight, increase installation and removal simplicity, and provide protection for your pet and peace of mind while your travel.

You may also get a Pet Barrier Fence Kit to close the space between the cargo area floor and the Pet Barrier's lowest horizontal bar. The Fence Kit provides additional covering and protection for vehicles lacking a 2nd or 3rd-row seatback, or when the 2nd or 3rd-row seats are folded down, similar to the horizontal bars supplied on the Pet Barrier.

S, that was all about the top 10 WeatherTech products. If you're a techie who's drawn to big-screen gadgets, you should look into companies like Dell and Lenovo, which provide high-quality items at a reasonable price. To keep deals flowing and technology getting smarter, use the best and most economical Amazon promo code Canada. Look for tech bloc products online if you are interested in home décor and appealing interiors. Techo-Bloc is trusted by some of the world's top architects and landscape architects to bring their visions to reality. See what you can achieve with the best hardscape and masonry items, such as slabs, pavers, outdoor kitchens, and more.

Do any stores carry WeatherTech products?

Over 10,000 authorized dealers around the United States get WeatherTech goods. There's a good chance that WeatherTech products are available in your community. If you want to get the giant tech products online, you can get them from Walmart as it is an authorized online store that carries the best WeatherTech products.

Does Walmart sell WeatherTech products?

Yes, Walmart is an authorized online store for WeatherTech products. They offer delivery of the products within two days and have a complete catalog of the products to secure your car’s interior and exterior.

Does Costco sell WeatherTech?

Weathertech vehicle and truck accessories are available at Costco. When you join Costco's membership program, you can save money on your purchases. You'll be able to save more money and shop more if you take advantage of the additional benefits.

Are WeatherTech products made in Canada?

Though WeatherTech products are created in the United States, The Product Development Center in Downers Grove, Illinois, is where all of our brilliant ideas come to life. All of our custom-fit vehicle accessories, including FloorLiners, All-Weather Floor Mats, Cargo/Truck Liners, Mud Flaps, SunShade, and more, are created using cutting-edge tools by WeatherTech's Product Development experts.

Are WeatherTech products made in China?

Once the experts at WeatherTech have finished designing a new item, it is ready to be manufactured in Bolingbrook, Illinois. In the heartland of America, this is where practically all of WeatherTech's products are made. So you know they create the greatest quality custom-fit car accessories in America with the highest quality materials.

Who owns WeatherTech Canada?

David MacNeil, the company's founder, and CEO, owns WeatherTech. Mr. MacNeil founded WeatherTech in 1989 from his home in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. Mr. MacNeil was sure that by using American labor, he could produce a better product in America. In 2007, he made the decision to relocate the production of his whole range of car accessories, establishing facilities in the Chicago suburbs.

Is Weathertech Canadian or American?

WeatherTech is dedicated to producing the highest quality automobile accessories for your car. Our top concern is customer happiness. The Product Development Center in Bolingbrook, Illinois (USA) is where brilliant ideas come to life. Their continuing certification to the ISO9001 Quality Standard demonstrates their dedication to quality.

Does WeatherTech ship to Canada?

WeatherTech items are normally shipped utilizing standard ground delivery in 7-10 days from the time of purchase from our Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA warehouse. You will receive an email with shipment tracking information once your order has been shipped. Because your shipment becomes your property after it leaves WeatherTech Canada, it is highly suggested that you track it to avoid missing delivery.

What is WeatherTech worth?

David MacNeil net worth: David MacNeil is an American entrepreneur and businessman with a net worth of $1 billion. He is primarily recognized for founding and leading WeatherTech.

What is the WeatherTech warranty?

WeatherTech Direct, LLC guarantees that our products are free of material and workmanship defects for the life of the original purchaser and only for the vehicle in which they were installed.


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