How To Dress For An Interview Female?

How To Dress For An Interview Female?

What To Wear For Job Interview Female Australia ?

Cracking an interview is no cakewalk. The anxiety over your future job prospects and the first step towards building a strong career comes with its apprehensions (and one or two sleepless nights in some cases!) Picture this:

You manage to get a call for an interview at a high-class firm. You read a few blogs on your area of expertise, go through the "frequently asked questions in interviews" and after a few anxious sighs, get yourself ready to face the interviewers. A night before the day, it hits you. "What am I going to wear?" What would make the right impression and be appropriate attire for an interview? Well, no need to fret about it because deciding what to wear in an interview and how to compose yourself is not that complex a decision.

It is quite well known that an interview is a formal occasion where you need to convey an impression of confidence and professionalism with your body language. The attire that you choose reflects your knowledge of the company's culture and how willing you are to groom yourself around it. For instance, bright or flashy colours or strong cologne may invite some repulse from the interviewer and should rather be kept to a minimum.  Interviews are all about conveying the right first impressions (the first impression is the last impression!) and by ensuring that your attire emanates a professional sense of conduct, you have already championed one of the crucial aspects of the interview process (Check out the professional wear collection at Ally Fashion for massive discounts on formal wear!). 

Confidence is the key, as they say, and it all starts with you! Here are a few things to keep in check before you step foot to nail that interview with the right balance between charm and knowledge. 

  • Formal Dress


An evening dress may be the perfect choice for your friend's housewarming party, but when it comes to interviews, you may want to pick the most conservative outfit (make sure it's not outdated though!)in your wardrobe. Your attire is the first thing that the interviewer observes and you would want to tread lightly over those boundaries! Keep the casual to a bare minimum and go for a classy pantsuit or a blouse with minimal design. Keep the accessories on the lesser edge and steer clear of too much exposure. If you are going for a pencil skirt, throw in some stockings and go for a top with long sleeves or a blazer to ensure coverage. Although there are usually no dress codes most interviewers expect the candidate to dress conventionally.   

  • Look Professional


The right professional look calls for a balance between elegance and formality. Unlike law firms where you would find most women dressed in pantsuits, you can keep up with an easy-going touch to your outfit to not look too formal. A button-down shirt, blouse or sweater should do the trick! You can don a blazer of a dark shade (Navy blue or black would be advisable) to throw in some variety and keep warm. Alternately, a cardigan of a lighter shade (beige or cherry pink) can also be considered felicitous.

If you have few days before the interview, you can drive by the venture to check out the company culture and dress accordingly. You could sport skirts without stockings if that is a common dressing trait and don't forget to check out the way to accessorise. Try not to go on a Friday since some companies allow causal attires on Fridays.

  • Neutral Shades

Colours such as Red, Lime or Yellow can be too vibrant and not go with the vibe of the interview. It is advised to stick to the moderate edge and neutral colours for formal occasions or a business casual environment. Try to maintain a balance between bold colours and lighter shades to enhance your visual appeal. Pink, Beige, White, Khaki or Gray could be the ideal shades for your cardigans, shirts or dresses while navy blue or black is appropriate for blazers.

You must consider the surrounding and you can also try to match the colours according to the cultural ambience of the company to convey a sense of keen observation.

  • Dress Up To Date

Dressing conservatively does not equate to outdated attires. The key is to dress simple but smart. In a competitive sphere, everything from your dressing sense to confidence can give you an upper hand over the rest. If you have been out of touch with a working environment or this is your first interview, make sure that your attire is neither too outdated nor sleek. Keep in check with the latest trends in business apparels and go for the plain, minimal, modish vibe! 


The dresses also vary according to the kind of industry that you are interviewing for. For instance, interviewing for the post of a teacher would call for different attire than if you are going for a corporate environment. You can afford to look somewhat more casual in the former than the latter, although it should still be an appropriate outfit for a professional environment. Keep in touch with the way people are dressing in the industry that you are interviewing for. For instance, the librarians today may not be expected to sport the same apparel that they did until a decade ago.   

If you are still conscious of your decision on that dress, you can always email the HR to enquire about the accepted dress decorum at the interviews, but do not sound too casual about the query.

Here are a few ideas for the dresses to wear at business interviews that can convey an impression of confidence and elegance while boosting up your confidence in the way you carry yourself.

What To Wear?

Now that you know what vibe are you looking forth to convey, it is time to go through the dressing options for that interview!

  • Blazers



A three-piece outfit with a navy blue blazer to complete the look is the ultimate saviour when it comes to the best interview attire. It offers multiple options for you to dress smart yet keeping up with the professional air. Button-down shirts and blouses are an excellent combination to go underneath a navy blue or black blazer with a pencil skirt or a pair of pants (Boohoo has a fancy collection of blazers, check out now!).

However, you also have to be careful around what you wear underneath. While a blazer exposes you to endless dressing options, it may not go well with a tired T-shirt or a camisole on account of the plunging neckline created by the blazer's lapel. A V-neck sweater underneath a blazer, on the other hand, would sell your outfit perfectly!

  • Footwear


Appropriate footwear for interviews simply comes down to pairing your apparel with the right shoes. Stilettos, sneakers or open-toe may not make the best first impression (You don't want your shoes to be the first thing that catches an interviewer's attention!). Far from being too out there, try to keep the footwear formal and congruous with your dress. Low heels or leather flats are a safe choice to complement your attire and give it a finishing touch. Depending upon the length and colour of your dress, stick to closed-toe, pumps or flats (Black, brown or white are ideal for a formal setting).  

  • Button-Down Shirts Or Blouses


Here's another winner when it comes to the best interview dresses. A bow blouse with a long hemline or a button-down shirt with a subtle shade for the pants can be a tasteful yet professional alternative. You need not restrict yourself to the usual white, pink or blue shades (although they are the safest options) to give a creative vibe.

A blouse should not be too plain and can have an appealing design as long as it is not too flashy. This goes well on a pencil or A-line skirt. You can throw in a belt or a jacket depending upon the industry and company culture for a versatile look.

 It is equally important to look out for holes, stains or wrinkles and maintain that your footwear has a clean finish to avoid some frowns. 


Is there any occasion where the Black dress fails to convey the right impression? A natural choice for a professional environment, a well structured, quality black dress that runs down to the knee has been the hallmark of professional attires (and continues to be so!). Wear it with a pair of black stockings or textured tights which bring about the perfect silhouette. Make sure that you steer clear of the fishnet pattern and go for something subtle such as a sheer stripe or a cable pattern. Complete the look with a pair of black formal sandals or low heel shoes with a fine polish. 

  • Sweater And Pants

V-line sweaters and slacks are another must-have in your interview wardrobe. To create the relaxed and refined business outfit with a touch of casual, you can pair your classic black pants with multiple options such as sweaters, button-down shirts or a blazer. A heather grey sweater or a V-neck convey an apt formal impression and make up for a confident look. The best part is that you can pair your pants with any of the sweaters or shirts and still pull off the formal look and so it is worth the investment!

If you are willing to carry a handbag or a briefcase, go for one with a professional finish (There is no dress that does not go with a Brown or Black satchel!), preferably one made of leather and a dark shade. Do not go experiment too much with the hairstyle and keep it simple for a formal interview hairdo. A ponytail or a top bun makes a fine impression. Alternately you could leave it straight open instead of styling it too much. 

Now that you have selected the attire, hair and handbag to step into that interview, it is equally important to go over the things that can hinder a timeless professional look.

What Not To Do At Corporate Interviews?

  • Headphones, chewing gums or exposing tattoos may lead to a spurn. All these elements convey an unprofessional or distracting approach towards to interview and your duties. Try to hide your tattoos with long sleeve dresses (unless you're up for a job in an artistic field), and get rid of the earphones before you walk in to face the interviewers. 
  • Steer clear of heavy makeup or strong cologne! Wearing too much makeup is generally frowned upon since it takes away the formal, decent look. Too much cologne may risk tending to an interviewer's allergies. The trick is to pick neutral shades and natural concealers only to the extent of giving fresh look.
  • Fewer accessories save the dayToo many bangles or shiny earrings may shift the attention from your words to your appearance and is thus inappropriate for a professional setting. Try to go with minimal jewellery, which merely provides a finish to your formal attire.

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